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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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49 Power...

General Pov...

After Yura and Hakaira obtained the laws within the reality stone Hakaira returned the stone into Jane's body.

After doing so the two continued their travels to find the other stones.

However, along the way Hakaira came across a planet called Nidavellir, here Hakaira stopped for awhile to check things out.

There he met giant creatures who ironically called themselves Dwarfs as that was the complete opposite meaning towards their size.

Of course when both Hakaira and Yura came through the portal they were greeted by a surprised group of dwarfs who were currently building something.

Hakaira and Yura at first were expecting the dwarfs to attack them, however all that happened was that one of the dwarfs cleaned his hands and offered a handshake.

Hakaira was surprised but none the less shaked the dwarfs hand, the dwarf then said, "Welcome to Nidavellir, my name is Ingrain how may I help you?"

Hakaira smiled and was surprised by the strength within the dwarfs palm, however Hakaira only increased his strength by 2%. The dwarf was inturn surprised and said, "You are strong."

As he said that the other dwarfs were surprised and seemed to whisper something to each other.

Hakaira smiled and only said, "So are you." He then released his grip and moved backwards, the dwarf then rubbed his hand and once again asked. "How can my brethren and I help you."

Hakaira looked at Yura and said, "Can they help us." Yura replied saying, "Yes, host you may not know this but the dwarfs of Nidavellir are one of the greatest forgers throughout the universe.

Hakaira was surprised, whereas the dwarfs who heard Yura's remarks smiled and stuck their chests out to show the pride in their skills. Hakaira then remembered that the laws within the stones were not fully contained within his runes and perhaps the dwarfs had something that could assist him.

Hakaira then asked each of the dwarfs if they knew someone who could create an item that might contain immense energy. The dwarf known as Ingrain offered one of his latest device that could contain even the energy emitted from that of a star.

Seeing the confident look on Ingrains face Hakaira took up on his offer and equipped the device which seemed more like a bracelet.

As he was done equipping it, he then released a portion of the energy contained within the laws.

However, as he did all that happened was an explosion of energy circulating around Hakaira's body and then into the bracelet.

Ingrain who was watching felt utter shock as the energy which Hakaira exerted tore his bracelet apart and into a million pieces, literally, as his creation was now specks of dust.

Hakaira who released the laws energy did not expect the result to end up like that, he then then looked at Ingrain and said, "Umm... Sorry about destroying your device."

Ingrain smiled and said, "No need, i think that you will need the assistance of someone better than I, my king perhaps."

Hakaira was confused and asked, "You guys have a king?" Ingrain laughed and said, "Only the greatest forger within our realm may declare himself king and yes this dwarf is the pride of our race."

Both Hakaira and Yura were then lead into workshop filled with devices that even Yura had not seen before. Then as they walked by a row of armor, Ingrain who was leading them stopped bowed his head and said, "Great King Eitri, I am Ingrain son of Gron."

The dwarf who was not much larger than Ingrain turned and slightly nodded his head and said, "Speak." Ingrain looked up and said, "I have brought..." Ingrain then realized that he did not know Hakaira's and Yura's name.

Hakaira who was standing behind Ingrain said, "Hakaira and Yura."

Ingrain turned towards King Eitri and said, "Hakaira and Yura, my King. They possess an energy which i have not seen before."

King Eitri who was standing next to a metal case with a hammer in his hand turned towards Hakaira and asked, "What sort of energy."

He then walked towards Hakaira and closely inspecting both him and Yura, Hakaira understood as he was a stranger and therefore could not be trusted.

"This kind of energy." Hakaira said as he released the energy contained within the laws of Space and Reality.

King Eitri who was inspecting Hakaira's every move was stunned to see the energy that was coursing through him. In fact he was so shocked that he dropped the hammer he was holding and walked slowly towards Hakaira.

"Ho... How... How did you obtain the stones." Eitri said as he was now inspecting the blue and red energy coursing through Hakaira.

Hakaira then retracted the two energies into his body and replied, "I did not these are only the energies contained within the laws of the two stones.

King Eitri was shocked and wanted to ask Hakaira many questions concerning the stones, such as how did Hakaira obtain it.

Which methods did he use to do it, sadly Hakaira only told him that he got them and that he needed his help.

King Eitri stopped and realized that he was prying into something private, so he stopped himself and said, "I apologize."

Hakaira understood his intention and replied saying, "It is fine, however I really need your help and would appreciate it if you could help me."

King Eitri took a moment and then asked, "With what exactly?"

Hakaira replied saying, "You see some of the energy contained within the laws are not fully contained within my runes."

Hakaira then showed his rune tattoos to King Eitri and explained the purpose within each symbol.

Surprisingly for Hakaira King Eitri caught on and even understood what Hakaira needed from him.

King Eitri then went into a corner and brought out a case covered in strange metal and ores.

King Eitri towards Hakaira and said, "Contained within this case is what you need."

Kung Eitri then opened the case and revealed a golden gauntlet that had six holes on it.

Hakaira was about to touch the gauntlet when suddenly King grabbed the Gauntlet and threw it aside he then said, "Thats a fake, here is what you need."

Hakaira looked towards the gauntlet that was thrown away and turned back to see King Eitri holding a... glove.

Hakaira cringed at first and looked towards Yura who was also confused by what she was seeing.

However, King Eitri then explained, "That gauntlet was a fake something i made for the kin of Asgard a long time ago. In fact i think he even has one of his own locked away somewhere as a souvenir."

Hakaira chuckled and asked, "Then tell me what is so special about that glove?"

King Eitri smiled and said, "Try it out."

He then extended his arm towards Hakaira and gave him the glove.

As Hakaira took it he felt a sudden surge of energy coming from the laws contained within him.

He then slowly inserted his finger tips into the glove and felt the two energies within him rushing towards his right hand, where he placed the glove.

The two energies then swirled in his hand, the most incredible thing that happened next was that two runes appeared on the glove.
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Hakaira knew the two of them as one represented space, the other reality.

King Eitri then said, "You see that glove is made by the shattered fragments of the stones which is extremely rare."

Hakaira was shocked and asked, "Well then why are you giving it to me."

King Eitri then gestured for the group of dwarfs with Ingrain to leave him be.

King Eitri then looked towards Hakaira and said, "You see there was a prophecy discerned only to the kings of the dwarves. This prophecy states that there will come a time where a stranger who extracted the energy from the stones will require the help of our race."

King Eitri then explained how his ancestors created the glove from the shattered fragments of the stones.

And that no matter what the creation of this glove was to never be revealed to anyone else except the king.

Hakaira who listened then realized that he was given such a tremendous gift one that he could never even possibly repay.

Hakaira then tightened his fist and felt bolts of electricity surging through him, Hakaira smiled and said, "Thank you King Eitri."

King Eitri smiled and said, "It is quite alright."

Hakaira smiled and touched his forehead, he then transferred the memories of how he obtained the space stone to King Eitri.

King Eitri was surprised and only said, "Thank you."

Hakaira replied saying, "Its alright compared to what you did I can't even compare."

Hakaira was then about to say something else until Yura interrupted the two by saying, "Host i believe i know the location of the next stone."

Hakaira looked towards Yura and nodded, Hakaira looked back and saw King Eitri nodding, showing that he understood.

Hakaira quickly added, "I'll be back."

Hakaira then turned towards Yura and asked, "Which stone?"

Yura replied, "Power."


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