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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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37 Meeting

General Pov...

"Yura is that really you?!" Yura smiled while nodding, he then walked slowly towards her and held her by her hands and said, "Haa… I can see you." Yura laughed and said, "I can see you too host." Hakaira slowly looked her over but was shortly interrupted by the ancient one, "Hmm… now that you two have obtained a human body what do you plan on doing now?" Hakaira was confused by the question but he realized that he had now obtained a human body what was he supposed to do in the meantime. However, before he could give an answer he saw the sudden change in the ancient ones expression, she then said, "Would you excuse me for a moment, or would you like to come."

She then made a pentagram and opened a different location, as she was about to walk through Hakaira followed along with Yura. "Where are you going?" Hakaira asked, the ancient one then gave her a brief explanation on how an enemy was invading the city which was placed under her protection. Through the explanation Hakaira was holding Yura's hand and only realized when the ancient one was looking at his hand, Yura turned red and Hakaira thought that she was probably uncomfortable so he let go. However, he still stood next to Yura and asked the ancient one, "What can I do to help?"

Both the ancient one and Yura were surprised but Hakaira dismissed both of them and said, "Well." The ancient one made her casual smile and said, "Alright then"

As the chitauri army made their way through the portal and into New York City, destruction surely followed as the streets was in chaos. The chitauri soldiers had descended and began killing many, however a group of heroes had gathered and began fighting them. This group consisted of Captain America, Hawkeye, Black widow, Thor, Iron man, and finally the Hulk who made a grand entrance by punching a living chitauri warship in the face. From there they began their mission of getting the sceptre from Loki and closing the portal, however in a McDonald restaurant two people were ravaging their meals. "Hmm… I can't believe that these humans made such good meals. I can't… gulp… believe that I have been eating Kaiju's when I could have been eating these burgers."

As you might have guessed, due to the chaos people began running out of the restaurant and trying to find better shelter. However, Hakaira and Yura happened to be walking passed by when they had smelled burgers from outside. When they had entered all they saw was that the restaurant was empty and had no one in it, except unopened meals that were just waiting for someone to eat them. Yura did not hesitate as she knew what it was but had not tried it yet, Hakaira was hesitant but after trying one of the burgers he immediately fell in love with it. The two seemed to have a bottomless stomach as they had consumed almost all of the meals in the restaurant, however as Hakaira was about to take another bite of a Big Mac an unlucky chitauri soldier flew in and crashed their meal.

This caused Hakaira to become shocked as he had not even finished his meal yet, then the chitauri soldier roared towards him and was about to shoot at him with its gun. However, the chitauri soldier was crushed the next second as Hakaira grabbed its head and squeezed it until it went limp. He then got up and said, "Yura you okay", Yura nodded and said, "Yes", however she had a look of disappointment on her face. Hakaira then said, "Let's go… We are going to exterminate these pests" Hakaira was extremely pissed as his runes were practically glowing and ready to explode. Hakaira then created a pentagram and walked through it with Yura behind him, he then saw that in the sky there was a portal releasing chitauri warships. He then asked Yura a question, "Yura can those live warships help me evolve?" Yura understood Hakaira's intention and said, "Yes host-", however Hakaira interrupted her by saying, "Don't call me host and call me Hakaira or something else instead of that." Yura was stunned but complied and said, "Yes Ho… Hakaira" She smile but continued where she left off when Hakaira interrupted her.

"Those live Chitauri warships can help you evolve, however you would need about 8 of them though", Hakaira gave a devilish smile as he saw 4 floating around the city and 4 coming through the portal. Thor at that point was above a building and was about to launch a lightning strike towards the four incoming chitauri warships. However, before he could gather enough lightning a 70 meter wide pentagram appeared below the portal and sucked in the four chitauri warships. Thor saw it happen as the chitauri warships were no longer there, "Thor good job on getting rid of those warships, I need you to help Banner get rid of the rest."

"But I did not…" Thor was about to say something but saw that the hulk was in trouble, he quickly threw his hammer towards his direction. However, just as he and hulk were about to smash the chitauri warship into the ground, a pentagram appeared in front of them and sucked the chitauri warship in while kicking them both out. Hulk was stunned and shouted, "Ship… WHHEERRREEE SHIIIPPP??" Thor looked around and noticed that the chitauri warships were slowly being pulled into pentagrams. It was not just them, in fact Captain America along with Black widow noticed, "Umm guys are you seeing this."

Iron man and Hawkeye were starting to see pentagrams drawn out of nowhere and pulling in all of the chitauri warships as well. "What the hell is going on??" was the six words that the avengers had on their mind.


"Let's do this, I won't like this but I have to finish this up if I want to enjoy some of those burgers." Hakaira;s runes began to glow and reveal his scaly skin while at the same time he was growing taller by the minute. At first he was 25 meters then 50, 100 and finally his final height, he then opened the same pentagram that contained all of the chitauri warships into the mirror dimension. "Hello, I must say I was starting to miss this feeling… RRROOOAAARRR!!!" Hakaira then began eating the chitauri warships who were unable to do anything about it. Some of them tried to attack him by biting him, sadly Hakaira laughed and slaughter all of them one by one. As he was finished he noticed that something was trying to break through the mirror dimension.

"It's time to test this rune." Hakaira said as his runes began glowing even brighter, he then created a pentagram which would filter the lightning strikes while decreasing the amount of damage within them. He then exited the mirror dimension and saw the clouds beginning to form outside of the city and was about to form the same familiar hole within it. Hakaira looked towards Yura and said, "Mind telling me what kind of trouble that I am getting myself in." Yura smiled and nodded while saying, "Of course host."

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After stopping the rest of the chitauri army and avoiding the destruction of millions of people from a nuclear bombing, the avengers were now in stark tower capturing Loki. However, as they were about to arrest him, they noticed dark clouds forming outside of the city, Captain America who was standing next to Thor asked, "Are you doing that?" Thor who was standing close to the broken railing said, "No it is not!" he then looked towards the others and said, "You handle Loki, I will shortly return." Thor then spun his hammer and threw it towards the location of where the clouds were forming, however Hulk could sense something coming from that direction and shortly followed Thor.

"Your lightning tribulation this time will be very painful as it will consist of 5 lightning strikes, however I know that you can overcome it." Yura said trying to encourage Hakaira while holding her hands together. Hakaira smiled at her and then looked at the sky and noticed that the first lightning tribulation had already descended. He quickly countered by allowing the pentagram to take the hit and then converting the rest of the lightning into him. Of course, the lightning electrocuted him but not as bad as it should have been, he then noticed that his runes were glowing but the same colour as the lightning.

From there the second and third strikes descended while hitting the pentagram then flowing through Hakaira's body. At first the pentagram looked like it was going last but as the fourth lightning descended it shattered the pentagram and proceeded to hit Hakaira's body. As the lightning flowed through Hakairas body the scale on his body were constantly burned, however it was healed at the same time by Hakairas regeneration ability. As the lightning was done coursing his body Hakaira noticed that the runes themselves were glowing even brighter, he then looked towards the sky and saw the last lightning was about to descend.

However, at the same time there were two uninvited guests as well, "It would seem that there is an enemy left, I was hoping for a warm up." Thor said as he stood in front of Hakaira. He noticed that the lightning which was descending from the sky itself could rival his own or maybe even surpass it. He then spun his hammer and was about to launch an attack towards the huge behemoth, but before he could a green giant whom he has come to know as the hulk crash landed next to him. Hulk then shouted, "HULK FIGHT TOO!!!" Thor laughed and said, "HAHAHA… Fine, we shall both fight this enemy together and return victorious!!!"

However, as both of them were about to attack Hakaira a voice interrupted them from behind saying, "I am sorry but you will not be attacking my Ho… Hakaira." Both Thor and Hulk were taken by surprise and turned around, only to see a beautiful woman looking elsewhere while blushing and covering her face with her hands. Thor was so stunned by her beauty that he could not even say anything, as he tried to gather his words Hulk beat him to it. "WOW… So pretty… Pretty girl." Even Hulk a brute who had no concept of such things was also attracted to Yura's beauty. "Cough… cough… hmm fair maiden I would suggest that you leave this location as soon as possible, for we are about to terminate this creature and I would not like for you to get hurt."

However, as Thor was about to say something else he was kicked at blazing speed by Yura who was tired of listening to his speech. Hulk who was still standing was stunned and looking at where Yura was previously standing that he could not react fast enough to Yura's punch that landed right on his nose. "Can we fight already I don't want you to disturb my ho… Hakaira." Yura said while looking at Thor and Hulk however a slight blush betrayed her previous outlook as she covered her face.


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