A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
39 Hmm... search for the stones, um sure.
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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39 Hmm... search for the stones, um sure.

General Pov...

As the individuals of New York attempted to change in accordance with the bedlam caused from the ongoing intrusion, four of the vindicators were presently eating in a shawarma café. Notwithstanding, as every one of them were caught up with making the most of their dinners they were hindered by a message originating from a depleted Bruce Banner. "Umm... folks we need some assistance", Tony who was the first to complete his supper reacted saying, "Hello, Banner it's decent to hear your voice again without all the snorting and yelling." Tony said as he was grinning towards Steve and the others.
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Obviously some of them discovered it very interesting, however as Tony was going to state another joke Bruce intruded on him with annoyance in his tone while yelling, "TONY!!! Me and Thor need some genuine assistance right NOW!!!" Tony who was somewhat stunned by Bruce's unexpected upheaval was not able react. In any case, Steve immediately answered saying, "Quiet down Doctor Banner take a full breath, and reveal to me what occurred." Bruce who was irate comprehended that he may have been excessively passionate, so he did as Steve recommended and took a full breath. As he did only that he was , "Sorry about, I was slightly shaky however I am alright at this point."

Steve reacted saying, "It's okay, just play back to me what happened... precisely from the earliest starting point." Bruce at that point told Steve and the others what befell both him and Thor. As he finished his discussion, Steve, Natasha, Tony and Clint all got up and were advancing towards the shield jet. Be that as it may, Tony reacted saying, "I'll go on ahead, you guys catch up", he didn't hold up as he as he flew towards Thor and Banner's Location. Whereas Steve, Natasha and Clint were following behind.

In the interim...

"Owm... ~chew~... swallow... Wrow fursht burhers and nowhu... swallow... pizza, wow this is great." Hakaira said as he took another cut and ate up it without biting this time. Yura who was perched on the contrary side of their corner gestured while biting on a cut herself. Right now them two were on their twelfth serving of pizza, from the start Yura couldn't choose which topping she wanted so she picked the Supreme topping with additional pepperoni.

Hakaira had no bad things to say at all as he was too caught up with having a good time right now, in the mean time the laborers of Anthony's Pizzreia were staying at work longer than required. Albeit the vast majority of the laborers left since they had families living in the city, the rest stayed in light of the fact that they were workers living in the states. Along these lines they don't had anything to stress over, anyway they were lamenting the proprietors choice in not shutting the Pizzreia as they themselves were staying at work longer than required to serve the two beasts.

Fortunately for them a deliverer acted the hero, in the garments of a shaolin priest with a bare head saying, "Are both of you done yet?" Both Hakaira and Yura were found napping by the Ancient one's unexpected appearance, that they stifled on the cuts that they were as of now eating. Sure the two would have been alarmed of her presence, however because of the euphoric taste of the pizza they were excessively diverted.

"Hack... Cough...", both took a cup loaded up with Coke and drank it, which eased them of their gagging. Hakaira took a look at the Ancient one and asked, "Do you need something?" The ancient one shook her head and stated, "I have something to talk about with both of you... in private." Hakaira comprehended and stood up and looked towards Yura and gestured, Yura saw that and took out a black leathered wallet loaded with cash and paid for their food. Which costed around 72 dollars, in the wake of paying she proceeded to remain by Hakaira's side who gave her grin consequently. The ancient one shook her head at the activities of her pupil and drew up a pentagram and sucked every one of them in, leaving the Pizzeria laborers with stun.


Tony was the first to arrive and apply medical aid to both Bruce and Thor, albeit both were fine as they were not lethally harmed. Just left with certain wounds and an injured pride even under the least favorable conditions, at that point Captain america, Black widow and Hawkeye arrived. Thor was hesitant to reveal to them what occurred as regardless he had his pride to consider yet in the end let them know, as he wrapped up of the vindicators were stunned. "So you're stating that even greenie was beaten by this, in what manner should I say this... Godzilla", Tony said as he anticipated Thor's answer.

Thor took a gander at the others and stated, "I don't have the foggiest idea what that is... be that as it may, yes it may genuinely have the quality of a divine being on the off chance that it can beat both me and Dr. Banner." Steve stood up promptly and stated, "At that point we need to follow it who knows whether it may be around the city some place." However he was hindered by Thor who immediately included saying, "NO!!! You should not seek after him, as he could likely defeat every one of you without the need of much exertion, other than that I did not wish to tell you this but he... he was..."

"He what Thor?", Natahsa solicited with a tone full from curiousity, Thor saw his mallet and stated, "He lifted my hammer, Mjolnir." Every single one of the vindicators were quiet and were stunned even Banner, to discover that Thors hammer was lifted by someone other than him. Thor at that point stated, "Therefore I believe that he will do nothing of the sort if Mjolnir additionally discovered him commendable and worthy." Tony anyways did not concur but rather said nothing as he had no chance of finding the mysterious creature (Hakaira) so he left it at that and was going to advance back to Stark tower.

However, as Hakaira and Yura followed the ancient one, they noticed that they had not returned to the same dimension that they were in before. In fact they were now in what seemed to be a temple surrounded by strange infrastuctures, Hakaira was surprised as he continued looking around and saw mountains in the distance. However, what surprised him the most was the vast amount of people drawing Pentagrams in a different area. He looked at the ancient one and asked, "Are those your students as well?"

She nodded and led them into a different room with an open roof at the top, they were then met by a man named Baron Mordo. The man had a look of suspicion in his eyes but did wish to question the ancient one's decision in bringing Hakaira and Yura here. Then as the ancient one led them into a room that looked like a practice hall with a table encircled by three chairs the ancient one sat down on one and gestured for Hakaira and Yura to take a seat.

As they did the ancient one created a pentagram which gently dropped a teapot and three cups along with it, she then poured a drink for herself. As she took a sip of her tea, she looked at Hakaira and told him, "I have a request for both of you if you don't mind." Hakaira seemed to have suspected for her to ask and replied asking, "Sure what is it?" The ancient one looked towards Yura and saw her nodding her head the ancient one then said, "The future of my world is changing."

Hakaira was confused and asked, "Huh? What do you mean by that?" However, Yura replied to the ancient one saying, "It is because of us, am i right" The ancient one did not answer but took another sip of her tea, she then looked towards Hakaira and explained. "In the infinite universes there are infinite possibilities and paths to be taken, however my universe already had its path chosen for it. You see Hakaira our universe already has a greater power controlling it from beyond us, and that greater power already chose an ending for us."

Hakaira vaguely understood the multiverse itself but replied saying, "Ok go on", the ancient one nodded her head and said, "Even though there infinte paths and choices for us to make, our ending will still remain the same, but now because you two that certain future has been disorientated. Now a new future has been created one which even i cannot see, and it all begins with you finding the infinity stones." Baron Mordo who was behind the Ancient one interrupted saying, "Ancient one are you sure about this." The ancient nodded her head and was about to continue but was once

again interrupted by Hakaira this time.

Hakaira was even more confused and asked, "Infinity stones... What are those are they some kind of food?" The room at that point was silent as even Yura was surprised by her Host's sudden and ridiculous question. Baron Mordo looked towards the ancient one and said, "These are the ones who will save our universe." The ancient one replied saying, "At the moment... Yes, however the future itself may have different plans." Baron Mordo was shocked as this was the first time that the Ancient one has ever made a joke, he sighed and looked towards Hakaira who had Yura describe the infinity stones to him.


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