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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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Thors Pov...

As i continued to battle the dark elves and the marauder warriors that escaped i noticed that there was one called a kursed warrior by my father. However, as i fought i did not see him, then as we fought my father noticed a dark elf ship heading for where Jane and my mother were at the moment. I looked towards my Father and then spun my hammer as fast as i could.

General Pov...

As Thor and Odin made their towards Frigga and Jane, Hakaira and Yura were now examining the tesseract which contained an infinity stone. Hakaira at the moment wanted to extract the stone without having to break the tesseract apart. So he carefully placed small pentagrams which would then extract the stone and leave the tesseract intact while at the same time making it easy to return the stone into the tesseract. As Hakaira extracted the stone he remembered how the ancient one warned him of how the stone would give him an extraordinary amount of power which he should not underestimate.

However, Hakaira did not care as he ate the space after he extracted the it from the tesseract. Hakaira's runes which were in his chest began glowing blue as Hakaira felt noticed that the space within the dimension was accessible to him. He felt as if there was no longer any distance, as if everything was within his reach with just a single command. However, before he could try anything else the stone flew out of his mouth and into his left hand. Hakaira then felt the course of energy flowing through him but not from his inside instead it was through his arm. He then placed the space stone on the empty tesseract, however as he did Hakaira felt the same energy which was previously coursing through him because of the stone was still coursing through him as there appeared to be symbols flowing through him as he extracted the energy within his body.

Hakaira then looked towards Yura and asked, "Yura do you have any ifea as to what these are?" Yura looked at the strange symbols and said, "Oh my!! I believe that those are universal laws which corresponds the laws of space in this universe,Hakaira." Hakaira at first was surprised but then tried to see if he could use the space laws to try something with it. So Hakaira decided to envision simple trick that he wanted to try, he then created a portal without using pentagrams which led to earth.

He then pulled out something from the portal, as Hakaira glanced at what was within in his palm. Yura who was behind him asked, "Well, did it work?" Hakaira turned and said, "I think i just found an easier way for delivery." He then took a huge bite of the burger within his hand. Yura looked towards him and cleared he throat, "Hmm... hmm" Hakaira embarrassingly smiled and said, "Umm... I was just going to get you one." Yura smiled and said, "Oh thank you host." After the two finished their meals and had copied the laws contained within the space stone, the battle between the Asgardians and the dark elves had concluded. There many casualties when the battle ended, including Asgards queen, Frigga.

Many others mourned for the loss of their loved ones, even the All Father Odin had shed a tear for the loss of his own wife. Thor at the moment was filled numerous amounts of emotions as he saw the body of his mother fade into particles that drifted into the stars. Hakaira were within the crowd and had already restored the space stone into the tesseract. He then returned the tesseract into Odins vault and was now watching as the bodies of the fallen asgardians faded into the unknown parts of the universe. Hakaira then asked Yura, "Some of these asgardians are gods, right?" Yura looked at Hakaira and replied, "Yes, however, host needs to understand that as you have levels to become stronger, these gods also have the same concept."

Hakaira nodded and said nothing else, he then turned to leave with Yura who followed him closely. He then entered through a portal to go study the space laws which he extract from the space stone when it was inside him. Yura followed him through it as well, as the two entered, Hakaira did not hesitate as he examined the laws extracted from the space stone. Yura helped while trying to transform the laws into runes as well.
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5 hours later...

After trying to transform the energy from the laws of the space stone and tried to contain it which failed, Hakaira tried to understand why it was not working. Yura who was besides him looked at him and said, "Host i think we have been looking this all wrong." Hakaira was surprised and asked, "Oh... Well then ehat other ways can we look at Yura." Yura looked around and said, "Well host if we were to look at an empty amount of well space can you be able to restrict it." Hakaira then thought, "Well if we were to put something around that empty space then yes we can restrict it.", "But what about the space outside that containment.", Yura said as she looked at Hakaira.

Then suddenly as Hakaira understood where Yura was going with this, he felt a sensation coursing through him as he understood now. "Space isn't something you limit its something you become one with!! Hahahaha, Yura you're a genius!!" Yura blushed as Hakaira said that and smiled, whereas Hakaira adjusted the runes within the laws of space which for some reason worked. The laws which seemed to be uncooperative now empowered the runes as Hakaira continued adjusting it and placing it upon his body. Hakaira then felt the same amount of power coursing through him when he held the space stone, except this one had a smaller amount.

However, at the moment Hakaira felt everything within his field of vision was in the grasp of his finger tips. Hakaira then tried to do the same thing which he had done before, a truck load of minerals was then flew through a portal in his hands. Hakaira smiled and said, "Yura let's go get the other stone." Yura smiled and opened a portal which led to where both Thor and Jane are heading. As the two existed through the portal they both saw a man clad in a red cloak with a gold and bronze armor. Hakaira noticed that this was Thor the same god whom he had beaten into a pulp for attacking him previously. Thor was surprised and asked, "Stop, who are you?" Hakaira smiled and said, "Just a monster passing by."

Thor was surprised by the statement that Hakaira had just said, but his expression changed when he saw Yura. He then blurted out saying, "Hold on, i know yuiirbdj." Sadly, Thor was unable to finish his sentence as Hakaira knocked him out, making him finish his sentence in a gibberish manner. Jane who was behind Thor shouted while putting her hands in front of her, "Please say back I don't want to hurt you." Before Jane could finish her sentence a red swarm of matter shot towards Hakaira and Yura. Hakaira as if on cue used the space laws within his runes to send the attack somewhere else he then reacted quickly by knocking Jane out and extracting the aether or reality stone from within her.

Although the process this time was even harder as Jane was a living person and extracting the stone from within her would take time, which was something that Hakaira did not have. He then worked his way around the runes as he asked Yura to conjure a few around her body. Yura nearly laughed as she saw the blush on Hakaira's face. However, she drew up a few on Janes body which would help extract the stone without killing her. After she did that Hakaira went to work for 30 minutes or so and finally extracted the almost exact same laws within the reality stone by eating it and then spitting it out. Hakaira gave Yura to insert the stone back into Janes body, which he did not want to do as well.

The two then left and allowed Thor and Jane to wake up and forget everything that happened within the past 60 minutes or so. Meanwhile, Hakaira and Yura were now studying the reality stone which for some reason worked perfectly with their illusion magic as it somehow made something ethereal into something real. Hakaira and Yura then converted the laws into runes which Hakaira gave to both himself and Yura as she wanted to improve her illusion magic. As Hakaira felt the power flow through him he was able to imagine something in his head and made it real. So he imagined things that he could think of and used the space laws to transport them to somewhere else.

Yura looked at Hakaira and said, "Lets go find the other stones, Hakaira." Hakaira looked happily at Yura and replied, "Sure!"


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