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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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7 Evolution

Gamera's Pov...

After latching onto the kaijus neck and dragging it off further away from the breach, it kept struggling as i used even more strength to to hold on to it and not let it slip away. The kaiju however appeared to be intelligent as it quickly used its sword like fins to go for my head, but i anticipated that and put more strength into my bite and then retracted my head back into my shell. This hold of mine caused even more damage to the kaiju as the skin on its neck was ripped, and secreted blueish blood that tasted slightly bland but not disgusting enough to make me let go. However, as it attacked me with its fins all it hit was my shell and chipped off some of its fins and made its fin slightly dull.

It screamed in pain but i ignored it and held onto its neck as i dragged it off even further, and just as we were about a mile or two away from the breach i decided to let it go and begin fighting it. As it was finally free it looked at me with confusion in its eyes, but then it quickly turned into anger as it did not like my very presence. I felt extremely happy as i was now going to be a category three after sleeping for so long, not that i really felt that way but it still feels good to get stronger. I then saw the kaiju roaring at me and then swimming towards me with its fins now ready to pierce me with, however i quickly dodged that as i used my shell for protection. I then went under it and managed to bite portions of its stomach off as it swam away from me, however as i was preparing to give chase i suddenly received info from the system.

"Host has gathered sufficient samples from kaiju, now analyzing its structure", at first i was stunned but then another blue screen appeared in front of me describing all of the kaijus known status.

Kaiju: Category 3

Codename given: Jaws

Size: 95 meters

Strength: Rank BB

Speed: Rank A

Intelligence: Rank C

Defense: Rank C

I then realized that this kaiju was actually pretty strong, but before i could dismiss the blue screen my own stats came up out of nowhere, meanwhile the kaiju was no longer swimming away but now facing me with jaws unhinged and roaring at me.


Name: Gamera

Age: 20,000,000 years old

Height: 80 meters

Gender: Male

Weight: 1000 tons

Lifespan: Immortal


Title: Gamera the betrayed

Level: 15 (category 2)
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Defense: Rank AA

Speed: Rank B

Strength: Rank B

Energy: Rank BB

Intelligence: Rank A



Flamethrower: Rank A

Tail whip: Rank BB

Mana control: Rank B


I then noticed that some of my status outmatched the kaijus, this made us both even as my defense was my strong point meanwhile the kaiju attack was his own. It then seemed that kaiju was tired of waiting and decided to swim at me in full force, however i decided to do the same technique i performed earlier and attack its weakness. As it was almost 10 meters away i then swooped down towards its stomach and held onto it as it could not stop due to the velocity of its initial speed. I then bit into the stomach as i ripped piece by piece, however the kaiju did not like and made its ways onto the ground in order to push me off.

It then collided with the ocean floor while dragging me on it to try and get me off of its stomach, but i still held on and never did i let go i ripped a large hole in its chest. I then used my flamethrower breathe which still worked even underwater to slowly roast the kaijus inner organs and kill it, it then struggled by using its arms to pull me off however it was useless as i continued using my flame until i could see it nearly penetrating the other side and going through its back. As i killed it I received another blue notification from the system once more.

"Congratulations host for advancing to level 20 and becoming a category 3 kaiju, however there will be options available for you to choose from for your evolution", the system then showed me two options which i found quite suitable for my situation.

> First option

- Remain the same

> Second option

- Change identity

All of a sudden, a timer counting down from 10 appeared, i then quickly thought of what the benefits of the two options but none of that was provided. However 2 seconds passed as i kept on contemplating the two options and thought of the first one that stated to remain the same, but then i thought did i really want that. I then looked over the second option and thought of the word change, however before i could think any further, a warning from the system appeared saying, "Host has 3 seconds to decide, 3... 2... 1.." however i quickly chose my answer before the count down was over.

"Stop, i choose option number 2", all of a sudden the system rang within my head and began to speak saying, "Congratulations host, you have obtained change of title, one new special ability and one new skill to add to your known skills after you have evolved into a category three". I then laughed and wondered what type of skills i will receive from the rewards, however before i could celebrate another blue notification appeared in front of me.

//Host needs to find a secure location to evolve in//

Time: 1hr 10mins counting down

I then decided to quickly find a new place to evolve in, as recklessly choosing one will result in my death either from kaijus or jaegers from those damn humans. However, before i could find a different place to evolve in, suddenly i saw an oval shape object coming at me from above. I managed to dodge it in time but then saw three more coming my way, i then got hit by one and felt a stingy pain from my left shoulder. I quickly swam towards a different course to avoid the assailants attack, however another missile cane at me when i wasn't looking.

However, luckily i managed to see it in time and spit my flamethrower skill at it and destroyed before it could hit me. I then saw that the missiles themselves were coming from a robotic shaped figure, i recognized it as it was the weapons made by those damn humans, a jaeger. It then seemed to be into an attack position as it was ready to attack me, however i laughed at its attempt to stop me as it could not swim as fast as i can. However, before i could escape suddenly a few more missiles were headed my way, but i dodged them and noticed two more damn jaegers blocking my escape route.


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