A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
55 Destroying Ultron...
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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55 Destroying Ultron...

General Pov...

At the moment everyone meaning the avengers were shocked to hear Hakaira's voice for some reason squeaking which led to them wondering if they had heard it right.

Tony who was behind Hakaira jokingly asked, "Umm... Do you need some water Jiro?"

Hakaira for a second forgot that Jiro was his alias and said, "No actually I think I'm good."

Ultron who was holding Dr. Cho as his hostage was a bit confused by Hakaira's reaction that he took a moment to remember what he was trying to say, while trying to stall for time.

"Umm... Right ah it seems that the rest of you know what my plan is, but I think you should tell me how you plan to stop me."

However, Tony picked up on what he was trying to do and asked, "Hold on, what's the question for? Huh, Ultron you going somewhere?"

Ultron nervously laughed while walking backwards towards the glass window and said, "Oh Stark, why would I go anywhere when I have what I need right in front of me."

As Ultron said that, he tried to push Dr. Helen cho through the glass window, which would result in her death as the group were fifteen stories above the ground.

However, Yura reacted much faster as she opened a pentagram behind the glass window and let Dr. Helen cho fall through it.

She then opened another pentagram besides Thor which connected to the other pentagram, allowing Dr. Helen cho to fall safe into Thors arms.

Ultron who saw that his plan for stalling for more time had failed, shot an energy beam below the cradle, as he did, the cradle fell through the hole as four Legion bots grabbed it and made their escape with it.

However, before they made off with the cradle, another bot received a small case, which Hakaira felt a pulse from, the same as he did from the previous infinity stones, and flew out the window.

The avengers of course tried to go after the cradle, but were occupied with Legion bots that broke through the laboratory walls and fought the avengers, along with Tony who Ultron personally fought with.

Whereas Hakaira and Yura decided to fight the legion bots and go after the infinity stone which Ultron had gave away.

Hakaira quickly destroyed six of the the legion bots and immediately ran through the window, and used his runes to create a 6 meter sized version of his wings that would allow him to fly.

The others obviously did not see this as they were busy at the moment, but Ultron who other legion bots located across different parts of the laboratory saw it and recorded it.

Hakaira however, did not have time to care about that as he flew towards the legion bot that had escaped with the stone at full speed.

Meanwhile the clueless legion bot that was trying to make its way to Sokovia, was too busy playing, daft punk, and kept repeating the same verse, "Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger."

Sadly he was unable to keep it on repeat for long as Hakaira swooped in and tore the bot into two and took the small case which revealed, the last of the three infinity stones.

"So this is the mind stone, the ancient one told me that I would need to give this one to the avengers, as there would be a need for it in the future." Hakaira said to himself as he flew back to the laboratory.

As he arrived all he saw were pieces of scrap metal scattered across the inside of the laboratory, with only Yura and Thor inside whereas the others had followed the four legion bots that took the cradle with them.

Hakaira then looked towards Thor and asked, "Do you know what this is?", while showing him the mind stone that he had just obtained from the legion bot.

Thor took a moment and realized what the stone was, as he said, "Is that one of the six infinity stones."

Hakaira was relieved to hear that from Thor but before he could say anything Thor asked, "How did you obtain it?"

However, Hakaira did not answer his question as he asked him, "First of, how do you know about the infinity stones?"

Thor was offended that Hakaira did not answer his question first, but saw no harm in answering in his question, as he replied saying, "Well, being heir to the Asgardian throne, I am to be the first of the kings off spring to know his secrets as they will become mine in the future."

Thor then said, "Such as the infinity stones, which is something my father once collected in the past using the gauntlet located in the vault."

Hakaira gestured for him to stop there as he said, "Well the whole gauntlet thing was a... a little lie, that Odin made himself."

Thor was shocked and argued saying, "My father would never tell a single lie, as he is the all father and is bound by oath to never lie to his people, especially I, his first born."

Hakaira's face at that moment scrunched up as he made a hissing sound, like he had heard a mistake or something wrong.

Hakaira then looked back at Yura and shook his head, he then looked back at Thor and said, "You're right Thor, your father could not tell a single lie."

Thor was relieved and said, "Thank you."
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However, Hakaira whispered to himself, "Apparently he can tell two or more at the same time."

"Huh? What was that?" Thor asked as he looked towards Hakaira.

Hakaira grabbed Thors shoulder and said, "It's nothing to worry yourself with, probably two or three years from now mmyeah..."

"Huh?" Thor said as he saw Hakaira and Yura opening a pentagram, Hakaira looked back at Thor and said, "We'll be back so don't worry."

Hakaira and Yura then went through the pentagram and closed it off before Thor could ask anything else about the infinity stone.

Meanwhile, as Thor was still trying to grasp the meaning of Hakaira's words, the others managed to retrieve the cradle back from Ultron's legion bots.

However, in the process a legion bot managed to capture Black widow and render her unconscious as she tried to to escape.

As the others arrived at Stark Tower they saw Thor sitting and watching a few channels on the tv, but as he saw the others arriving he turned the TV off and helped the others secure the cradle.

Meanwhile, as the avengers were figuring out a plan to destroy Ultron and save black widow, Hakaira and Yura had arrived at the ancient one's temple and were going over the mind stone together.

Hakaira had pretty much figured out the law within the mind stone and was just about finished when the ancient one appeared and interrupted them as she said, "Hakaira, Yura we have visitors."

Hakaira at that moment stopped what he was doing as he saw the ancient one's tense actions, he then quickly put the mind stone away as turned towards the balcony that the ancient one was looking at.

As he did he saw nothing but the windows wide open allowing the wind to slowly uplift the curtains.

However, as Hakaira looked more closely he saw two people standing outside the railing and were walking towards them.

"My oh my, this must be the young one who has caused up a stirring in the upper realms, hmm... I can see why." One of the two who sounded female said as she seductively walked towards Hakaira.

However, for some reason Hakaira felt every senses within his body were ringing just like how his true form would do if he were to fight someone stronger than him in the past.

He then remembered this sensation, but never had he ever felt so close to it, it was dangerous... it was suffocating... it was-

The ancient one then stated, "Hello, M'lady or should I say... Death."

The woman then stopped and spoke in a soothing tone that would make one do anything for, even if it meant dying , "Well hello to you too, ancient one."


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