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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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45 Destoroyah!!!

General Pov...

As Hakaira and Yura had now paid attention to what was in front of them the two noticed that all these Hydra operatives all had glowing orange skins and seemed to be buffer than normal. Tony then said, "I got a bad feeling you guys, i think these hydra operatives are juiced up with extremis and the super soldier serum." Hakaira looked towards Tony and said, "Try not to die, i was starting to like you." Tony looked towards Hakaira and activated his blasters while saying, "Hahaha... Very funny."

From there the Hydra operatives began their attack as they all jumped at Hakaira and Yura who took them on and killed them one by one. Meanwhile Tony was impressively keeping up with his suit on as he took two down while trying to defend. As the battle kept going Hakaira noticed that there were 20 left and decided to kill fifteen of them and leave five for Tony to deal with. "We'll be going on ahead, you take care of these guys."

Tony then notice that there were ten left and shouted saying, "Ok that was not part of the plan." Tony then fought the remaining five while Hakaira and Yura were busy looking for Destoroyah, as they worked their way around the infrastructure Hakaira created portals to find Destoroyah. However, before he could a man wearing a mask and white cloak interrupted them by trying to kick Hakaira but was suddenly blocked by Yura who in turn sent a punch towards the masked assailant.

The assailant reacted quickly by dodging and grabbing Yura's left arm, he then tried to put her into an arm lock only to realize that Yura was holding her arm out and was still effortlessly standing. Whereas the masked assailant was hanging on her arm and looked stupid, Hakaira was about to intervene when he saw the look on Yura;s face that seemed to say, "Go on, i can handle this." Hakaira did not like it but he did so anyways as he knew that Yura could take care of herself.

Hakaira quickly opened up potal and continued his search Destoroyah, meanwhile Yura looked towards the assailant and said, "Time for you to die." She then lifted her left arm and flung it with all her strength towards the closest steel wall, as she did the assailant was then embedded into the wall. The assailant tried to react by getting himself out but before he could Yura had appeared in front of him and began pummeling him into the steel wall.

As the assailants was getting pummeled, Yura started slowing down as she seemed to think that he was dead. The assailant reacted by placing a bomb on her shoulder and kicking her away with all his strength. As he did he quickly jumped outside the steel wall and watched as the bomb exploded on Yura's shoulder and smoke covered her surroundings. Just when the assailant thought that Yura was at least fatally injured, a hand came out from the smoke and grabbed the assailant by the neck.

"How?" The assailant said as he struggled inside Yura's grip, Yura then replied saying, "Simple I'm stronger than you." The assailant then seemed to chuckle when he pulled something out of his back pocket, before Yura could react he pierced himself with it. As he did his body began experiencing some changes as he grew tusks instead of teeth and his physique grew exponentially. Yura then released him and threw him across the open space, the assailants mask was ripped apart as horns grew from the back of his head.
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It took less than a minute and the assailant which was human now looked like an ogre, the assailant then looked onto his physique and said, "Now I am truly no longer human." He then looked towards Yura and said, "I have now gained the strength to finally defeat you, it is strange as i am able to mimic ones technique but you do not have much except ridiculous strength. You see i was once a human known as, Taskmaster but now I will kill you not as a human but as a Monster." Taskmaster then ran towards Yura at an alarming speed and punched her straight into the face which sent Yura flying.

Taskmaster did not stop there as he saw Yura fall onto the ground he jumped and landed right ontop of her, Yura screamed and struggled as Taskmaster continuosly pummeled her. He then got off and held her by the hair and said, "I shall show you mercy and give you quick death." Taskmaster then grabbed Yura's head and ripped it off from the rest of her body, he then dropped Yura's body and said, "I would usually forget a person and have no memory of them, but i think i will remember you."

He then was about to leave but before he could the person which he had thought that he had killed was now standing again. Taskmaster was dumbfounded and said, "Ho... How?" With disbelief in his tone, Yura then said, "This is an illusion." Taskmaster then noticed that everything started crumbling away and as he saw the decapitated Yura now smiling and fading away. Suddenly everything became dark, he then realized that he was still in his human form and had not yet turned and most importantly he was still in Yura's grip.

He then saw Yura holding the stone which he was given to become even stronger, He then saw Yura looking at him and asking, "How did you get this?" From there Yura tortured Taskmaster within his mind as he he slowly gave her the memories which even he did not know about. Then as Yura was done extracting the memories which she needed, she noticed that the man named Taskmaster had died but strangely with a smile on his face.

She then dropped onto the floor and went to find Hakaira who was still looking for Destoroyah, meanwhile Tony who was fighting the last two hydra operatives finally finished them off and got up saying, "I swear... Haaah... haaah... I wish i went with Cap instead of going with these guys." He then retracted his suit and went towards a railing that seemed to have a gust of wind blowing. As he took in the fresh air Tony noticed that there were two cranes facing each other.

For some reason Tony thought that he saw two people standing on them as they seemed to be facing each other. Tony quickly put his suit back own and zoomed in, there he saw Hakaira facing a blueish creature that even Tony did not know.

Meanwhile Hakaira who was looking for Destoroyah finally sensed a familiar aura coming from atop of the cranes. Hakaira quickly drew a portal which sent him on top of the other crane facing the one that Hakaira was on. Hakaira saw the same familiar look on Destoroyah's face, the look of arrogance. Hakaira was pissed and shouted or more basically roared, "DESTOROYAH!!!" Destoroyah smiled and said, "Hello, Hakaira its been awhile have you been well."

Hakaira was pissed and it showed as his tattoos on his chest and shoulder started glowing, Destoroyah did the same as his blueish skin were shifting into different colors. In fact if one were to look more closely as Tony did one could slightly see the silhouette of a giant behemoth appearing behind the two. (For readers: Imagine Tatsumi's Incursio Manifestation, except this time with Hakaira and Destoroyah's Kaiju forms appearing behind both of them.)


Author's note: The battle has begun between these two rivals, however what is destoroyah's plan known as "Plan drake". How will the conclusion end find out next time on KRPR.


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