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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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53 Meeting Ultron.

General Pov...

As everyone who had not met Hakaira and Yura before were still wondering who they were, they were taken by surprise by Thor's sudden outburst that they were left confused instead, but curious at the same time.

Yura however responded by saying, "Umm... yes and you are???"

Natasha started laughing which for some reason made the others laugh as well, since pretty much everyone throughout the entire world knew who Thor was.

Thor was of course at first confused by the other's sense of amusement but before he could talk Hakaira had already stood beside him and gripped him by his shoulder and said, "Oh my dear friend."

Hakaira then spoke to Thor through his mind saying, "I would not say anything unnecessary now."

Thor was taken back but then felt the strength within Hakaira's grip and remembered the sensation that he had when met that gigantic behemoth three years ago.

Unable to deal with the sensation that he previously had when he met Hakaira's true form, Thor was unable to say anything which made bruce suspicious as he asked, "Hey Thor, you okay?"

Hakaira smiled and said, "Oh he's fine actually he and I met two years ago when he went to visit him on his home planet."

Natasha who was surprised asked, "Wait you've been to Asgard?"

Hakaira smiled and replied saying, "Yes we have, I myself and Yura have been to other planets."

Bruce who was standing Behind Tony suddenly felt curious and asked Hakaira, "Wait how were you able to do that, did you also use the Bifrosty thingy that Thor uses."

Hakaira looked towards Bruce and replied, "No actually I've used magic to get there."

Bruce smiled and then laughed, "Hahahaha... I'm sorry, Umm I just don't believe that there is such a thing as magic."

Tony clapped his hands and said, "Exactly! However, they're just science that we have yet to discover."

Hakaira smiled and nodded his head saying, "Yes that's true however, what I've been using is sort of a short cut, who knows next time you throw a party I might do a trick or two that didn't involve technology and robots."

Tony understood that what Hakaira meant by his words concerned his latest screwup, Ultron.

Nervously laughing to himself yet again, Tony then said, "I might be able to solve that problem and who knows we might have celebratory party after, if we all make it out alive."

Meanwhile as everyone was talking, Hakaira was also having a conversation with Thor through their minds, in fact Hakaira had already decided to tell Thor his half real identity such as being kaiju but not the whole reincarnation ordeal, as he was probably the best one to understand.

As Hakaira wrapped up his conversation he also finished explaining what he was to Thor which kind of scared the shit out of the guy, however considering how much of a prideful and pretty shameless god he was, he pretty much accepted and believed all that Hakaira told him.

Hakaira then asked Tony, "Well do you have a plan to stop Ultron?"

Tony stopped himself from talking for a second and responded saying, "Well there is one if we all work together."

Everyone had no idea on what it was but they might as well follow Tony's lead for now as no one else had any better ideas.

Hakaira was prepared for some action or something exciting, instead he disappointingly found out that the group were looking through old files which bored the hell out of him.

Until a few minutes later Bruce found a file concerning a man who was a black market dealer which was no surprise for Tony to know him.

The group then found out that the man was named Ulysses Klaue and that he had obtained Vibranium the strongest metal on earth and that Ultron after it.

Seeing how everyone were getting ready to deploy, Hakaira and Yura hopped onto Tony's jet even though Tony asked why they did not just teleport them there.

Of course Hakaira gave them another bullshit answer that convinced them for the time being as they flew to South Africa to give Klaue a visit.

The group consisted of Rogers, Bruce, Hakaira, Yura, Thor, Clint and Natasha who flew using the jet to arrive within within half an hour or so.

However, as they infiltrated Klaue's base it seemed that they were beaten to it as Ultron had already mutilated Kalue's right arm off due to him calling him Tony Starks creation.

Tony however joking replied, "Oh Junior you're going to break your old man's heart."

Noticing that the avengers had arrived he began entertaining them which was about to quickly end up in a confrontation between the groups.

Hakaira decided not to use his strength as he wanted to see how fast Pietro was as he tried chasing him which surprised Pietro but seemed to motivate him to run even faster around the infrastructure with Hakaira chasing him from behind.

Yura of course did not waste anytime as she herself also wanted to see how much her mind manipulation was after training with Hakaira.

She then found Wanda who was taken back by the mysterious strangers sudden appearance, however she quickly hid her expression as she began to use her powers to control Yura's mind.

However, Yura countered her attack by manipulating their surroundings which broke Wanda's sense of concentration as she never expected a stranger to have abilities almost like hers.

Meanwhile the others were too focused to notice what Hakaira and Yura had done as Hakaira was only a blur at that point and most of the others were unable to even catch a glimpse of him trying to catch up to Pietro.

However, Ultron who was battling Stark was surprised as he was able to see Hakaira trying to run after Pietro.

In fact he was also researching on what Hakaira's identity was, as even the mainframe had little to none of information on him.

As Tony and Ultron fought, Ultron's curiosity grew but he did not have any time to research more thoroughly as Tony was gaining the upper hand every time that he did not place his focus on him instead.

Meanwhile, Pietro who was trying to get a hit on the avengers such as Natasha and Clint was unable to do so as Hakaira would catch up to him and block his hits.

Pietro shocked that anyone was able to catch up to his speed tried to put some distance between himself and the stranger who he had never seen before.

So he decided to make his way up to the top of the infrastructure, as he reached the top of the infrastructure, Pietro started slowing and looked back.

As he did he saw an attractive man in a muscle shirt slowly making his way up the hole he made and said, "Wow you are fast even faster than me at my top speed, but then again I usually focus on my strength rather than my speed."

Pietro who was ready for anything that the man might do, took his starting stance and asked, "Who are you?"

Hakaira stopped for a second and said, "Oh no one I'm just a monster passing by."

Pietro was confused and was about to say something else when suddenly his left leg fell through the ground, of course he tried to move but Hakaira took that moment to use only 0.50% of his power to flick Pietro's jaw which knocked him out instantly.

He then sighed and looked at his appearance and thought, "Maybe I'm gaining too much weight."

If Pietro or anyone else near him heard his thoughts they would very much prefer to knock themselves out willingly.

Just as Hakaira had knocked Pietro out, the others had also finished the others as well, Yura who had been preoccupied with Wanda managed to Knock her out see as how the girl did not have enough power to block Yura's overpowering strength.

Meanwhile the others had just finished up destroying the remaining iron legion bots that attacked them, as well as subduing the rest of Claude's mercenaries.

However, just as Yura was about to tie Wanda up and give her to the others, several unexpected iron legion bots came out of nowhere.

Five of them attacked Yura while the rest made their escape with an unconscious Wanda, of course Yura took the bots apart easily but instead of chasing after them she chose not to as Tony interrupted her before she could.

"Uh guys we might need some help here." Everyone then made their way towards the rooftop and saw a swarm of bots attacking the nearby city and in the center was the hulk who was trying to destroy them.

But seeing how he did not care about the collateral damage as well as the people which might be injured, everyone flew to the scene with Natasha who could possibly calm the beast.

However, as they arrived they noticed that Hulk had gone past his usual amount of anger therefore it seemed that Bruce was unable to control it.

Tony with his quickest plan said, "Im calling Veronica."

However, Cap interrupted him saying, "No don't, that would cause even more damage if we do."

Cap then turned towards Hakaira and Yura and said, "Can you teleport him outside of the city where it's isolated."

Yura nodded and drew a portal below Hulks feet, but for some reason Hulk knew what Yura was doing and jumped into the air at the exact moment that the portal opened and flew towards Yura and Hakaira whom he wanted to smash under his fist.

Hakaira smiling opened a Portal on top of himself just as Hulk was four meters above him, Hulk was unable to react and fell through the portal.

The rest of the team then went through the portal and tried to subdue the Hulk, Thor of course matched Hulk blow for blow.

However, even he was slowly overpowered by Hulk that Captain rogers had to use his shield inorder to distract the Hulk as Thor used Mjonlir to summon a lighting strike that struck Hulk's back.

This did nothing but make him even angrier, and as the team tried to beat the Hulk they were slowly losing energy, but Yura and Hakaira had yet to interfere as they wanted to see the Avengers true prowess.
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Tony of course was about to call for veronica, however Hulk caught him and threw him onto the ground laying him on his back, he then continued to punch Tony's chest, trying to destroy his arc reactor.

Thor at that moment tackled Hulk to the ground and quickly placed Mjonlir on Hulks chest which restricted him from moving.

However, Hulk did something that none of the others thought he would, he quickly grabbed Thor's hand and pulled it into the strap.

Hulk then grabbed Thors leg and picked him up which then lifted Mjonlir off his chest, Hulk then smiled at Thor and began to fling him around as he once did to Loki in stark tower three years ago.

So basically Hulk found a loop hole to pick up Mjonlir without directly doing so, which scared the crap out of the others, as they never saw the Hulk showing this intelligent side of him before.

Then as Hulk knocked Thor out cold he turned towards Captain America and was about to finish him in one punch when suddenly a hand smaller than his grabbed him and pulled him to the side.

The owner of that hand then said, "That's enough wouldn't you say."

Hulk feeling anger burning in his chest and turned towards Hakaira and roared at him to intimidate him.

However, as he looked in Hakaira's eyes, Hulk's roar which scared everyone else on the entire planet suddenly turned into a screech of panic instead.

Everyone who saw and heard that couldn't believe their ears and eyes as they saw Hulk intentionally shrinking and changing back into Bruce banner.

As he did so Hakaira looked back at everyone and said, "Well umm... I guess we need to go find Ultron now huh?"


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