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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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44 Come on!!!

General Pov...

As Hakaira and Yura closely followed Tony and Pepper, on the way to the location where Rogers had given his last location to Tony which seemed totally inconvinient. However, Rogers had specifically told him that they needed to do this without explaining much on the phone. Hakaira had wanted to transport himself and Yura to Captain Rogers location, but shortly realized that he did not know where Roger's location was.

So he followed Tony and Pepper, along the way the chopper ride was silent as Tony did not know how to start the conversation and break the ice. Whereas Pepper was still nauseous from Aldrich's death, but both Hakaira and Yura who seemed to be silent were closely talking to each other in their heads. Hakaira had asked, "Hey Yura do you know what my status is at the moment?" Yura responded saying, "Hold on, I'll display it right now."

Hakaira then saw a status screen which he has not seen in awhile.

Name: Hakaira (Gamera)

Age: 20,000,103 years old

Height: 146 meters

Gender: Male

Weight: 22,225 tons (Human weight: 95 Kg)

Lifespan: Immortal

Abilities: Limit breaker(Active),



Title: The destroyer...

Level: 100 (Category 6)

Defense: Rank X (30 minutes)> SSS

Speed: Rank S

Strength: Rank SS

Energy: Rank S

Intelligence: Rank S



Flamethrower: Rank S

Tail whip: Rank AA

Mana control: Rank X

Regeneration: Rank AA

Scale shield: Rank BBB


Hakaira Pov...

It has been awhile since I've seen my status I'm actually impressed by my progress so far, however this actually got me wondering how much stronger I am now, compared to my strength before I reincarnated. However, before i could ask Yura that question the human whom i have come to know as Tony interrupted saying, "We're here!"

General Pov...

Hakaira and Yura looked outside and saw an abandoned warehouse with a man standing out in front and had a leather jacket on and was looking at their chopper. As Tony and Pepper came out first the man went out to greet them, Tony then looked back and gestured for Hakaira and Yura to follow. As they came out Hakaira saw the look of suspicion in the man's eyes as he looked towards Tony and whispered, "Who are they?"

Tony replied by whispering, "They saved me when Aldrich that Psycho attacked me and was the mandarin, didn't i tell you that.", "Umm... no you didn't Tony." Roger stopped whispering and gestured for them to follow, as they did they were taken into a broken elevator that seemed broken down on the outside. However, as they went inside they saw that it was just a disguise, as the elevator itself was new and not broken at all.

They then went down and were taken into a room that had only four working Computers, a man with an eye patch and a woman with red hair who was looking at both Hakaira and Yura. As they all gathered the man with the three introduced themselves to Hakaira and Yura who acted as if they did not care. After their introduction, Hakaira only said, "So what is it that you guys need help with?"

Fury who had already introduced himself said, "Well it's more complicated than that, you see the president is being held hostage in this place and what we need to do is find a way to save him. However, we don't much about you guys except for what Stark has told us about you." Hakaira then said, "I know a bit of magic also I'm stronger than most of you in this room including you, Captain."

Captain America smiled and said, "OK can you perhaps demonstrate." Hakaira did not wait and said, "Fine." Hakaira saw a cabinet which probably had nothing important inside it, he then grabbed it and threw it without much effort into a 5 feet wide wall which went straight through it. The others were silent and said nothing, Hakaira then said, "As for the magic, show me where the president's current location."

Fury nodded and provided a photo of where the president was at the moment, "This is a photo taken 2 hours ago." The location is here in an oil factory located in San Francisco, there appear to be hydra operatives located there however, we also know that some of them were our men but turned later." Hakaira did not understand what Fury had just said, however he turned around and drew a pentagram which shocked Tony and the others, except Yura.

He then opened a portal revealing a beaten up President who was nearly dying, Hakaira then grabbed him and closed the portal as he did he then threw the president towards a dumbfounded Fury who quickly caught him. From there Fury applied first aid kit with the help of Natasha, Rogers who was watching looked towards Hakaira and said, "What the hell was that?"

Hakaira said, "That was a demonstration of my magic. What? Did you think that it was just pulling rabbits out of a hat or making something float." Rogers was about to say something but was interrupted by Tony who said, "There is no such thing as Magic." Rogers was perplexed and was about to argue about what he just saw, however Tony finished his sentence before he could. "Only science that we do not yet understand!"

Both Hakaira and Yura knew what science was and agreed with Tony as Magic itself was another way of viewing scientific laws but creating shortcuts through it. Fury who had been watching then looked towards the president and said, "Sir, are you okay?" The president was too beaten up to say anything and only responded with a groan as he was still dazed at the moment. Fury then turned towards Hakaira and Yura and asked, "Could you help him?"

Hakaira said, "No!" With a deadpan expression on his face. Fury could tell that he was not going to get any further help from Hakaira and Yura, so instead he looked towards Tony and asked, "Stark help me out here.", "If I must." Tony then gave his suit to the president who with the help of Jarvis was able to bring the president out of his critical condition.

Fury then looked towards Hakaira and said, "Thank you, i guess this must mean that you are on our side.", "I am not on anyone's side, except my own!" Hakaira stated which surprised Fury. Hakaira looked towards Tony and said, "You said that you would help me find that location if i helped you find this leader of yours." Tony nodded and said, "Alright Let's go then."

After helping the president, Tony with the help of a suspicious Fury agreed to help Hakaira find the location of one Destoroyah throughout the world. Meanwhile, within the same Hydra base a report came in to none other than Destoroyah who was busy with thinking of his next contingency plan. "Sir, the president has escaped." A man with a heavy Russian accent said as he was exhausted either due to fear or running.

However, Destoroyah who had been listening said , "Activate Plan Drake." The man understood and ran towards the other Hydra operatives. Destoroyah then said, "Come my friend i have waited long enough." The creature then began exhibiting changes as it grew large dagger-like teeth and was beginning to grow. Meanwhile Hakaira who had been searching for Destoroyah finally found him, he then looked towards Tony and said, "I will be leaving, so see you later."

Fury who saw Hakaira's location said, "It would seem that you're going to be attacking a Hydra Base as well. Am i right?" Hakaira only said, "I guess so.", "Well I hope that you can work it out on your end, because we plan on striking a hydra base from ours." Hakaira did not say anything but gave a nod he then was about leave with Yura when Tony shouted, "I'm going with these guys, so good luck cap."

Hakaira was surprised but decided to bring Tony along as well, as long as he did not get in his way, Hakaira then closed the portal and saw a infrastructure in the ocean. Tony then said, "So what's your plan." Hakaira looked at Tony and said, "We destroy the entire thing and kill everyone on it." Tony was suddenly nervous and anxious but agreed as he would need to help these guys out if he wanted to find out more.

As Tony attached his suit on, he suddenly saw Hakaira's tattoo which he had not noticed before began glowing, "Wow what's going on with you?" Hakaira did not answer when suddenly two wings grew out of his back as it ripped through his shirt. Tony was shocked and said, "Ok is this another one of your magic tricks." Hakara laughed and carried a surprised Yura who yelped as he did, Hakaira then turned to Tony and said, "Keep Up", "Huh?" Tony asked as Hakaira suddenly flapped his newly grown wings and flew towards the infrastructure in the ocean.

As they flew Tony had a hard time keeping up as Hakaira carried Yura wa smiling while looking at her, Yura smiled and seemed to be having fun as the wind flowed through her hair. Hakaira glanced at her for a short 2 minutes and finally noticed that the infrastructure was just below him. Hakaira flew down and softly landed, he then put Yura on the ground and said, "Did you have fun?" Yura nodded as she held Hakaira's arm.

Tony then landed on the ground with a huge thud, as he did enemies were surrounding the base, Tony quickly pulled out the big guns and asked, "Umm guys." There was no reply he then turned around and saw Hakaira and Yura holding hands. Tony was annoyed and shouted, "Goddammit are you guys always like this, Come on!!!"
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Hakaira smiled and said, "Lets go, Yura." Yura smiled and said, "Yes Hakaira." The battle then began as Hakaira, Yura and Tony fought through the entire squadron in front of them and were making their way towards Destoroyah who was still waiting.


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