A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
51 Ultron and betrayal...
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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51 Ultron and betrayal...

General Pov...

As God heard what Hakaira had just said, he laughed and considered him an idiot, "Hahaha!! Are you really that stupid? How interesting? You think that this is a joke."

Hakaira saw Gods expression and said, "I don't, however I assume that you have a plan to stop them."

God then stopped talking for a second and said, "I do but its risky and probably not something I want to initiate at the moment."

Yura who was still holding onto Hakaira asked, "Well, what is it creator?"

God took a look at Yura and said, "It involves getting the stones, but that would mean one of you would..."

Yura understood and nodded her head to show that she understood what God meant by his words.

He then stopped himself and said, "You know what, if you manage to gather all the stones and receive a little help then yes, I am sure that my plan will stop them."

Hakaira who was listening became suspicious and asked, "One of us would what?"

God looked at Hakaira and assured him by saying, "Its nothing, I'm sure you'll know what to do."

God saw the look in Hakairas eyes and only shook his head, he then turned and said, "Hakaira, Yura you may not know this, but this universe is coming to its conclusion I just hope that you can survive to its end."

God then began to fade, as he left Hakaira and Yura to wonder what they were about to do next, "Host I assume that we are going back to Earth."

Hakaira looked at Yura and said, "I think so, as there are two stones on earth if I remember."

"Yes host, the remaining two are the mind stone and the time stone, the time stone however conveniently happens to be with the ancient one. I am sure if we ask her then she will allow us to examine the laws within it." Yura stated while looking at Hakaira.

Hakaira who was practicing with the laws of the stone within his fast food glove/Infinity glove.

Stopped for a second and understood something which he did not know before, mainly because he was not informed of it.

Hakaira looked at Yura and asked, "Wait the ancient one had an infinity stone and did not tell me about it."

Yura realized her mistake and tried to find an excuse, however Hakaira noticed and asked, "Yura, what are you hiding from me?"

Yura sighed and realized that she could not come up with a good enough excuse to convince Hakaira.

"The ancient one told me this before we left to find our first infinity stone." Yura said as she walked closer to Hakaira.

Hakaira who was confused did not understand what was happening but was about to ask another question.

However, he was unable to do so because Yuras face was only a breath away from his, and interrupted him by kissing him out of nowhere.

Hakaira was taken by surprise and did not know what to do as he never expected Yura to suddenly kiss him.

However, the kiss only lasted for a second as Hakaira and Yura's lips parted, although it took only a moment Hakaira and Yura were left breathing for air.
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Hakaira who was left dazed was unable to say anything for the past 2 seconds, however a blushing Yura took the initiative to open a portal that would take them back to earth.

"Hakaira if you would follow me." Yura stated as she went through the portal without waiting for Hakaira to follow.

Hakaira was still standing there wondering, "WHAT THE F##K JUST HAPPENED!!!"


As Yura and Hakaira were heading towards the ancient ones temple through the portal, the avengers were having a small party with Tony as their host.

However, at the moment all of the avengers were having a friendly wager, one that involved lifting up Thor's hammer.

Of course none of the avengers managed to move the hammer a single inch from its spot, meanwhile Thor was having the time of his life by laughing at every single one of the avengers failed attempts.

However, Rogers who was the last to go managed to slightly pull the hammer towards himself, but stopped as he seemed exhausted just from pulling it towards him.

Thor who was watching became anxious as Rogers managed to pull the hammer, however he heaved a sigh of relief seeing that Rogers was unable to lift it and gave up trying to.

However, he had a suspicion about how Rogers was able to pull Mjonlir slightly towards him but was unable to lift it.

Thor wanted to ask but was too prideful to consider the fact that Rogers was as worthy as him in lifting Mjonlir.

Whereas Rogers was thinking, "Maybe someday I'll use it, but in doing so right now might embarrass Thor and I don't want to do that to the guy."

Meanwhile as the avengers were concluding their party, below the the stark tower the AI known as Ultron had awakened and had already destroyed Jarvis and had taken control of the iron legion.

The AI then took control of one the torn droids that were used for scrap or spare parts, the droid then walks into an elevator and began its ascension to where the avengers were.

As it reached its destination lone droid walks out of the elevator just in time to hear Thor declaring, "You are all unworthy."

The avengers laughed as they enjoyed Thors actions from being full of himself, however the room went silent when a voice spoke from behind them.

"No, how could you be worthy? You're all killers." The voice said as a torn up droid slowly walked into the avengers field of vision.

Rogers who was the first to stand up nervously looked at Tony and said, "Stark."

Tony however was curious and said, "J.A.R.V.I.S"

However, no response came from the AI whom Tony had always trusted to assist him.

Every single member of the Avengers were all on their guards and were prepared for anything that might happen.

Whereas the droid continued walking slowly and said, "I'm sorry, I was asleep. Or... I was a dream, a thought?"

Tony began panicking as he stated the commands which might shut the torn droid down, "Reboot. Legionnaire 06's got a buggy suit."

The lone droid then stopped and stared at the avengers, it then said, "There was this... terrible noise... and I was tangled in... in... strings. Had to kill the other guy. He was a good guy."

Rogers was horrified by what the droid said and asked, "You killed someone?"

The droid however jokingly replied saying, "Wouldn't've been my first call. But, down in the real world, we're faced with ugly choices."

The droid then ordered the legion droids into attacking the avengers who in turn fought back and tried to destroy every single one of the legion droids.

Meanwhile as the avengers were dealing with Ultron, Hakaira and Yura had arrived at the ancient one's temple and were looking for the infinity stone that was within her care.

However, as they arrived they were met by a gloomy atmosphere throughout the temple.

Hakaira and Yura continued walking towards the ancient ones training hall, however there they saw the ancient one secretly conversing with Baron Mordo who was surprised by Hakaira and Yuras sudden intrusion.

Hakaira who saw the ancient one look at him asked, "Did something happen while we were away ancient one?"

The ancient one replied saying, "Yes, Kaecilius and a few other sorcerers have turned to the side of an evil cosmic entity from the dark dimension."

Hakaira who was listening had his left eye twitching and said, "Oh really and who might this cosmic entity be?"

The ancient one looked at Hakaira and Yura and said, "Dormammu!!"

Hakaira looked at Yura and said, "Great! Just great."


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