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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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46 Transformation.

General Pov...

As the two stared each other, they began releasing their aura which seemed to clash against each other and create a gust of wind. The ocean which was previously choppy was now rough as the waves grew 2 metes in height as they crashed against the infrastructure. In fact, it seemed as if a storm was coming as clouds rolled in, then Hakaira who had just about enough of waiting started it off by creating a pentagram that sent him above Destoroyah. As he fell he launched a series of punches, however it seemed as if Destoroyah had expected it and dodged each one.

Hakaira knew that this wasn't working and decided to use a different approach as he created a pentagram just behind Destoroyah's left leg and continued pushing Destoroyah towards it. As Destoroyah countered each punch he suddenly felt his leg going into something and trapping it. Hakaira did not waste this chance as he sent a punch towards Destoroyah's face which contained 1/5 of his true strength.

As the punch landed it created a resounding echo followed by series of wind, even Tony who was watching felt the gust of wind and realized that the strength Hakaira had shown to them previously was fake. Hakaira then continued these series of punches managed to sent Destoroyah flying while losing his left leg. As Destoroyah flew through the air Hakaira jumped atop of him and sucker punched him into the ocean. As Destoroyah fell into the ocean he started Transforming, then as Hakaira landed next to Tony he noticed that Destoroyah's aura was becoming denser and larger.

Hakaira looked towards Tony and said, "You need to get out of here!" Tony was about to say something when the infrastructure started moving moving as if something was hitting it. As Hakaira was about to tell Tony to get out, a twenty meter wide scaly claw came out from the ocean and landed on top of him. He managed to catch and push it off the railing, he then said, "Too late, just make sure that you don't get in the way." A series of emotions were going through Tony's head as he saw the size of Destoroyah's claw, "What the hell is that?"

Hakaira did not answer but jumped up and and dove into the ocean while Tony shouted, "How the hell are you going to fight that." He then noticed that the infrastructure stopped moving and the ocean water which was previously rough was now quiet, too quiet. Tony then heard footsteps coming from behind and quickly attached his suit and sent a beam attack behind him, however his beam was blocked and revealed the person to be none other than Yura. Tony quickly retracted his suit and tried to apologize, but Yura ignored him and said, "Where is Hakaira?"

Tony replied saying, "Well you're not gonna believe this but he-", however before Tony could complete his sentence he suddenly felt movement coming from the ocean and something flying out into the air. Tony who was closest to the railing was pushed by the ocean water, whereas Yura stood with a pentagram acting as an umbrella. Tony who was pushed away then noticed that there was now a giant monster, no more like behemoth with a horn flying in the air. He then felt a second movement coming from below, Tony did not want to get splashed again and decided to fly above the ocean water.

As he did Tony saw what seemed to be a head coming from surface of the water and was rising with every second. Tony then saw the creatures eyes which was bright orange and with teeth that were even larger than him and could probably rip him into mince meat. Tony felt fear and instinctively reacted by putting his blaster in front of him to shoot, however before he could Yura shouted at him saying, "I would not do that if i were you, if you do he just squash while he is at it." As soon as Tony heard that he saw the creature now looking at and seemed to be waiting for what he would do.

Tony knew that he would die if he did anything stupid so he decided to put his blasters away and landed next to Yura who in turn nodded her head and said, "Good, becuase your blaster would have been nothing to him." Tony was confused and said, "Him." Yura did not reply but looked towards Hakaira and said, "Good luck host." Hakaira looked towards Yura and nodded which only shocked Tony even more, Hakaira then spread his two wings and flew into the sky and facing Destoroyah.

Hakaira's Pov...

As i flew towards the sky i noticed that Destoroyah was there waiting for me, as i was about a few 100 meters away Destoroyah started talking. "It would seem that you have grown my friend, whereas i have regressed into a lesser form of my former self. Oh how i envy you, but now you will help me overcome this." Hakaira replied saying, "I don't know what you are talking about but i have already decided to kill you right here right now." Hakaira then launched his series of attacks against Destoroyah by punching and burning him with his flame thrower.

Destoroyah who was fighting dodged a few but seemed to be letting himself get killed, however Hakaira stopped and said, "What are you doing fight back!" Destoroyah smiled and said, "Oh but i am, in my own way of course. My friend i hate to say this but i cannot die at your hands not until i have had my revenge against you, like these workers of Hydra say. Cut off one head and two more takes it's place, which is exactly why i will not die by your hands." Hakaira did not understand and instead said, "Fine then, die."

Hakaira then gathered up all the oxygen within the air and released a flame thrower that is even stronger than his former flamethrower attack. Destoroyah who was waiting for it received the attack with open arms as it engulfed him and burned his scales. At that moment Destoroyah had yet again, but Hakaira just could not shake this unnerving feeling in his gut as he flew towards the infrastructure where Yura was waiting for him with a terrified Tony stark.

As Hakaira descended he activated his runes which in turn allowed him to transform back into his human form. While this was happening, Tony was standing there with his jaw hanging and his eyes the size of dinner plates. As Hakaira completed his transformation Yura went to greet him but as she got closer she saw the look on his face and asked, "What's wrong?" Hakaira looked at her and said, "It's nothing, i just have this feeling that I can't get off my chest, i mean that was too easy of Destoroyah to let me kill him."
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"Too easy!!" Tony shouted as he walked up to Hakaira, "That was easy, are you kidding me. You transformed into godzilla with wings and created attacks that could perhaps level cities and wreck mountains and you call that easy." Hakaira looked towards Tony and said, "Oh well it seems that i can't have you keep this as a secret now huh?" Hakaira then held Tony by his shoulder and said, "Sorry Tony but you're going to forget a few things.", "What are you talking abou-" Before Tony could finish his sentence Hakaira altered his memory and showed a different memory instead.

Meanwhile somewhere in the outskirts of an abandoned nation, the enemy who Hakaira thought he had killed was still alive. "Aaaahhh... So this is my new form, it is more durable than that precursor body." Destoroyah then came out of the capsule which had created his body. He then looked looked towards the empty space or whoever was reading and said, "Cockroaches don't die so easily now do they."

Author's note: Hahahaha, it's been awhile since i have trolled, so thank you for reading and yes destroryah is still alive because i got plans for him until endg... And yes he did just break a wall which might have been the fourth one, thanks for reading and i will be posting one chapter each day until next week so see you.


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