A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
36 Learning Magic and Mana
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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36 Learning Magic and Mana

General Pov…

As Hakaira was transported to a new location, the ancient one closely followed him and as he fell through the pentagram he noticed that he was now in a different dimension from the last except this one seemed to endlessly expand. He could tell due to the difficulty of breathing that he was currently having, it reminded him of the world when he had pushed the doomsday bringer through the breach. However, there seemed to be pressure released around him that slowed him down and made his movements more sluggish while also draining his energy at the same time. At first he had thought that this wouldn't be a problem, but the more he tried to move the more sluggish he became. It was like walking through quicksand while carrying weights at the same time.

As he kept struggling he noticed that the ancient one herself was floating and seemed to be facing no resistance, he was pissed of seeing someone looking down on him. He then thought that maybe flying would help solve his problem, oh but how wrong he was, as soon as he extended his wings and flapped both, however all that happened was him losing his remaining energy. His pride however would never let him give up just yet as he continuously flapped his wings and flew just above the ancient one who had a look of surprise.

Hakaira smiled and fell towards the ground, the ancient one then slowly descended towards him while shaking her head. She then looked at Hakaira and said, "It is truly surprising to see you having that much energy left." Hakaira smiled and replied saying, "Haa… hhaa… I guess so, but what is this place and why did you bring me here?" The ancient one smiled and said, "This place as you might not know is a different dimension, it is one which will hone your body as well as your mind at the same time. This is due to the different energies surrounding this dimension, for some this might feel like swimming through murky water or perhaps… walking through quick sand."

Hakaira understood that she was talking about him, he then asked, "Well then what was the point of bringing me out here." The ancient one smiled and said, "The reason why I brought you out here is because I have a feeling that it will increase your strength, however at the same time I will teach you to learn about your powers as you don't even know their full potential." Hakaira was confused and wanted to retort but he had a feeling that arguing would not solve anything, he then sat down and said, "Alright then fine… that god sent me here for a reason so I might as well listen to what you have to say."

"Good, before we begin I have a question for you", "Huh? What is it?" Hakaira asked as he wanted to know her question. "Do you know what mana is?" Hakaira was surprised but then tried to his best to answer, "Hmm… throughout my life I have always known the existence of Mana but never once did I ask myself that question, but my guess is that mana is a certain energy that surrounds all life, am I right?" The ancient one nodded and said, "Yes that is correct, however you are also wrong." Hakaira was both stunned and confused with a look of needing answers, the ancient one smiled and said, "It is in fact the source of life, it does not just surround it but empowers life and strengthens it."

Hakaira at that point felt something clicking something in him, as if he was almost enlightened but he was not quite there yet. He then asked, "Ok I understand, however what has that to do with your training?" The ancient one smiled but did not say anything, this annoyed Hakaira as he was used to getting this sort of treatment from God. The ancient one caught on and said, "You might not know this but in our universe to gather magic one would need to find a source of energy, to empower their spells. However, in your case you would not need a source of energy as your body itself is the source." Hakaira was confused himself and tried getting up, however at the same time he was no longer feeling as much resistance like the last time.

Once again Hakaira wondered what was happening and the ancient one slowly descended towards his left shoulder, she then explained, "You are probably wondering as to what is happening at this moment, am I right" Hakaira nodded his head while looking at his left shoulder, "You're constitution is unique as it can pretty much absorb any type of energy and convert it into mana. Do you know what that means?" The ancient one asked as she drew a pentagram which dropped a cup and a teapot, Hakaira was amazed at her magic but also the fact that this dimension is practically a goldmine for him. "Its true host, your constitution is perfect for this place." Yura said inside of Hakaira's head.

Hakaira then asked, "It's nice to know that I can control mana but how can this help me in the future, I mean I could just become stronger in the future by evolving." The ancient one smiled and said, "That is true but having more cards up your sleeve should help you out, however you could also use it in tough situations and it could be fun." From there the ancient one taught Hakaira the use of pentagrams, but before that she began teaching him the importance of runes. As days and months passed Hakaira showed great talent in learning runes which was due to his increasing in his intelligence and mana control. Which then helped him progress further in runes and in learning pentagrams that the ancient one no longer needed to assist him.

"It seems that you do have talent." The ancient one said as she floated above hakaira's head, it has been 8 months since Hakaira first began training with the ancient one. Yura had congratulated Hakaira by saying, "Good job host you have managed to learn this throughout 8 months." Hakaira smiled and was happy to talk with Yura throughout those 8 months, he then stood up and bowed before the ancient one who was perhaps the first teacher which has ever had throughout his entire lifetimes. "Thank you for teaching me these past months without you I would not know more about myself. However, I have a favour to ask of you if it is possible." The ancient one smiled and said, "Even though you are much stronger than I am, I really am surprised by both your talent and humbleness. Go ahead, what is this favour of yours?"

Hakaira then replied saying, "Could you perhaps help Yura, she is my system and I wish for her to obtain a physical body if it is possible." The ancient one smiled and said, "I know that she has been there, I sensed her when I had first met you, I am guessing that your patron has something for me." Hakaira understood and took out the white orb and handed it to the ancient who handled it carefully, "I will try my best." She then made another pentagram above Hakaira's head and took out another coloured orb that contained Yura inside. Yura said her goodbyes and was placed inside of the orb and was now inside the ancient one's hands.

"Do not worry about her, I will do my best but in the meantime you should focus on your training." The ancient one then taught Hakaira how to create an astral projection of himself and how to open gates through few dimensions and locations without the use of a sling ring. After Hakaira learned the basics she left and said, "I will return with Yura in the next five to six months." Hakaira understood and bid his farewell to both the ancient one and Yura who was now a colored orb. As they left, for the first time Hakaira realized that he was now truly alone with no one to talk to him, but he tried his best to focus on his progress instead.

Throughout the next two months Hakaira was learning more about the gates themselves and realized that with mana he could be able create a portal by empowering both the runes within the pentagram, with the intent of opening a hole through space. He would then envision a location where the portal would appear in, at first he was only able to envision the portal appearing five miles away from him. However, as he progressed he realized that he could envision the portal to appear anywhere as long as he knew where the location was. He then tried to create a pentagram that could absorb energy directly into him, much like his physique. For the first few days he was stuck but wondered if he could create a pentagram that could act as an output for conversion of energy.

He then began different experiments and wondered, if he could also change his physique into something small or maybe bigger. He then used runes into different pentagrams that could change his physique, while at the same time allowing him to absorb any energy into his body. At first it was hard, but as he kept at it he realized that he could change his physique if he drew both the runes on his body and create a pentagram that could transform his body. As he kept trying he noticed that transforming his physique into a bigger version of himself was extremely hard, but obtaining a smaller physique was possible. Hakaira then kept improving his runes and pentagram until he was finally able to become 5 meters tall. He then wondered, if he could also obtain a human body this way so he then began making runes on his skin and the rest of his outer appearance.
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As he did he was now able to change his skin into human skin covered in runes that looked like tattoos instead of scales, his face no longer looked reptilian but was Caucasian with black iris within his eyes and a fair complexion. His height was now reduced to 2 meters, he also had jet black hair that was as dark as the void, and his whole physique was lean and muscular. In fact no one would think that he was a creature capable of destroying cities and mountains, but instead looked like a model. The problem was that he had no clothes to wear, but this did not bother Hakaira as he was busy looking over every inch of his physique just make sure that there was no problem with it.

He knew that this form of his was easy to maintain as the mana he supplied his runes with would not run out, he then noticed that his strength had not changed as he could still smash a boulder the size of a mountain. While at the same time he wanted to find out if he could absorb energy as well through his runes. However, as he was about to find a way to test it out he was suddenly interrupted by a pentagram formed just above him. If this had been before he began his training he would have been surprised and wondered who it was, but at the moment Hakaira was able to tell that it was the ancient one who had returned, with someone next to her.

"Hello." Hakaira said as he bowed to the ancient one, however he heard a familiar squeal instead of a reply from the person next to the ancient one. As he looked behind the ancient one he saw a woman with grey hair and blue eyes, paired with a slender hourglass figure. She happened to be wearing a top that matched her eyes and a skirt that matched her grey hair, Hakaira was stunned as for the first time he had never found any female human as attractive but the woman in front of him is just that. The woman he was looking at was just too beautiful that he himself felt something tug at his chest, however the woman's face was red and was looking elsewhere. Hakaira looked towards the ancient one to help him out but before he could ask, the ancient one threw him a pair of jeans, boxer and a shirt.

She then said, "Wear those." Hakaira was perplexed but quickly complied because the conversation was not going anywhere. He then put the clothes on as they fit him perfectly, he then saw the young woman looking at him while smiling. "Hello, host." Hakaira was first confused but then realized that this voice belonged to the companion who has followed him in his head from the beginning, "Yura?!"


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