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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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2 Meeting God

As i woke up i noticed a completely different environment from before, it seemed that this place is white and completely endless. I then kept on floating there, and actually felt at peace for the first time in the millions of years in which i have lived in. The anger that i had felt at that time at which i was betrayed was now being washed away by this calm atmosphere. However this only lasted for awhile until i heard someone talking from afar, this voice emanated the same kind of pressure when i fought the king, i took extreme caution and waited for the one who emanated such a pressure to appear.

I then looked in front of me and saw a silhouette of the same creatures that betrayed me, i felt extreme anger and attacked that person without any regards as to who it was. However as i attacked i then noticed that my body was now smaller and was not the same anymore, my body was now the same as those damn traitorous creatures. The figured silhouette then appeared in front of me and pushed me onto the ground, i looked into its eyes and saw countless of stars in the universe through its eyes. He then lifted me up without using his hands and finally placed his left hand onto his jaw and looked like he was thinking at the moment.

I then tried to threaten him if he did not release me, "You insolent creature i will exterminate you if you do not release me", he then looked at me and replied to my threat, "Oh really". I was shocked as how he was able to understand me, however before i could say anything else the man then released me and made a round object with legs and two other objects to appear out of nowhere. "Come, sit", i did not trust this person as he would probably kill me if i do as he says however it seems he knew what i was thinking as he was about to say something else, "Don't worry if i wanted you dead, all i need to do is snap my fingers".

He then made a snapping gesture with his fingers, which made every single instinct that I possess to be ringing in my head and telling me that he was not lying. So i could only swallow my pride and just listen to what he said, i then sat down on one of the objects and faced him. I then waited for him to be seated and ask him a few questions such as to what this place was, who was he but before i could say anything else he made another snap and there appeared amount of strange looking and colorful delicacies which excluded a pleasant aroma.

He then took out two strange utensils and began eating with them, as he was eating he stopped and noticed that i have not eaten anything yet. He then gestured for me to eat as well, i was cautious but then my stomach growled from sniffing the aromatic food so i did not hesitate and began to eat to my hearts content.

6 minutes later...

After finishing a few of those amazing foods i felt extremely satisfied the man also finished his dish and was now enjoying a red drink that smelled sweet, he then looked at me and spoke, "You sure eat a-lot". I could reply to his words with a sound of satisfaction, "Buurrp", he looked shocked and then began to laugh. After he finished his drink he then made another snapping motion and made the small round objects to disappear, and in its place was another small object that he took and held it in his hands.

"Now lets see here, so you are known as Gamera", i was shocked as he said my name without asking who i was. He then looked at that small object and continued speaking while looking at me, "Hmm otherwise known as the brave, the protector and etc, oh very impressive, it seems you have a lot of potential". I then replied to his compliment, "Th-thank you, but i must ask you, who are you and what is this place", he replied saying, "Oh me, i am god and this is my home". If this was before the whole snapping motion that he made i would have laughed at him for being so foolish, however at this moment i no longer doubted his words.

"All right if you truly are god then tell me what do you want with me" i said with a tone full of curiosity or was it anxiety, he replied saying, "Oh i just thought that maybe you would want a second chance at life in a new world, that is if you do of course", i replied saying, "No", he was surprised and asked me another question, "Oh! Why though?". I looked towards him and replied saying, "Because i just want to have some peace, and living again won't give me that", he looked at me with an interested expression and said, "Good enough reason and i respect it, but what if i told you that you could become strong", he then turned and had his back facing me instead.

As soon as he said that my interest was piqued at that point, "How strong?", he then turned towards me with a smug look on his face and said, "Hmm lets see, you won't even need to reach the peak of that world and you can already kill your previous self without having to exert that much of your strength", i was actually drawn in by what he said and in fact felt very tempted. I then remembered that scene of being defeated by the one called the king and felt my blood boiling just thinking about it, i then knew that an offer like this only came once in a lifetime but there had to be a condition of sorts. As if that was his que, god seemed to read my mind and said, "There are no conditions, just make sure to reach the peak of that world and then help me out with a favor of mine, of course"

I went over what he said and finally came to a decision, "Alright, i will accept your offer but what type of favor do you mean", god then looked towards me and smiled and then began to speak once more, "You'll find out later, alright then, for your cooperation i have a few gifts for you". I was surprised but did not interrupt, "My first gift to you is that you get to keep your memories, second is your bloodline, third is a system to only check on your status, and finally an ability called the limit breaker which will only activate when you have reached the peak of your evolution. Oh if you also want to know about your evolution then you can ask the system about it, ok"

I was shocked at what he had said, but realizes that i probably did not understand what he was saying, he then snapped his fingers and made it glow and touched my forehead. As he did i received a ton of info such as what a system was, and the other gifts that he had given me, i then wanted to ask him another question that i had on my mind. I began to speak saying, "Hey god", he then towards me and said, "What is it". I proceeded and asked, "Will there be tough opponents in that world", he smiled again and nodded his head.

I then felt excitement and could not wait to become stronger, i laughed and just thought of the enemies i would probably face then. God then looked at me one last time and spoke a few words before my departure, "Hey just because you have these gifts, it does not mean that you can underestimate your opponents", when he had said that i then stopped laughing and actually took his words to heart. As i did, i said nothing else but nod my head, satisfied with my response he snaps his fingers and waves good bye.


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