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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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The twin brothers who had been in the jaeger, were now transported to the nearest hospital for checkup as they suffered damage from the battle. However as they were being treated, their commanding officer and a man in a black suit arrived. They then asked for the room to be cleared out, as every nurse and doctor finally went out, the man in the black suit sat down and asked a few questions.

"Mr. Alex walter, Mr. John walter my sincerest apology for the recent event", the two brothers who were traumatized, did not say anything and just kept looking onto the bed. The man in the black suit then continued saying, "Do you know what happened during the battle, after your jaeger was damaged". The two brothers suddenly panicked and then stammered and muttered a few words saying, "It was a monster", their commanding officer had enough and shouted at them to get ahold of themselves.

"Damn it both of you, get ahold of yourself", however the man in the black suit only waved his hand and said, "it is quite alright commander". He then turned to the two brothers and calmed them down by talking, "It is alright, just relax you are in a safe place, now once you do i want you to explain everything that happened and leave nothing out". Alex laughed and began to talk first saying, "You would not believe us even if we told you", the man in black only said two words, "Try me".

John then began to talk and said, "Alright then so it went like this—"

5 hours ago...

"Hey Alex it seems that you ain't going on that date", the Alex laughed and said, "What about you huh? What about your family back at home", John then stopped joking around and thought of his Wife and son back home. He then looked towards his brother and said, "I guess it just wasn't meant for me." They both nodded and faced the two Kaijus in front of them, then a shocking scene happened, as the two Kaijus seemed to be roaring at each other and were preparing to fight each other.

John was shocked by what he was looking at and asked his brother if this is actually happening, "Hey Alex you don't think-", but Alex cut him off saying, "Nah it couldn't be, could it". They saw the new Kaiju roaring but the roar it made was even louder, and longer that it scared the shit out of the twin brothers.

Gamera's Pov...

I laughed at the amazing opportunity to reach level 15 only after killing this kaiju i was facing, i then roared at it but chose to prolong it and put more strength into it. "RRRRROOOOAAAAARRRR", i then stretched my tail and arms and prepared myself to fight this Kaiju, i then saw it run to me and punched me with its huge pincer. I took the attack and for the first time felt pain, i was actually happy as it has been too long since I last experienced pain at all.

It then tried to hit me with its pincers again but all i did was extend my arm and blocked it, i then spun my body and used my tail whip to push the kaiju away. I then used my fireball to try and kill it, but as my flame died out the kaiju stood there and was not the least bit injured by my flame attack. It then spun its tail and swooped my legs as i fell face flat, at that moment the kaiju used its pincers to pick me up from my shell.

As it picked me up and faced me it roared and opened its hard shell and revealed it face, after seeing that i got an idea. But then the kaiju tried to squeeze my shell but that was a stupid idea, as it increased its pressure all it did was shatter its own pincer allowing me to escape. I then held by the head were the shell had once opened and began my counter attack by saying, "My turn, now lets see who has a stronger defense, eh", i then continuously head butted the kaiju and dented its shell proving my defense was top notch.

I then pushed the kaiju onto the ground and began to punch its dented head with my fists until the shell was soft enough for my hands to take it off. As i did i saw its real face roaring at me, I laughed at this pathetic creature for trying to even continue its inevitable fight. I then gathered oxygen into my mouth and ignited it in my throat, i then released it at the Kaiju and began to burn and melt its face off. Even as it was about to die it kept on struggling, but this only pissed me off and made me increase the power of my flame.

After 5 minutes or so, the kaiju was now dead with a charcoal for a head, i then received a notification from the system saying, "Congratulations host for defeating the Kaiju, you have now reached level 15 and can only reach level 20 if you defeat a Mach 3 jaeger or a category 3 kaiju". I then asked the system as to what a Jaeger was, "System what is a Jaeger", the system responded saying, "It is a humanoid machine that is made to combat Kaijus host".

I then wondered and asked the system what creature created them, "System who or what created these jaegers?", the system responded saying, "Humans host", i then grew angry and laughed, and after awhile began to speak saying, "So the humans have found a way to defend themselves huh, this makes it much easier to exterminate them without guilt if they attack me once again"

I then asked the system if there were going to be anymore of this Kaijus, "System will there be more of these Kaijus coming", the system responded saying, "Yes there will be more coming from the ocean", i laughed and shouted, "More, More, More". As i laughed i continued to leave my location and make my way towards the ocean, as that was where there would be more kaijus coming from and wanted to meet them in water.

As Gamera left, the twin brothers inside of the jaeger cockpit were shocked and had their jaws hanging. Then 5 minutes later, another mach 2 jaeger had arrived and its pilots were now looking at a kaiju corpse that had charcoal for a head and was dead. The jaeger pilots then saw the body of the mach 1 jaeger Jawbreaker just next to a hill with no right arm, they made their way towards the jaeger and helped them out and that was where the story ended.

"So that is how it all happened", John said as he was still frightened by the memory of that certain kaiju. The man in black only smiled and began to speak, "Thank you for your cooperation and the government will look closely into this". The man then left with the commanding officer and gave him specific orders to not let anyone know about this, and that his men should keep this under wraps and off the record.

Meanwhile someone was fishing and waiting, for a big catch to come out of a radioactive portal that was very beneficial for him.


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