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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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1 Betrayed

In the beginning i was once a creature of chaos, and i would destroy every creature that i had come across, however as i continued continued this cycle of mine i grew bored of it. Then one day i met creatures of small shapes and sizes and noticed that they were weak i could have easily destroyed the but i chose not to. But then a miraculous thing happened, when these creatures were attacked by one of my kind, and instead leaving them to fend for themselves i protected them instead.

As i did they worshipped me as their God and for years, I have lived on this planet and protected them against the forces of destruction like i once was, and through countless battles I have emerged victoriously. In fact each time a new foe would appear, I would be there to protect those creatures, and that's when i realised that i no longer felt bored.

However one fateful day I met with an opponent whom i could only describe as a true sovereign of our kind, who seemed only want to prove his dominance and strength. I then met this opponent and we fought and battled each other with our strongest attacks. This battle of ours continued until i was inevitably defeated, however instead of finishing me off, he spared me and left me in a pitiful state. This became a fatal blow to my pride and from there i had promised myself that I would never again be in a pitiful state like this again.

(A/N: The Godzilla that i have mentioned was the 2014 one, not the touhou one because that one is too OP af)

As i was heavily injured i chose to go underground in order to recover from my injury. However as thousand of years passed i no longer realized that the creatures who i once protected had now become advanced and continued to pollute this world with their advanced technologies, while the one who had done this to me was now in deep slumber as well. I did not awaken until there was a sudden tremor in the world, which i felt and awoke from it.

As i awoke, i sniffed the air and noticed the smell of my kinds scent emanating from every direction. I got up and left my area of slumber and went to find the closest creature who seemed to be attacking those creatures under my protection. As i got closer i noticed that there were now strange trees that had a different color and seemed to be as tall as i was, i then saw a creature that had wings with short feet and a very long and sharp beak standing over one of those trees.

I then saw it looking down towards a strangely shaped cave full of those small creatures and flew down towards it and began to pound the strange cave with its beak. I could no longer stand it and was infuriated at this insolent bastard for daring to hurt them in the first place.

(Authors note: Just so you know this is from Godzilla king of the monsters but i have not seen the movie yet so just along with my BS)

I took a deep breathe and then roared at it, "RRRROOOOAAARRR", as i did the huge creature finally noticed my presence and payed attention to me instead. It then spread its huge wings and flew towards me with incredible speed. As it got closer it used its beak as spear to pierce my skin with, however that was a huge mistake as i bended over and used my shell to defend myself against his beak.

The results, was having its beak broken and was now unable to open its mouth at all, it then tried to fly away as it could not hope to defeat me. But how could i let it escape as it dared to attack me, so i took a deep breath and sucked in the surrounding oxygen and ignited in my throat and finally sending it towards it. As my attack engrossed it, it then fell to the ground and was still alive, i made my towards it and saw it's wing badly burnt and was no longer able to move.

I then ended its misery by crushing its head and devouring its body, after i had defeated it, i looked towards a different direction and concluded that since there are more of my kind awakening it only meant that this was a war. A war in which i will probably be participating in, i could only sigh and make my way towards the battlefield. There i met countless of my kind who were battling for dominance, i fought one after another and finally saw him, the one who defeated me. Except this time he was fight a creature with three heads that also emanated the same aura as he did, they continued to fight each other, however i was too busy to watch as i was fighting one myself at the moment.

This battle continued and destroyed countless of areas in each continent as it went on, i myself was heavily wounded however i could heal myself if i could go into my deep slumber once again. It turns out there were only a few of us left in this world, and the one who had come out on top was none other than him, the one who was now known as king after defeating the one who rivaled him. I then challenged him once again to prove my strength but was defeated, except this time i managed to injure him as we were both fatally wounded and exhausted from our previous battles.

As i was defeated i then left but alas my death came, however it was not by my wounds which i could have healed, instead it was because of the creatures who i chose to protect. As i tried to find a new place to heal my wounds in, they came, at first i thought that they were here to help me,but then they attacked me with strange looking fortified vessels. If i was at my peak i would have never been injured but after the war i was now weaker than i ever was before. My exhaustion also prevented me from flying away and escaping this situation of mine.

I was bewildered and felt anger for i was now being betrayed by the ones who i had protected. They continued their barrage of attacks and did not give me the chance to even fight back as i kept on being pounded and bombarded onto the ground. I then felt my consciousness slowly slipping away, but then i saw each of these small creatures leaving in different directions, i thought that it was over but then i saw a small figure flying over me and finally dropping something at me and from there, my vision became white and everything else faded away.



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