A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
54 A meteorite??? Um...No I don’t know what that is.
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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54 A meteorite??? Um...No I don’t know what that is.

General Pov...

As the avengers returned from trying to capture Ultron each of them resisted the urge not to ask Hakaira what the deal was between him and Hulk.

As all of the avengers knew that Hulk was their trump card in dealing with anything big, which in Thor's opinion was a mistake as he still considered himself to be stronger than Hulk.
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However, after their small bout in South Africa Thor was the one who had nothing to say on the matter, as he was also the one who was flung around like Loki during the Chitauri invasion.

Luckily Hulk did not say anything that might've damaged his pride any further, as that would've devastated Thor from even calling himself mighty.

But Thor also knew the reason why the Hulk intentionally changed back into professor Banner, in fact he would be even more surprised if he didn't.

As the image was still clear to Thor on what Hakaira was, even if the others did not, but then again if they did they would too terrified to even deal with it.

Then as the others arrived in Stark's Tower everyone quietly approached the table within the center of the Tower and carefully observed Hakaira who was closely walking next to Yura.

Rogers who was the one who had to deal with most of Hulk's monstrous punches that wrecked buildings, could not help but ask Hakaira.

"I know that you are probably hiding something from us!" Rogers stated while looking Hakaira dead in the eyes.

"However, Let me ask you this?" He asked turning his entire body towards Hakaira.

Hakaira was interested and decided to listen to what Cap had to ask him personally, "Sure go ahead, what is it that you want to get off your chest so bad?"

Cap then asked, "Can we trust you?"

This question seemed to weigh on everyone's mind as they looked towards Hakaira for confirmation.

Hakaira smiled and replied, "You can. I don't plan on doing anything that will betray your trust."

Cap then decided to sit as he said, "I plan to hold on to those words of yours, Jiro was it?"

Seeing how Cap messed up Hakaira's name Thor thought that Hakaira would take it as an insult, however Hakaira nodded and said, "Yeah sure you can call me that, Yonejiro sounds too much like the name of a creator for a 60's Japanese monster movie."

Seeing how Cap trusted Hakaira's words the others reluctantly decided to trust him as they knew that the real trouble right now was not him, but Ultron who had made his way with cases filled Vibranium.

Within Ultron's hands the entire world would be in danger, and that was what they needed to solve first and to do that they needed to track Ultron once again.

However, Hakaira asked a question that surprised the others, "What does Ultron with that amount of Vibranium?"

Tony who was walking back and forth to get an idea suddenly stopped and asked, "Do any of you remember what Ultron said the first time we first met him?"

Natasha jokingly replied saying, "Hard to forget after he literally tried to kill each of us after doing so."

Tony ignored her joke and said, "He said, that Ultron was him in the flesh, but not yet."

Tony left it for the others to figure out what Ultron mean't until Hakaira realized, "He is trying to make a body for himself, isn't he?"

Tony nodded and said, "Yes, but how would he do that where could he possibly get that type of technology to do that-"

However, before Tony could finish his sentence he was interrupted by someone who had just woken up.

Tony turned to source of the voice and surprisingly saw Bruce now walking towards them and seeing how he was fine with no injuries whatsoever, which was far from what the others could say for themselves.

However, as soon as Bruce saw Hakaira a part of his neck turned green but then turned back to normal, which for the rest of the avengers made it clear that Hakaira had just turned their trump card into a f*cking wuss.

Bruce tried not to react too much as he told the others the technology which could help Ultron accomplish his goal of creating a powerful body.

"The cradle!" Bruce stated as he looked towards Tony.

"He is planning on using the cradle to create a synthetic body with the Vibranium combined with it, Oh no we need to get to Dr. Cho" Tony said while suiting up.

However, Hakaira simply asked, "Where is Dr. Cho's laboratory?"

Bruce cautiously kept his eyes on Hakaira but reluctantly showed the location of Dr. Cho's lab, which hakaira then created a portal to get there quickly.

The others were no longer surprised and just went through it after getting themselves suited up, which took no longer than two minutes or so.

However, Bruce insisted on staying behind as he wanted to make sure that he would not let the same thing in Africa happening once again.

As they went through the portal the group saw scientists laying on the floor with iron legion bots pointing blasters at their heads.

The team quickly went to work as they destroyed the iron legion robots and saved the scientists who had been held hostage.

Meanwhile as they did they arrived just in time to see both and Wanda and Pietro now turning against Ultron as Wanda asked, "You want to kill all of humanity?"

Ultron who was about to reply saw that the avengers had arrived and said, "No! I want to save the earth but in-order to do that I need for all humans to fall in line, starting with them."

Ultron said as he pointed towards the avengers, Wanda and Pietro at that point made their way out of the laboratory as Pietro carried Wanda and ran off at full speed.

The avengers seeing how Ultron was by himself began to surround him, Cap then asked Ultron a question, "What did they mean when they said, you plan on destroying all of humanity?"

Ultron seeing what the avengers plan was pulled Dr. Cho next to him and replied, "First things first, let me ask him a question?"

Ultron then pointed towards Hakaira who was surprised and asked, "Me! You want to ask me a question?"

Ultron smiled and replied saying, "Yes, I wanted to ask you, what are you?"

Hakaira as usual, replied saying, "Oh! Im just a monster passing by."

Ultron at that point started laughing, but Thor had a different reaction as his skin from remembering the scene that happened three years ago where Hakaira had trashed his sorry for a god ass.

After laughing Ultron then said, "A monster... hmm.. that's good, however to answer your question Captain I don't plan on destroying all of humanity nor do I plan on letting it go extinct."

Ultron then looked upwards and said, "I just plan on making a little meteorite that will cleanse this earth."

Ultron then turned towards Hakaira and asked, "Do you know what I mean?"

Hakaira for some reason at that point looked nervous and tried to calmly respond saying, "A meteorite??? Um...No I don't know what that is, nor do I know about causing an extinction."

However, sadly he failed as he let out a little squeak at the end of each syllable for meteorite and extinction.


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