A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
41 Iron man, Hmm... that“s a nice name.
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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41 Iron man, Hmm... that“s a nice name.

General Pov...

After the whole incident of racing, many of the customers inside the restaurant were shocked by the hole made by Yura and Hakaira. In fact most of them were about to leave or contact the police, but Hakaira quickly reacted by stunning them and altering their memories. In fact everyone in the restaurant all had their memories altered and began sitting down again, whereas Yura who lost the race was fixing up the hole that both she and Hakaira made while landing.

As Hakaira sat besides a pouting Yura he gently pumped her shoulders and said, "It's ok, who know's maybe you will beat me next time", Hakaira said with a smug expression on his face. Yura who was looking at him pouted once again and said, "Fine, but only if you pay this time for the food." Hakaira's smug was wiped off his face as he was panicking on the inside, although it's true that their meals were always paid for, but it was Yura who always paid for it. "Umm... sure."

Yura was satisfied and said, "Ok then I'm going to order some." Hakaira saw the evil look on Yura's face as she got up to talk to the woman at the counter. As she did Hakaira took that time to conjure up some money as he knew Yura matched his own appetite and knew that he could go bankrupt. Meanwhile the woman at the counter was stunned by the order Yura was giving her as well as her beauty, "Umm are you sure about your order ma'am" the woman asked.

Yura smiled and said, "Yes i am sure." The woman nodded and spoke into a mic to telll her co-workers what Yura's orders were. Yura then sat down with Hakaira and said, "You might as well try some of this as well since this is considered a delicacy to same humans." Hakaira was nervous by the look that Yura gave him and said, "Ok." There was silence until fifteen minutes later three trays each containing more than 10 tacos and burritos once they were placed on the table the exhausted workers looked at them both and said, "Enjoy."

Once the workers left Yura and Hakaira by themselves, the two did not hold back as they quickly devoured their meals that were in front of them. However, as they were enjoying their meals the earth shook them from below interrupting their meal. Yura at that point knew that whatever was interrupting their meal would die as Hakaira hated it whenever his meal was disturbed.

Meanwhile at Stark's Mansion, missiles were bombarding the place as Tony was trying to find a suit to help him destroy the helicopter that was firing those missiles. "Jarvis, i need some back up", Tony said as he was holding onto a ledge while the Mansion was tearing apart. "On the way, Sir", however as Tony was holding on he saw Pepper hanging onto a broken railing and shouting, "TONY!!!" Tony shouted saying, "PEPPER HOLD ON!! Jarvis cancel that i need you to help Pepper instead."

Then a missile heading straight for where Pepper was holding onto flew and exploded right above her causing her to lose her grip and fall downwards into the ocean. However, as she was free falling chunks of armors flew towards her and attached themselves to her body, as they did they completed a body of armor that flew pepper to safety. Tony however was still stuck on the ledge, but as he saw that Pepper was safe, another missile was headed straight towards him as well.

He quickly signaled the chunk of armors towards him as he fell towards the ground, however one of the missiles damaged a piece of the flying armor as it flew towards Tony. As the rest assembled onto his body Tony noticed that a piece was missing and it turned out to be his left hand's armor. Tony knew he was in trouble as missile heading straight for him missed him and was heading towards a Taco-bell restaurant.

Back in the restaurant, Hakaira was still trying to finish his Taco when he suddenly sensed an all too familiar object that pestered him in the previous world which he had just left. As the missile hit the restaurant an explosion covered it within a 10 meter radius, people who were further away from the restaurant began panicking. However, some were more interested and ran to see if there were any survivors whereas others went to take pictures and post it on social media.

As they ran towards the restaurant all they saw was smoke and dust, but then a sound of movement came from the rubble as a piece of pavement flew upwards and landed on an empty car. The crowds were shocked and turned back to see two very attractive people, a man with dark hair and a woman with gray hair standing in front of four taco-bell workers. One of the viewers holding a phone smiled and took a photo with Hakaira and Yura staring at where the missile came from.

"So what will you do now", Yura asked as she saw the look of frustration on Hakaira's face Hakaira answered saying, "Whoever ruined my meal is going to die." The two then jumped to where the missile originated from, but to the crowd it looked like they flew. The viewer who had a phone posted the photo saying, "#New heroes in Miami."

Tony who was having a hard time with avoiding the missiles noticed that pepper was still in danger and needed his help. He quickly landed onto the ground and shielded her from a missile aimed for both of them. As the missile was about to hit his back, something fell out of nowhere and stopped the missile, not only that but it sent it straight back to the WZ-10 attack helicopter killing its pilots and everyone on it.
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Tony turned around and saw two silhouettes of a man and woman staring down a new helicopter that was landing on the ground and letting out two people. Tony managed to recognize one of the two people who got off the other WZ-10 helicopter, "Hello Mr. Stark how are you, or should i say Iron Man." the man said with a Russian accent while walking towards Tony. "Ivan!! HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!!"

The man got and said, "Oh you should have finished me off properly, like us Russians we make sure that are targets are dead by aiming for the head." Tony was angry but remembered that there were two more people standing in front of him and asked, "Are you guys from Shield." Hakaira turned and said, "Iron man, Hmm... that's a nice name." He then turned back and did not answer Tony's question which annoyed him even more.

Yura however answered saying, "No, we are just people who wanted to eat in peace." This confused Tony all the more and suddenly remembered, "Wait you guys are from after New York." Yura nodded and turned to look at Ivan who was walking towards them. He then spoke up saying, "Tell me who are you people, have you come to rescue this man." Hakaira shook his head and said, "No I'm just here to kill the guys who disturbed my meal."

Ivan was at first silent and then laughed, "Hahahahaha. You are funny too bad that you will die today." Ivan's skin began to glow orange and was spreading across his skin as he shouted while gasping, "Haah... Haaaah the power." He then took a large piece of a brick wall and crushed it with his bare hands, Tony knew that he and Pepper were in danger as he quickly shot a blast towards Ivan.

As Ivan was hit he flew back and got back up immediately, he shook off the hit and ran towards Tony while shouting, "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE- Ummph" As Ivan thought he was about kill Tony Stark a fist came out of nowhere that sent him flying into the rubbles of all that was left of Tony's Mansion. Hakaira then said, "I came here to kill the guys who disturbed my meal, so don't you FUCKING IGNORE ME!!!"


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