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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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47 Screw it.

General Pov...

As Hakaira and Yura were done clearing the rest of the hydra operatives, they then destroyed the entire infrastructure and grabbed Tony who was still knocked unconscious. Hakaira used a pentagram to transport both him, Yura and Tony to Nick Fury and the others. As they went through the portal both Yura and Hakaira noticed that Nick Fury and the others looked like they had finished their missions as they looked like they were taking a break.

Nick Fury noticing that Hakaira was looking at him said, "Well, i'm guessing that you guys finished your end." Hakaira nodded and replied, "Here you can take him." Rogers who was the closest caught Tony before he could hit his head, he then looked at Hakaira and asked, "What happened to him?" Hakaira looked at Rogers and lied saying, "He's just tired is all." Yura nodded and said, "Well, where do we go now, Hakaira." Hakaira was surprised that Yura was casually using his first name and smiled, he then looked at the sky and said, "Hmm... maybe we will try other planets what do you think?"

Yura smiled and said, "Sure." Nick who was listening was about to ask Hakaira a question when Hakaira created a pentagram that sent both of them back to the ancient one's temple. Fury, who was standing there with his hand still up was annoyed and embarrassed that Hakaira and Yura left without even giving him a chance to say anything. Rogers noticed and said, "You were gonna recruit him, weren't you?" Fury said nothing as he looked towards Romanoff and said, "We're leaving."

Rogers smiled and stopped himself from laughing, he then heard a groan coming from Tony and realized that he was regaining his consciousness. Roger's then helped Tony sit up and asked, "Are you OK Tony?" Tony looked at Rogers and said, "Hmm... maybe... I think." Fury who noticed that Tony was awake asked, "What happened?" Tony who was still dazed looked at Fury and said, "Well, I don't think i will ever go any mission with those guys ever again?"

Tony then told Fury and the others what happened, however none of them realized that it was a memory created by Hakaira to lie to Fury and the others. Meanwhile, Hakaira and Yura had already visited the Ancient one and got their coordinates to travel through space. Their first stop was a planet known as Asgard, the ancient one told them that she had a feeling that they would find something on that planet which might help them. Hakaira and Yura did not hesitate and opened up a portal with the help of the ancient one to travel to Asgard.

As they arrived both Hakaira and Yura were amazed to see towers made of gold, an ocean that flowed out into the stars and bridge seemingly to be made of a rainbow. However, as Hakaira and Yura watching a voice came into their ears saying, "Hmm it would seem that you have decided this part of our universe?" Both Hakaira and Yura were taken back and looked around to see no one, they then tracked the location of where the voice was coming from and decided to check it out. There they found a man wearing armor that seemed to be made of gold and eyes that were golden and could penetrate through you and find out everything about you.

At the moment the man had his back facing both Hakaira and Yura however it seemed that he could tell from their expression without even looking. Hakaira and Yura remained and were looking at the golden infrastructure that had a doorway in front of it. The man then asked, "Hmm interesting, tell me why are you here?" Hakaira who was closest asked a question that surprised the man in the golden armor. "Do you a place we could get something to eat around here?"

The man in the golden armor was surprised and unconsciously answered saying, "Either the Warriors pub or perhaps the Asgardian tavern." Hakaira then said, "Good we can find our way around can't we Yura." Yura smiled and said, "Yes we can." The two then left through a portal before the man could say anything else. Meanwhile, Hakaira and Yura were now looking for a place to eat through a crowd full of people. On the way Hakaira then said, "Whatever happens, if something bothers our meal, we kill it and don't interfere after that." Yura did not quite understand but agreed anyways. Then as they continued going through the crowd Hakaira who was taller than them saw an establishment that had people in and were eating and drinking.

There he saw a group of individuals shouting, eating and drinking while dancing around. Hakaira knew that this place was either the warriors pub or the asgardian tavern, as he went inside he could tell that the food they cooked here was amazing. Both Hakaira and Yura walked towards the counter to order something to eat, however when they did, they only realized that the currency that these asgardians used was different. A man with short blonde hair came over and stood next to Yura and with a dashing smile on his face he asked, "Well hello there m'lady is there a problem here?" Yura who was still standing next to Fandral said nothing and turned towards Hakaira and said, "Well it would seem that the currency here is gold or trading something valuable."

Fandral noticing that Yura was paying him no attention, turned around to go sit next to his friends who saw his embarrassing moment and laughed at his face. Especially Volstagg who was still larger than anyone at the table took pleasure in Fandrals misery. Meanwhile Hakaira and Yura traded a few gold minerals to the inn keeper and sat on a table awaiting their food. At same time the two talked on what their plans would be with Hakaira saying, "Yura we cannot interfere this time with whatever might happen." Yura did not understand and gestured for Hakaira to explain which he did . However, as he was about to explain even further a bar maid came over with two trays that had two boars, one pheasant, and three plates of side dishes.

As the two were about to eat an explosion occurred at the rainbow bridge which they were both previously on. Hakaira looked at the bridge then back at Yura and said, "Lets eat." The two then ate while every single warrior within the pub left and ran to fight the invasion. Of course the owner of the tavern was about to close Hakaira quickly altered his memory to cook up five more of the same dishes and then go to hiding. As Hakaira and Yura sat and awaited their next few orders the battle between the asgardians and dark elves waged on. Meanwhile Hakaira and Yura were still eating until they were interrupted by a squadron of dark elves.
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This was no problem for Hakaira as he drew a pentagram above their heads and forced it downwards. As the dark elves heads were within the pentagram Hakaira closed it leaving them headless and dead. Seeing as how Hakaira did not want to get anything dirty, he deposited the dark elf bodies into a pentagram. He then continued his meal with Yura who was becoming restless, she then asked, "Why are we not killing all of the invaders." Hakaira looked at her and said, "Its because the ancient one informed me of the future which is certain for them one that could lead to less casualties. However, all of our previous actions have helped set that future, but..."

Yura not yet satisfied asked, "But what?" Hakaira replied saying, "But if we intervene in anything else we might tip that future and it could jeopardize not only this universes future but our own future as well." Yura then looked at her plate and said, "Understood, but what do we do in the meantime." Hakaira looked at the dishes served in front of him and said, "First, we finish this meal and then work our way across the universe while studying the stones that the ancient one told us so much about." Yura said nothing but nod as she ate the dishes alongside Hakaira who held nothing back and was ravaging the table.

Meanwhile as the battle between the asgardians and dark elves had concluded, many were injured or died. One person in fact died on that day, the mother of Thor himself, Frigga. That evening all mourned the loss of their queen, however Thor who was guilty for what happened made a plan to get his revenge. However, to do that he would need Jane and the person he the most besides the dark elves. His brother Loki, of course the ones who helped him along the way were none other the warriors three and Sif. Meanwhile Hakaira and Yura were now within the odins vault looking for a cube which apparently had an infinity stone inside it. As hakaira walked through the palace Einherjar soldiers got in their way, "Oh screw it." Hakaira then knocked the soldiers cold without killing them and grabbed the tesseract.


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