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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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40 I win.

General Pov...

At the moment both Hakaira and Yura had spent 4 months training both in combat and in the mystic arts. Hakaira had found that the martial arts taught by the ancient one was very useful in hand to hand combat, after all he was used to just using full on powerful strikes to subdue his enemies and win. However, at the moment his strength was being limited by the runes he had carved onto his body, although it only allowed him to harness 1/8 of his strength that much was enough to rival the Hulk or Thor.

However, before he began his training he had asked Yura how he was able to reach that ridiculous speed for when he fought the first time in his human form. Yura told him that since his speed in his kaiju form would be considered slow due to his enormous mass, the amount speed which he uses is from the muscles located in his legs. Therefore if he were to compress those muscles into a smaller version of himself, then that would grant him unbelievable speed. This at first confused Hakaira but after Yura explained it to him step by step he understood the main idea and concept.

But at the moment that did not matter as the first 3 days that passed he was busy getting his ass handed to him by Yura. At first he thought of going easy on her but after their first bout he realized that he was underestimating his system/partner. However, he also knew that through training was the only way he would be able to beat her in combat. While at the same time he was beating her in training their proficiency in the mystic arts as he had more experience and training in it. Hakaira then remembered that the ancient one had told them to use their strengths to make up for their weakness and so he formulated a plan that could help him win his bouts against Yura.

The bout began as usual both started off by throwing punches that could kill wreck a building or two and landing lightning speed kicks on one another that could break the sound barrier. Gradually the bout was turning in Yura's favor, however as Yura saw an opening by Hakaira she took it as a mistake that he made. She shouted saying, "YOU'RE OPEN", however as she was about to land the finishing blow Hakaira opened a pentagram in front of him which swallowed her fist. This caught Yura off guard and gave Hakaira just enough time to sweep her off her feet and catch her in a princess carry.

Over the past few days Hakaira had learned that Yura had a weak spot for things which included a romantic gesture such as holding hands, using each others names and finally physical intimacy. Which was what he was doing at the moment and worked as Yura who was within his arms was blushing red and could not attack Hakaira at the moment. Hakaira laughed and found many emotions swirling through him as he saw Yura's blushing face, he found that all her expressions were precious to him.

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As he was looking at Yura and thinking about all the things that they had been through together, Yura was also looking at Hakaira while blushing at the same time. They both stared into each others eyes and only found an emotion that both did not know how to express as both were never humans to begin with. One an IA created by a celestial being from a different plane and another created by the origins of a past world, one could not find a more perfect match for these two as they seemed to be mean't for each other.

As their eyes seemed to be entangled in one another's, their heads slowly began moving towards each other as if they were drawn to each other. "Hmm... ~Cough~... Do you both mind." Hakaira who was holding onto Yura almost fell due to the sudden intrusion while they were caught up in the moment. Yura however was now burying her head within Hakaira's chest to hide her embarrassment, but that only made her cuter in Hakaira's eyes.

Hakaira turned around to see Baron Mordo who had an annoyed expression written on his face, Hakaira smile and said, "Hey there Baron hows it been" while holding onto an embarrassed Yura. Baron Mordo responded saying, "It was fine right until you both began having a moment." Hakaira immediately became the same color as Yura, he quicly let her down and said, "Right umm... sorry about that." Baron Mordo sighed and said, "It is fine."

Then after the whole misunderstanding between Baron Mordo, Hakaira looked towards Yura and said, "Its time." Baron Mordo shook his head, whereas Yura smiled while nodding as she knew what he was talking about. Hakaira then went into a room that contained a pool full of healing properties that he used to bathe in, while Yura did the same by going into a different room as well. Then 10-15 minutes later they both met up to talk with the ancient one who greeted them by saying, "So i guess it is time for you two to leave now."

Hakaira nodded and said, " Yes i believe that's what you told us before." The ancient one smiled and said, "Well go on then i will not stop you i just hope that you can remember your promise." Hakaira smiled and said, "Don't worry i won't and besides i got Yura to remind me if i ever do." As Hakaira said that he looked at Yura with affection in his eyes, both Baron Mordo and the ancient one sighed at their actions.

Yura blushed while looking towards the ancient one and then said, "He won't forget ancient one, i'll make sure of it." The ancient one nodded and waved at them while saying, "Good luck", Hakaira nodded and drew a pentagram in front of both him and Yura which took them to a new location. Baron mordo who had been silent throughout the whole departure started by saying, "Ancient one, will they truly aid us in our time of need." The ancient one at first did not answer until moments later when she said, "They will but not in ways that are common, in fact their methods will be unorthodox." Baron Mordo throughout the years always trusted the ancient one and only nodded and left the ancient one in the room.


"Alright after getting of that temple what do you say about getting something to eat." Hakaira said as he stretched his arms behind him. Yura agreed and said, "I know just the place to get something to eat." Hakaira then asked, "Well do you know where it is" Yura smiled and showed him where it was located. As soon as Hakaira found the location of the place where they would eat he told Yura if she wanted to race, Yura took a moment and said, "Yes, i would very much like that." The two then took starting positions and ran towards the nearest Taco bell restaurant that was about 3 miles away from them.

Coincidentally the restaurant happened to be right a mile away from Tony stark's residence, but both Hakaira and Yura did not care as the two only wanted to get something to eat. Anyways as they ran across the streets of Malibu, they tried not to hit any of the pedestrians or cars along the way as that would just make things more difficult for them. Along the way Hakaira saw the Tacobell sign just half a mile away from him, he then increased his speed reaching about 200 miles/hr which created a gust wind that pushed some of the pedestrians walking next on the side walks.

As Hakaira was almost there he also saw Yura about to reach the Tacobell restaurant, the two ran at full speed leaving holes on the ground. As the two were 100 meters away from the restaurant they went at full speed and tried to beat one another, in fact their shoes were combusting as they sped across the road. Hakaira and Yura now 50 meters away from the restaurant jumped at the exact same time and landing a superhero landing right outside.

Gravels from the pavement flew across the street while smoke and dust covered both Yura and Hakaira, the customers inside the restaurant went out to see what was going on. As they did they saw a screen of smoke and two people who were embedded within the ground and had their hands on the stairs. One in fact was closer to the restaurants steps, the mysterious person stood up and said, "I win."


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