A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
52 Meeting the Avengers once again.
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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52 Meeting the Avengers once again.

General Pov...

After leaving the Ancient ones temple, Hakaira and Yura walked with the ancient one who informaed them of what happened while they were away, were now caught up by what had led to Kaecilius's betrayal against the sorcerer supreme.

Hakaira who was listening to Baron asked a question that was on his mind since he had been told of Kaecilius betraying the sorcerer supreme.

"For what other reasons did Kaecilius betray the ancient one?" Hakaira asked while looking at Baron in the eyes, Baron thought for moment and said, "Well he did say something about the Ancient one, but it is ridiculous as it is impossible."

Yura was very curious and asked, "What did he say?" Baron who was explaining took a moment and softly laughed, he then looked at Yura and seemed to remember something.

"Well Kaecilius said that the Ancient one is a hypocrite as she did what she told us specifically not to turn to no matter the cost." Baron said while shaking his head as if to say that it was the craziest thing he had ever heard.

Hakaira placed his left hand upon Barons shoulder and asked, "And what would that be Baron?"

Baron looked at Hakaira and pushed his hand off his shoulder while shaking his head and said, "You can't be believing what Kaecilius said right, the ancient one would never.. SHE WOULDN'T!!!"

Hakaira instantly gripped Barons shoulder and tried to reassure Baron that what he thought was not what both him and Yura's thoughts or intentions were.

Baron realising his mistake apologized and said, "I am sorry, but I cannot believe that traitors words even if any of it was true."

Hakaira interrupted him and asked, "What did Kaecilius mean by the ancient one turning to magic or whatever that is forbidden by herself?"

Baron looked at both Hakaira and Yura and replied saying, "The dark dimension, a dimension which we must never draw power from or we would perish."

Hakaira and Yura then realized that maybe there was something that the ancient one did not tell them, something that even Baron did not know.

Meanwhile somewhere in the centre of Sokovia the two Maximoff twins were contacted by an unknown caller to meet in the abandoned and destroyed Sokovian church.

There they found the unknown caller sitting in a chair while wearing ragged cloths that covered their back and appearance which was hidden from the twins.

The twins were suspicious and had their guards up in the case of this unknown person was an avenger or someone who would capture them.

Wanda who was using her telepathic ability to get a read on the person sitting in the chair, found that it was not working so instead she made conversation with the unknown person.

"Talk and if you are-" however before Wanda could finish her sentence the unknown person who sounded like a middle-aged Caucasian male interrupted her stating, "Did you know that this church is located at the centre of the city?"

The man then said, "The elders decreed it so that everyone would be equally closer to God, I like that, the geometry of belief"

Wanda then realised that she still could not read the mans thoughts, the man then sighed and said, "You're wondering why you can't look inside my head."

Wanda was shocked that the man knew of her ability and what she was also doing at the same time, she then replied with a very thick Sokovian accent, while trying to not look as shocked as she was on the inside.

"Its hard, but sooner or later every man shows himself." and as soon as Wanda said that the man in ragged clothing stood up and revealed not a human but a cybernetic humanoid robot.

The humanoid or Ultron than said, "Oh i'm sure they do, but you needed something more than a man, that's why you let Stark take the sceptre."

Wanda replied, "I didn't expect-" while looking at Ultrons appearance as it might have been the result of Stark obtaining the sceptre.

She finished her sentence saying, "But I saw Starks fear and I knew that it would control him, make him self destruct."

Ultron nodded and then said, "Everyone makes the thing they dread. Men of peace create engines of war, invaders create avengers, people create umm... smaller people..."

Ultron then stopped and responded while slightly chuckling to himself saying, "Uhh... Children, I lost the word there."

"Children designed to help supplement them, designed to well... end them." Ultron said while looking directly into Wanda's eyes as it was slightly mesmerising.

Wanda replied asking, "Is that why you've come... to end the avengers?"

Ultron smiled and replied with an exhilarating tone in his voice, "I came to save the world... but also, yeah."

Then as the twins followed Ultron, they saw his entire plans which could possibly end the avengers, but then Pietro who had been silent said something that intrigued Ultron's attention.

Then through their conversation Ultron saw something in the twins that he had not seen before even with his technological advanced cameras.

He saw that the twins were survivors like him and that they shared a hatred for Tony Stark as he took something from them, just as he did to him.

Ultron then assured the twins that he would help them achieve their goal of vengeance in killing Tony Stark and that he would make sure of it.

However, back in the Stark Tower the others were all gathered in the same room some with the intent of giving Tony a piece of their mind and something else if they could.

"You were dealing with things that you could not possibly comprehend." Thor said while staring daggers at Tony who reacted by laughing at the fact that his plan to save the world turned into a killer humanoid hell-bent on killing them.

The entire team then saw what Ultron had done to Jarvis and to their horror they saw the AI now a broken piece of what it previously was.

Everyone else to their shock needed a plan to try and stop Ultron but before any of them could come up with one, an uninvited guest had interrupted.

"Hmm.. hmm..."

As everyone heard this, they all looked towards the direction of where the sound originated, which was from the balcony.

The entire team were taken by surprise and looked towards the balcony and saw two people with their faces covered.

Tony who took the initiative to talk first asked the two strangers, "I'm sorry but umm... what was the question... Oh yes, Who are you?"

One of the mysterious strangers replied saying, "It has been awhile Tony, how have you been?"

Tony seemed to recognise the strangers voice and asked, "Do I know you?"
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The mysterious man then walked into the light and revealed himself to be Hakaira, Tony who was trying to remember who this man was suddenly remembered something which was buried at the back of his head.

"Oh it's you Yonejiro!", Tony said while remembering the man who helped both him and cap in taking down Hydra which also kind of took down shield.

Whereas everyone in the room were surprised that Tony knew of this person and that they did not know, except Rogers and Maria Hill who were suspiciously looking towards Hakaira.

Well Rogers and Maria Hill were surprised as this was the first time that they had heard the name of the man who helped them take down shield.

Whereas Hakaira was cringing over the name that Yura told him to make Tony remember as he was altering his memories.

Tony smiled and returned the favour by asking him a question as well, "Its been awhile buddy I'm great, how have you been?"

Tony was glad that Hakaira showed up as he was kind of sweating over the amount of anger that most of his teammates had for his reckless action of creating Ultron.

Tony then asked, "Oh and that is probably Yura am I right?"

Yura smiled and walked into the others sight of vision and said, "I see that you've been well Tony."

Tony smiled and was about to say something when Thor who was observing Hakaira and felt a sense of familiarity was shocked when he saw Yura.

"YYOUUU!!!" Thor shouted while pointing at Yura, the entire team was surprised by Thor's sudden interruption.

This surprised even Hakaira and Yura who had a bad feeling about this, but Tony who oblivious asked, "Do you guys know each other?"


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