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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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38 Shwarma or Pizza

General Pov...

Hakaira was surprised by Yuras offensive capabilities but he had to focus on his own problems at the moment, the final lightning strike had arrived and now he needed to absorb it into his own body. As the lightning crackled across the grey clouds, a thunder the sounds of explosions went off. Birds flew and animals ran back to find shelter, even the people in the city thought that the chitauri invasion was not over. Thor and Hulk who were embedded into ground moments ago woke up from the sound of it, "Owwch… it would seem that this situation just got more complicated, wouldn't you say big guy."

Thor asked hulk who seemed to be getting mad at the moment from being flown across the ground by a woman, "Hulk MAD!!!" Thor could not agree more as he noticed that the mysterious and beautiful woman seemed to know and care about the giant creature behind her. He then shouted," Fair maiden are you in league with this behemoth monster." Yura did not answer which pissed Thor off even more Hulk who was now angry made the first move by smashing the ground and shouting, "HHUULLLKK SSSMMMAAAASSSSHHHH!!!!"

Yura however was on guard as the cracked ground did not reach her as she was already making her way towards Hulk who had his hands embedded within the ground. She moved so fast that Thor himself was taken by surprise, she then kicked Hulk in the face and sent him flying once again. However, this time hulk was able to grit his teeth and pierce his feet into the ground which only caused him to slide across the ground. Yura was surprised but did not let her guard down as Thor flew towards her and tried to smash his hammer unto her shoulder.

Yet he hesitated as he could not bring himself to hurt someone unless he knew them or knew their intentions. So he missed her shoulder and only managed to graze her by hitting her hand instead, Yura however did not care as she sent a round house kick towards Thor's face and sent him flying and crashing into Hulk who was running back to attack once again. As the two rolled back onto the ground Thor looked towards Hulk and said, "Hey big guy I have a plan, I can only hope that you can understand it." For the next two minutes Thor told Hulk his plan and how they planned to subdue to Yura.

Hakaira however looked towards the sky and knew this lightning strike will be difficult to overcome, but then again when has it ever been easy for him. He then saw that the lightning consisted of three colours, it descended but not as fast as the others he then was deciding on how he was going to deal with it. However, as he was going over his decision the lightning was only 300 meters away from hitting him that Hakaira just decided, "OH!! To hell with it I want some burgers so I might as well just eat this damn lightning strike if it's going to stop me from doing that." Hakaira did just that as lightning descended and was about to hit him, however instead letting him hit him he opened his jaws and devoured the lightning.

Thor who was at first busy going over his plan with Hulk noticed the lightning which was about to descend and felt immediate danger from it, he felt the need to escape otherwise he and Hulk might end up dying. "Hulk we need to leave." Hulk surprisingly did not leave as he himself felt danger from watching the lightning itself but did not want to leave. Thor looked towards Yura and shouted, "WOMAN WE NEED TO LEAVE THAT LIGHTNING STRIKE IS DANGEROUS, THAT CREATURE WILL DIE AND WE WILL BE CAUGHT UP IN ITS IN RANGE IF WE STAY ANY LONGER." However Yura stood where she previously was and did not move, all she said was, "It's Ok he will overcome it." Thor thought that both Yura and Hulk were insane. But as he watched the lightning strike descend he knew that he had to leave, however the giant creature that was facing the lightning had no fear within his eyes.

As he saw the look of fearlessness in its eyes Thor felt ashamed of himself for even suggesting to run away, him the god of lightning and thunder afraid of Lightning itself. He then looked towards Hulk and said, "It seems that I am staying big guy I have to witness what this creature will try to do." Hulk nodded and watched the lightning descend. Then as the lightning was a few meters from hitting Hakaira, Thor was wondering how Hakaira was going to deal with it. However, never in his wildest dreams would he think that the creature would open its mouth revealing razor knife teeth that could rip anything into shreds, eating a lightning instead.

Thor thought the creature was insane and that they were all going to die anyways, however the most jaw dropping scene happened. The creature had continued eating the lightning and seemed to be enjoying it apparently, in fact runes ran across the creatures shoulder and body as it continued glowing different colours and seemed to be storing the lightning that it was eating. Then as the lightning seemed to have stopped the creature lived on, then an even more shocking scene occurred. The creature body was now getting taller along with its horns, scales and wings growing at an alarming rate.

At first Thor wondered if he ate his own lightning would he also grow taller and possibly become stronger as well, but he dismissed those thoughts as he knew that creature was probably special. Which was probably why it could absorb the lightning and well… eat it as well. Thor thought to himself how strong this mysterious creature is, but as the creature closed its eyes and when it opened them it released a flame mixed with lightning in it that pierced through the grey clouds and revealed the suns ray.

The creature was basked in the light and seemed to emit a dominant aura around it, Hakaira then looked towards Thor and Hulk. As he did, both felt a pressure released from his stare that both of them literally away to avoid any eye contact. Hakaira's runes began to glow even brighter and he started getting shorter and smaller with each second. Then as he reached about 50 meters in height smoke was dispersed around him as he continued becoming smaller. As the smoke was spreading across Hulk and Thor were looking at where the creature was, decreasing in size. However as Thor continued looking he felt threatened by an aura coming from the direction where the creature was.

Call it instinct, fear, or just being down right stupid Thor threw his hammer towards the centre of the smoke hoping to hit something else. However, as Thor's hammer flew across the smoke a hand was extended and caught the hammer by its head. Both Thor's eyes and mouth were widened as he saw his own hammer "Mjolnir" now within the hands of a tall man who he himself found quite attractive. The man held the hammer and said, "Hmm… pretty heavy I must say this hammer has a mysterious power within it and I would like to find out more about it. However, it won't accept me so it is best to return it."

Hakaira then took the hammer by its hilt and threw towards the dumbfounded Thor, who was gaping over that scene and was not able to react fast enough when the hammer hit him straight in the chest and sent him flying. Hakaira then ran at an alarming speed and towards Hulk who was surprisingly on his guard, however that was not enough. As Hulk tried to punch, Hakaira countered by going downwards and punching him straight in his jaws that sent flying 25 meters in the air. Sadly for the Hulk, Hakaira was not yet done as he jumped and reached hulk who was in mid-air, he then closed his hands together and smashed the hulk back into the ground.

For the first time in its life the Hulk had never once been beaten into a pulp until today when he met the Monster known as "Haikaira". He tried to resist of course but was sadly unable to keep it up as Hakaira kept smashing him into the ground. After 5 minutes or so the Hulk was out cold and Hakaira finally got a minor warm up as he stood from the crater he created and jumped out, only to be greeted by a smiling Yura. "You know, they did not hurt me at all." Yura said while looking at Hakaira, "I know but I just wanted a warm up I haven't had one of those in a while. Hakaira then created a pentagram and transported Hulk next to Thor who was on the ground but not out cold.

"Who/What are you?" Thor asked as he had a hard time breathing, "Oh no one really, I'm just a monster passing by." Hakaira then created a pentagram which sucked both him and Yura and transported them elsewhere. A few minutes later Hulk changed back into being Bruce banner but was instead covered in bruises, he looked around and saw damage across the field he was in. He then looked to his side and saw Thor lying next to him, "Thor what happened here?" Banner asked while looking at Thor, Thor answered saying, "We shall not talk about it."


"I can't believe those two block heads went ahead to check out a weather report." Tony said as he looked across the street and was walking with Steve, Bart and Natasha. The three shook their heads and kept following him, "Anyways I have always wanted to try out some Shwarma, so I think it's around he-",Tony accidentally bumped into a person who replied saying, "Apologise." Tony was about to go off on the guy but then was left speechless by his looks especially the woman right next him. In fact he could form a single word as both the mysterious black haired man and grey haired woman walked away.
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"Wow!! Those were some strange individuals." Steve said as he was also looking at the woman and man who were walking away. However, what they did not know was that the two individuals were Hakaira and Yura who were also looking for a place to eat as well. "Let's go try some pizza, I have never tried it before." Hakaira did not know much so he decided to let Yura lead the way.


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