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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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50 Star lord?

General Pov...

At the moment both Hakaira and Yura were going through a portal with the help of the space laws that took them to a planet called Morag. There Hakaira and Yura were looking for clues that could lead them to the infinity stone. However, at the moment it seemed that they were not alone.

Soaring above them was an aircraft that had a strange structure, one which Hakaira thought was somehow familiar. Both Hakaira and Yura silently followed the strange aircraft while trying not to be detected. There they saw the aircraft landing next to another aircraft, then a group of soldiers came out from the aircraft and made their way into an abandoned building.

Hakaira looked at Yura and followed the group into the building there they heard a commotion coming from the group which went before them. It seemed that the group was having a conversation with someone, "Star lord!", "Who?".

The man was disappointed and said, "Come on man, I'm star lord. You don't know who I am?"

Hakaira and Yura then decided to make their appearance as they knocked on the metallic door.

The group including the man held hostage looked towards two strangers, the man held hostage disappointingly asked, "Great! Who the hell are you guys?"

Hakaira looked at the group and knocked them all out before they could react including the hostage, he then quickly acted by grabbing the metallic sphere.

As he did he felt movement coming from within the sphere, Hakaira then extracted the stone but left the sphere within the mans hand as he still needed some time to finish extracting the law from the stone.

As Hakaira and Yura left the man who was none other than Quill woke to find the sphere was still in his hand.

Quill thought nothing of it as he smiled and saw the group of soldiers knocked out on the ground.

He quickly jumped over them and ran at his top speed towards his ship, whereas the unconscious soldiers were beginning to wake up.

However, at the moment for some reason Hakaira was having more trouble trying to extract the space law.

He of course asked Yura who explained that with each new stone law that he extracts, he will need to have a suitable amount of comprehension.

So that was what Hakaira did as he used nearly three days to comprehend the law of the power stone, which was somehow more difficult from the last two.

However, after the three days had concluded Hakaira had finally comprehended the law of the power stone.

But after doing so he concluded two things from it, the first was that the law would grant him unlimited amount of power.

The problem was that it came at the cost of utter destruction to all life forms, which was not something he wanted to do.

However, as he was finished he saw what Yura was doing at the moment and became, he then saw Yura cooking a fragrant meal.

After cooking around 50 or so sandwiches the size of a bowl, she noticed that Hakaira was looking at her with drool on his face.

Yura immediately blushed and said, "Would you like to join me."

Hakaira looked at the enormous amount of food and then at incredibly adorable Yura and just did not know which one to eat.

However, he snapped out of his gaze and replied saying, "Umm... I mean sure."

The two then sat down on the table and began eating while talking about their next plan of action to gather the last three stones.

Meanwhile on a distant planet the same man who previously held hostage, was now trying to strike a deal which was not working out so well.

"I apologize, Mr. Quill but i will not allow this negotiation to continue, especially since it concerns Ronan himself." The man urged Quill as he pushed him out of the door.

Quill of course tried to keep their negotiations going by talking which only ended with doors shut in his face.

However, as he looked to his side a green skin toned woman was looking at him while eating an unknown fruit.

Quill suddenly forgot about his deal with his dealer and tried to hit on the woman, the conversation took a wrong a turn as the woman tried to steel the metallic sphere from Quill.

One thing led to another and the two ended up in an interrogation room with a raccoon and a walking, talking tree that kept repeating "I am Groot."

Meanwhile Hakaira and Yura were now getting something to eat until Yura reminded Hakaira about something he forgot.

"Hakaira have you forgotten about the stone." Yura said while munching on a sandwich she made.

Hakaira remembered and just threw the stone into a pentagram that opened up back into the metallic sphere, which saved him a-lot of trouble.

He then got back to his unfinished sandwich which he thought was amazing as Yura learned to make it when he was busy comprehending the power stone.

However, as the two were enjoying their meal an uninvited guest entered their dimension who Hakaira sensed immediately and could tell was really strong.

He and Yura stopped what they were doing to see who it was, to their surprise it was none other than the person who they personally knew.

"Hey there, whoa whats with all the hostilities." God said as he had raised his hands as if to say that he was a hostage.

Hakaira looked annoyed and asked, "What do you want?"

Whereas Yura smiled and said, "Hello creator."

God smiled and sarcastically said, "Why hello Yura how are you, you see that hakai someone knows how to greet another properly."

Hakaira looked annoyed and said, "Don't call me Hakai and just tell me why you are here before i have to guess."

God then stopped smiling and looked dead serious for the moment.

"You have caused a commotion within this universe you know that right." God stated while materializing a chair for himself.

Hakaira looked at God with an expression that seemed to say, "Tell me something I don't know."
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Instead of smiling God looked at Hakaira and said, "You've gotten the attention of the cosmic entities, well two of them actually."

Yura who was standing next to Hakaira suddenly gasped and covered her mouth, Hakaira then became interested and asked, "who or what are the cosmic entities?"

God replied saying, "People are above my pay grade, and I would not want to mess with them if I were you."

God then touched Hakaira's forehead before he could react and showed him who the cosmic entities were.

Hakaira overwhelmed by the amount if knowledge he received as he saw entities that could destroy the entire universe at just their will and could rebuilt however they like.

He also saw many other entities that control the concept of laws and the very existence of every living being throughout the universes.

As the information continued processing throughout his head, he saw gods, celestials and many more.

However, this process came at a cost as his mind was overloaded by the information, Hakaira might not have noticed it but his eyes were bleeding while he stared blankly into the dimension.

Yura shouted at her creator while holding holding onta Hakaira and said, "Stop this, it will kill him if it goes on."

God then waved his hand and saw Hakaira gasping for breath as he tried to get ahold of himself.

"Haaah... haaah... haaah." Hakaira continued gasping for air until he looked at God and asked, "Which ones are interested in me again."

God turned around said, "The most troublesome one in my case, because they exist everywhere."

Hakaira and Yura then grew curious and awaited God to finish his sentence, as Hakaira wanted to know what he was up against out of the myriad of entities which he has just seen.

"Death and Oblivion. They are very interested in you and that is very troubling for me." God said as he looked into Hakaira's eyes.

Hakaira suddenly remembered the two beings whom he even felt dread from just envisioning them.

"Well, that's really interesting." Hakaira stated while holding onto Yuras shoulder.


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