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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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6 Category 3

After the first kaiju attack, the world governments created alliance with five jaeger project command centers located in five different countries close to the pacific. These command centers are stationed in Japan, Australia, US, Brazil, and finally China, with the sole purpose of stopping a kaiju before it made its way onto their continent, and sending a jaeger to confront it. These command centers also have five commanders to manage it, and train different recruits for the sole purpose of defending their country.

However the command center in America managed by Commander Brian was now working overtime due to a certain kaiju that made quite a mess of things.

Commander Brians Pov...

"Mr smith, have you found the kaiju" Brian said with a tone full of exhaustion and stress. The man he was talking to was frank smith, one of the people that helped with the jaeger project in the american division, anyways the man responded saying, "Yes sir, the kaiju is a category two and is now in the ocean and is almost next to the breach". Commander Brian who was exhausted, was relieved after hearing some good news he then responded saying, "Has it made any other movements whatsoever", frank responded saying, "No sir, it seems to be just swimming next to the breach and waiting for something". Commander Brian looked towards the screen and saw that the Kaiju was in fact just a few hundreds of meters away from the breach.

Anyways after Gamera finally made his way into the ocean, he was then guided by his system towards the location of the breach where there would be more kaiju's arriving from. He then arrived 800 meters away to not make him noticeable, and awaited for the next kaiju to arrive in hopes of evolving once more, however there seemed to be none coming just yet. However as Gamera patiently waited, he received another message from his system as he was still waiting for his next target.

"Hosts location has been detected by other life forms, does host wish to be concealed", Gamera who was completely focused on one thing was stunned, when he heard that his location was found by others. He then broke out of stupor and asked the system as to who had found him, "System which life forms have found my location", the system replied saying, "Humans host", Gamera then became angry and asked his system as to how they found him, "System how did those damn humans find me"

The system replied saying, "They have created a machine after your 20 million years slumber that tracks kaijus who enter through the breach", Gamera thought it through and was impressed by what they built, he then asked his system if there was a way to not be found. The system replied saying, "Host can now activate the concealment special ability that was given to the me by god". Gamera then asked why the system did mention that before however the system responded saying, "It is because host did not need it, therefore it did not require me to mention it. Gamera was at first shocked but then ignored it and asked the system to activate it anyways, "Ok then System activate the concealment ability", however the moment that the system activated the concealment ability, Frank and commander Brian were shocked to see the location of the Kaiju they were tracking had now disappeared.

Frank who was going over the radar was wondering why the kaijus location suddenly disappeared, commander Brian was shocked and then angry, as he was on the point of raging out. He then asked frank what happened, however frank responded saying, "I dont know sir, the kaijus location just disappeared". Commander Brian then asked him another question saying, "Did it enter the breach", Frank only responded saying, "No sir it did not enter the breach". Commander Brian then slammed his fist onto the table saying, "Then where the hell did it go".

Meanwhile Gamera was still next to the breach and waiting for the next kaiju to come out of it, however he received another notification from his system saying, "Hosts location has now been hidden". Gamera only replied by saying, "Good and thank you system". He then proceeded to ask his second question saying, "System when will there be another kaiju arriving", the system then replied saying, "In 12 hours host", Gamera then continued waiting until 12 hours passed in hopes of waiting for another kaiju to appear.

11 hours and 30 minutes later...

Commander Brian who is currently in his own private room, was now resting and trying to calmly go over the recent event that just occurred with the strange kaiju. However as he was finally relaxed he then received a notification from Frank, he answered while Frank responded saying, "We have reactions coming from the breach sir". Commander Brian responded by saying, "Is it that kaiju we trying to find", however Frank replied saying, "No sir it seems to be a kaiju coming out of the breach itself", Commander brian replied with a tone full of exhaustion saying, "Im on my way".

10 minutes later...

Just as commander Brian arrived he then entered and saw everyone solely focusing and concentrating on the breach where the kaiju would probably come out of. Commander Brian said nothing, but only made his way towards Frank who was also looking towards the breach from his radar. As Brian got close enough he began giving orders by saying, "So Mr Smith what category is the kaiju", Frank responded saying, "Category three sir" with a tone full of anxiety and exhaustion as well. He then looked towards his commander and only saw him with a look of exhaustion, i mean who would not be exhausted after noticing two kaijus were now in their own ocean.

One a category two and the other that just made its way out of the breach is an even bigger threat, a category three which rarely comes out of the breach. However just as the Commander was about to give orders Frank cut him off by saying, "Sir there it is, the other kaiju", Commander Brian immediately stopped what he was doing and was now looking at the radar and saw two red figures instead of one. He then asked with tone of curiosity as he was wondering what would happen with these two kaijus, "Mr smith i want you to inform of what happens next all right"

Commander Brian then turned towards a different mic and began giving orders to the mach 3 Jaeger pilots, who were Jason and jill a pair of brother and sister who had successfully defended the American division three times over the past few months. They piloted a mach 3 jaeger nicknamed "Hightower", the two pilots then made their way towards the cockpit fully suited and awaiting for further orders from Commander Brian. They then both responded saying, "Hightower and awaiting further orders, sir", meanwhile commander Brian who was on the other end replied saying, "Alright then"

Meanwhile Gamera was now looking at his target that would help him further evolve, in fact the kaiju in front of him had the head of a shark with huge dagger like jaws that seemed like it could rip anything in half including steel. It also had fins on its back and both of its arms that seemed to look like weapons, however as the kaiju was making its way towards the surface Gamera took that chance and attacked when it wasn't looking at him. He quickly went for the neck and dragged it off, meanwhile in his thoughts he was thinking, "Finally category three, after 20 million years"


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