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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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It has been 20 million years since the asteroid hit earth, meanwhile our MC is still in deep slumber as he was now frozen due to the ice age and has been unable to wake up. However a new species have dominated the world, and if the MC were to meet them he would exterminate them. Anyways the problem was that there was a threat of invaders from other planets that have made their way onto earth from a portal in the pacific ocean and planned to destroy earth.

This creatures were named Kaiju's, and were known to be a force of destruction, the military and navy could not anything against them with weapons they possessed. The whole world then came together and came up with a plan to create a weapon that can combat these Kaijus, and there the jaeger project was born. A fully automated mobile robot operated by two pilots from its left and right hemisphere, this project became the savior of the people as the Kaijus were pushed back by the very first one built.

As the Kaijus were pushed back, more came back stronger than before, the governments of the world then decided to create better jaegers to combat them as well. The government then divided each of the new kaijus and the old ones into categories, as well as the jaegers into different versions called machs. However one day a category 2 Kaiju came through the breach and was making its way towards the North-American continent, and it just happened that a certain someone was there as well.

As the Military already detected the kaiju and thought that it was a category 1, they immediately sent a Jaegar called jaw breaker and was one of the mach 1 versions to fight it. In the pilots cockpit were twin brothers Alex and John, and this was apparently there very first mission. Of course they were anxious and scared but they knew that if they did not stop this kaiju, then millions of people would probably die. The two brothers then talked to each other as they needed to calm down before they arrived at their targets location, the twin brother who was controlling the left hemisphere Alex began the conversation first, "So you going to ask that broad out on a date when we get back to HQ", the other brother John was stunned by what he just asked but he replied anyways, "That's only if we make it back in one piece, hahaha get it". The other brother Alex just looked at him with a disappointed look on his face and said, "Man you give the most dumbest jokes when you're nervous, but don't do that when you're on that date alright', the other brother just laughed once more and nodded.

The two brothers tried to find a new topic to chat about and for the next five minutes were able to distract themselves, they then kept talking until they received a message from their commander saying, "Alright that's enough chit-chat ladies, Kaiju coming up on your twelve, 200 meters away". The two brothers then stopped talking and tried to find the kaiju, however they could not spot it, the helipads then released them so that they could get a better look around. However as they landed all they saw was a forest full of snow, they kept on going and tried to find it but to no avail was the Kaiju found.

They then asked for help as they did not know what else to do, Alex asked first, "Sir are you sure the Kaiju is here, we can't find it", The commander responded saying, "Keep a look out Jawbreaker it's somewhere around there". The two brothers then kept looking until suddenly a message came from the commander saying, "Jawbreaker on your three", the brothers turned and there it was a kaiju of 65 meters in length, with a crab like structure and a giant pincer that pushed the Jaeger backwards. As they crashed onto a nearby hill, they quickly got up and prepared their weapons to attack, John then spoke to his brother, "Hey lets show this bastard why were called Jawbreaker, eh", Alex laughed and said, "Hell yeah".

Then a battle of titans occurred as a Jaeger and Kaiju pounded each other with their strongest attacks, and as it seemed that the brothers would win the Kaiju suddenly straightened it's body and gained another 10 meters in length, the brothers froze and but the kaiju then spun it's tail and attacked the Jaeger's left knee breaking it in the process, it then used it's huge pincer to cut of the jaegers right arm off and send it flying backwards. However inside the cockpit the two brothers were in extreme pain as Alex who was controlling the left hemisphere had to feel pain from his feet, while John had to experience pain from his right arm.

However as they were fighting they did not know that the tremors that they were making had affected someones icy slumber and was slowly awakening him. As the battle concluded the ice had now fallen away and within that hole Gamera had now woken up, and was confused as to where he was. He then remembered the meteor and the hole he built, he then felt tremors coming from above

and decided to check it out.

Meanwhile the two brothers knew that it was over as this Kaiju was not a category 1 but 2, they then sent a message to HQ before dying, "Hey commander this kaiju is a damn category 2 not 1". The commander was shocked and immediately responded to them and said, "But how, on the radar it specifically said that it was a category 1". The brothers responded saying, "Don't know, all we know is that it straightened it's body, and took advantage of our shock". At that time everyone in the HQ were shocked and felt extreme guilt, as how could it have slipped their mind that there may be kaiju's that can do that. The commander responded saying, "Jawbreaker just hold on we will send reinforcement", the brothers laughed and said, "No commander we'll buy as much time as we can to stop it from going any further, just make sure you guys get here and stop it from killing those people, alright commander, this is jawbreaker signing off."

The commander pounded his fist onto the table and announced to every jaeger pilot to deploy to Jawbreakers Location. Meanwhile Jawbreaker took a few trees and threw it towards the Kaiju who then made it's way towards them but then stopped as there was an earthquake coming from below, and turned towards the direction in which the tremor was coming from. There the small hills suddenly parted and out of it came dirt and rocks until a figure came out, and revealed someone who has woken up from his sleep. The brothers who saw this were then in total despair and could not imagine to be two Kaijus in one place, however they suddenly became quiet as the Kaiju they were facing suddenly roared to the other one that just appeared.

Gamera's POV...

As i came out of the ground i suddenly realized that i was in a snowy land instead of the hot place that i was in before, however before i could observe this new environment i suddenly heard an almost familiar roar. I turned and saw a creature as tall as i am and looked like one of my kind, i then received a notification from the system saying, "If host manages to defeat this Kaiju you will immediately become a level 15 Kaiju." I then laughed and said, "Well hello sweet Exp points"


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