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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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42 Oh well...

General pov...


Tony and pepper who were watching from behind both Hakaira and Yura had their jaws hanging, and were unable to say anything. Yura who was next to Hakaira saw a group coming out from the attack helicopter and were running towards them. If one looked closer they could see that the groups skin were glowing orange. However, this did not matter to Yura as she ran towards the group and finished them off within seconds. Meanwhile, Ivan who was under the rubble came out of it while shouting, he was injured. His left shoulder was dislocated and right arm was busted up, but all of this healed slowly as he stood up straight again.

He then cautiously looked towards Hakaira but then said, "You are strong, but do you think that you can defeat my comrades, there are twenty more coming from that helicopter and they are as strong as me." However, as ivan looked over to the attack helicopter he saw the very same people that he was talking about.


Hakaira who was looking at Ivan then said, "Is that really all you got, haaah... this is kind of boring but you are going to die since you disturbed my meal." Ivan who felt his pride torn started glowing a brighter orange color on his skin. He then looked back at Tony and said, "If you will stop me from having my revenge, then suffer my revenge... IN HELL!!!" Ivan skin began to tear off little by little as he shouted and exploding killing not only himself but Tony, Pepper, his comrades and Hakaira and Yura.

(Author's note: Just kidding.)

What really happened was hakaira set up a barrier that absorbed the blast and contained from spreading. However, the comrades of Ivan woke up and saw that they were about to be compromised in fact the majority of them decided to commit suicide at that point. But a few still wanted to live, Yura saw that and separated the ones which were on the verge of exploding and froze the ones which hesitated. As those who wanted to explode they saw that there were others which did not share their ideas and shouted, "TRAITOORRSS!!!"

However, they were covered the next second by Hakaira's runes and exploded, Hakaira then walked towards Yura and said, "Good job." Yura smiled while blushing, this however did not escape Pepper's eyes as she recognized the look Yura had on her face, as she too would make that expression if the one she loves would compliment her as well. Tony who was watching looked towards Hakaira and said, "Thank you." Hakaira nodded and said, "It's nothing."

Tony looked towards the surviving assailants and asked Hakaira, "What will you do about them." Hakaira looked at the survivors and gave his best intimidating smile that scared the surviving assailants shit-less. Hakaira created a pentagram and sent the assailants through it, as he would deal with them later. He turned towards Tony and touched his shoulder which drew a small pentagram on it and said, "See you later", "WAIITT!!!", Tony shouted as he wanted to ask Hakaira a few more questions but before he could Hakaira and Yura went through a portal created by Yura.

"Are you sure about leaving so soon that man wanted to ask you a few questions" Yura asked Hakaira who had his back towards her. However, Hakaira responded saying, "He is not mentally stable at the moment." Yura was confused and said, "What do you mean by that?" Hakaira looked at her and said, "I saw the look in his eyes, he has not found his reason his greater meaning." Yura seemed to be even more confused which gave Hakaira a satisfying feeling and said, "Don't worry about him, i gave him a small assistance that should calm him. However, at the moment we need to find the ones behind those who disturbed my meal."
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At first Yura thought that Hakaira was going soft but then realized that he had his reasons and was not going soft, not yet at least. Hakaira and Yura exited the portal and saw the remaining five of the assailants who were sent to attack the Stark mansion. Hakaira then looked towards Yura and said, "Can you handle them." Yura understood his words and said, "I can but i don't think that they will be the same." Hakaira looked towards the assailants and said, "Do it."

Yura then began her interrogation of the assailants which was not pleasant as she did not know much about deceiving the mind and most started to lose their minds in the end. However, a few managed to cooperate and survived as Yura finally got the information she needed which shocked her. She then was about to send the assailants to an isolated area, they began, well being eaten from the toes and was going upwards.

Hakaira quickly reacted by cutting off their feet but it seemed that their skins began deteriorating, the assailants screamed and struggled as they still wanted to survive. Hakaira who was watching could not stop it as his spells were not fast enough, then as the last one died Hakaira remembered the same process which happened to the kaijus in the previous world he was fighting. Hakaira turned towards Yura and asked, "Is he alive." Yura did not say anything but nodded while looking at the pool of blood left by the assailants.

Hakaira at first was pissed off but then smiled and said, "Oh well... then i will just make sure to kill him and devour him." Hakaira's runes glowed as he said this, as he could not wait to return the favor to the creature that killed him in his last world... Destoroyah. Yura smiled and said, "This time i will help you to make sure that will happen, Hakaira held her hand and exited from the dimension that they were in.

Meanwhile in a Hydra base located in the pacific, a man was reporting the activities which had just happened at Tony Starks mansion. He entered a room that had nothing inside it except a desk and a chair with its back facing the man with someone sitting on it, the man then bowed and said, "Hail Hydra!!!" The chair slowly turned and revealed a creature with blue skin and four arms sitting upon it, the creature then got up and said, "Well what do you have for me."

The man then gave a report concerning what happened in Tony's mansion, as he finished the man began sweating as the creature was silent. The creature then said, "Is that all", the man nodded and said, "Yes that is-" Before the man could finished his sentence, his upper half was devoured as his lower half remained where it was gushing out blood. The creature then made a crunching sound and said, "Good you are dismissed." The lower half of the man was picked up and disposed of by a clone created by the creature, the creature then smiled and said, "So you have come Hakaira, good i am waiting."


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