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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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43 Captain America?

General Pov...

After making sure that Hakaira and Yura got something to eat, both of them were now trying to find the head of the group that sent those assailants. It turns out that their leader or the person who gave them this ability is a man named the mandarin, so they made their way to the last location that they found from the dead assailants. There they unfortunately found out that the person they were hunting turned out to be a fake and that the real mastermind behind him was a rich tycoon named Aldrich Killian.

Hakaira who was really pissed, personally tortured the people inside the building including Trevor Slattery the actor who acted as the Mandarin. As they left, everyone in that building were either brain dead or just dead. Hakaira and Yura who now exited the portal and saw the building where the rich Tycoon Aldrich Killian was in. However, there were guards waiting at the front, protecting the building and preventing anyone from entering.

Sadly for them that did not do much for Hakaira and Yura, as they bull dozed through the guards including those that were injected with the Extremis. Hakaira personally beat the crap out of them as he broke a few necks, legs and arms while doing so. Meanwhile, Aldrich Killian who was having a meeting with Tony Stark and Pepper was alerted and was advised to make his way towards the top so that he could escape. Aldrich then told Tony that they needed to leave, however Tony planned to fight the assailants, all the while not knowing that it was Hakaira and Yura.

He quickly puts on his newly created suit, the Mark 36 he then flies out the window and makes his way towards where the commotion was. As he flies in, he is surprised to see Hakaira and Yura now throwing bodies out of the window, he catches a few and lands in front of Hakaira and Yura. "What sre you guys doing here?" He asks Yura who already noticed him, Yura responds saying, "Remember those people who attacked before, well they work for a guy named Aldrich Killian."

Tony was surprised and said, "That's impossible those guys work for the Mandarin, not Aldrich Killian." Hakaira who was listening in on the conversation was annoyed and caught one of the extremis bodyguard and said, "Look familiar." Tony saw the color of the guards skin and then knew that Hakaira and Yura were telling the truth, "But if he is the Mandarin then... Oh no pepper..." Tony quickly flew outside and saw that the chopper was already miles away.

He of course was about to fly after the chopper but before he could a message was sent by pepper's phone. Tony quickly answered it saying, "Pepper you o-", "I'm going to keep this short Tony." Tony was surprised to hear Aldrich's voice instead of Pepper's. "Killian if you touch a single hair on her head i will...", "Did you not hear me i said to keep this short, if you don't want little pepper to get hurt i suggest you let me finish my sentence."

Hakaira who was standing behind Tony felt that this was getting nowhere and drew pentagram in front of the chopper that Aldrich was in and drawing another one right next to them. The pilot inside of the chopper was too shocked to react fast enough, but as he tried to avoid the portal it was already too late. Hakaira had already pulled them in while Yura jumped up to catch the chopper before it could crash onto the ground.

Meanwhile all of this happened while Tony was looking the other way, he then heard a crashing sound with Pepper shouting and Aldrich struggling the next second. "PEPPER... PEPPPER!!!", all he got was silence right up until he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around only to see Pepper behind him with a smile on her face and Killian within Hakaira's grip. The first thing Tony did was hug Pepper as he was afraid of losing her and then retracted his mask to kiss her.

Yura who was watching blushed thinking what if that was her and Hakaira, meanwhile Aldrich was still struggling within Hakaira's grip. Hakaira then increased his strength on his grip on Aldrich's neck while demanding Aldrich. "Where is he?" Hakaira asked while looking Aldrich in the eye, of course did not answer so he released his grip to see if Aldrich would talk if he did. However, as soon as he released his grip Aldrich quickly activated the extremis virus within him and attacked Hakaira by trying to punch him in the face.

Sadly all that happened was Hakaira grabbed his fist and broke it, he then ripped it off before it could heal itself back up. Hakaira then said, "It seems that you don't want to cooperate or answer my question so i guess i will have to kill you now". Aldrich who was backing away pulled something out from his pocket and said, "It has not been tested yet but it seems that i have no other choice." He then injected his neck with a blue serum, Hakaira who was watching all this happen saw Aldrich slowly transforming as his physique seemed to have gained a boost.

Aldrich then looked at his body and saw his arm which was ripped off now regrowing in a matter of seconds. Tony then said, "What the hell was that Killian?" Aldrich who was fascinated by his healing abilities looked towards Tony and said, "It was the serum called the super soldier serum." Tony was stunned, as he himself knew all too well what the serum was, since Rogers his own friend became known as Captain America because of it.

Aldrich then looked towards Hakaira and said, "Now lets see how you handle my strength now." Tony knew that Aldrich wasn't joking as no matter how strong those two were there was no way they could possibly defeat Aldrich. However, all these thoughts quickly went away as Hakaira appeared in front of Aldrich both his left and right arms clean off. Aldrich who was stunned could not do anything but recieve the amount of pain from losing both his arms.

Tony and Pepper had both their jaws hanging once again as Hakaira picked Aldrich by his hair and said, "Let me repeat my question. Where is Destoroyah?" As Aldrich looked into Hakaira's eyes he saw was death if he did not cooperate with him. He then thought, "this feeling it's not something a human could, no calling this thing a human would be an insult to it. Calling it a monster would only degrade it, this is the same feeling i got when i met that blue thing in the Hydra base. It's the same feeling i get if i made a wrong move."

Hakaira then said, "Answer, before i force it out of you." Aldrich was just about answer when suddenly he began screaming as his legs were being slowly eaten and was moving slowly upwards. Hakaira who saw that reacted by creating a pentagram that forced the memories of Aldrich out and storing them inside it. As he did Aldrich continued screaming non-stop, Pepper who was watching tried to stop Hakaira but was stopped by Yura who said, "I would not do that, if you do i will have to stop you."
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Pepper stopped in her track and said, "Then stop him can't you see that the man can't handle it, he will die." Yura looked at Hakaira and back at Pepper and said, "That man Aldrich is already dead, right now Hakaira is making use of him before that happens." Pepper did not understand, however she then heard Aldrich suddenly going silent, she turned and saw Aldrich no longer moving and looked lifeless but was slowly being eaten from his legs.

Pepper then turned around and started throwing everything in her stomach out as she was horrified by the death of Aldrich. Tony comforted her as she kept throwing up, Hakaira then looked at Yura and said, "I have it all, now i just need to find his location, the problem is i don't know how to use the technology of this world." Tony who was helping Pepper looked towards Hakaira and said, "I can help you find whatever it is that you are looking for."

Hakaira looked at Tony and said, "Fine i will take you up on that off-", but before Hakaira could finish his sentence Tony said, "On one condition." Hakaira was surprised at first, but then said, "What would that be?" Tony looked at Aldrich and said, "You tell me what the hell is going on." Hakaira looked at Yura and said, "Fine that is fair enough." Tony nodded, but before he could help pepper up a call came from Rogers, he answered and said, "What is it cap?"

"Tony the president's been kidnapped." Rogers said through the phone, Tony replied saying, "Ok I'll help i guess." Tony looked towards Hakaira and said, "Hey it seems that i need to do something first and then i will help you." Hakaira asked saying, "What?" Tony replied saying, "I got to help a friend, his name is Captain America if you've heard of him." Hakaira didn't and asked, "Captain America?"


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