A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
56 “Hello darkness my old friend.”
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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56 “Hello darkness my old friend.”

General Pov...

As Hakaira and Yura heard the name and identity of the mysterious and beautiful woman both of them instinctively moved five steps back.

Seeing their reaction Death laughed and said, "Oh that's cute."

Death then remembered something as she looked back towards the balcony and said, "Obs get over here and introduce yourself."

Hakaira then looked back towards the balcony and saw a 6ft tall muscular man wearing a mask walking towards them.

Then man than stopped and spoke in a tone that was the exact opposite of death's as for some reason it made both Hakaira and Yura even more nervous than before.

"Hello... I am Oblivion.", the man said as he then looked back at death seemed to be whispering something to her ear.

Death then made an amusing expression while giggling as she said, "Oh, he says that he is very nervous."

However, as Death found their situation amusing, both Hakaira and Yura were on the edge as these two emitted a suffocating pressure that affected both Hakaira and Yura.

Whereas the ancient one was closely trying to withstand that amount of pressure as well, as she kept her posture and asked, "Why have you come here?"

Hakaira looked towards Death and saw her eyes looking straight into his soul as she replied saying, "I just could not help myself any longer as this one-" she said while pointing towards Hakaira.

"Has been giving me the most exciting and thrilling entertainment I've ever had throughout the eons that I have lived." She said as she walked towards Hakaira.

Hakaira who stared into Deaths eyes felt a sensation which he had never felt before that seemed to mesmerizing as he kept staring into Deaths eyes.

However, Yura who was closer to Hakaira held his hand and asked, "Are you okay host?"

As Yura held Hakairas hand, a shock went through Hakaira as he snapped out of his stupor and looked towards his hand and saw Yura looking at him with worried eyes.

Death at that point felt annoyed as she released a deathly aura aimed at Yura that wanted to devour and destroy her.

But as her aura made its way towards Yura, Hakaira immediately used his infinity glove to take on the aura which was just as devastatingly strong as the punches he would receive from a category 5 kaiju.

Of course Hakaira could handle the aura, but for reason the aura seemed to pierce his skin and caused decomposition from his forearm as it seemed to spread.

However, before it could spread even further, the infinity laws contained within the glove began glowing brightly, as it stopped Hakairas hand from decomposing and managed to repel Deaths aura.

Death who was surprised said, "Oh my, now I'm even more interested in this young one."

However, Hakaira was pissed as his runes began glowing to the point that each rune transformed Hakairas skin into his hard kaiju skin.

Hakaira then jumped towards Death as he wanted to kill her at that moment, which was kind of ironic.

However, as Hakaira jumped towards Death while trying to punch her with the infinity glove using forty percent of his strength.

Sadly, Oblivion who had been standing beside her stepped in and blocked Hakairas punch with his left hand.

The collision of Hakairas punch pushed Oblivion three steps back as he stopped the punch from doing any damage to him and Death.

Hakaira who had always been used to seeing his enemies being injured after a single punch was shocked to see someone take a punch and not be injured at all.

For some unknown Hakaira who had always been used to dominating his enemies felt his blood boil as he wanted to fight his heart out at the moment seeing how Oblivion blocked his punch like that.

Hakaira then directly into Oblivions eye and saw the same look that he had through his mask, this entity had a desire to fight him as well.

It was as if Hakaira could see the true expression of Oblivion and somehow he knew that under the mask this entity was smiling, he wanted something to feel his blood boil as well.

The two then backed off and understood what they wanted to do, they wanted to just feel each others true capabilities.

Hakaira who had his irises turning yellow and revealing his sharp teeth as he opened his jaw along with his rough reptilian skin that was completely covered in runes glowing.

Hakaira at that moment wanted to use as much of his power in his human form to just punch Oblivion and see how much could he take.

The infinity laws that supported Hakaira glowed and seemed to boost Hakairas prowess even more as he pulled his arm back to release his strongest punch.

Oblivion did the same as somehow the dimension around his fist started churning into one point and that was his palm.
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Then as Oblivion gathered enough energy that he could muster, a destructive aura began permitting from his body.

Strangely enough light was being sucked into his palm as Oblivion then saw that Hakira was ready and that he was about to release his strongest punch ever.

The two then ran towards each other at full speed and pushed their fist forward towards the others face.

However, as their fists were inches away from each others face, a voice spoke saying, "Oblivion stop now."

Then a palm grabbed Hakairas fist as well as Oblivions and stopped it from moving any further, Hakaira then saw that it was none other than Death whom he had wanted to punch earlier.

Death then smiled and said, "Let's calm down, why don't we!"

Hakaira for some reason every single word that Death said and stood down, by walking back to Yura who was concerned for any injuries that he might have.

However, Oblivion who took a lot longer stared into deaths eyes and said, "Fine I shall stand down for now sister."

He then backed off and contained the destructive aura that had been emitting from his body when he had tried to fight Hakaira.

Death then looked towards Hakaira and said, "You know for the first time in eons, my brother has never been pushed back a single step from the attack of an enemy, until today."

Death then sadistically smiled and said, "I wish to see how much more you could grow, my dear Hakaira."

Yura who heard that felt annoyed seeing as how someone other than her would call Hakaira, as their dear.

However, Death then walked towards Oblivion and covered themselves in Darkness and warped themselves into it.

But before they left, Death waved goodbye to Hakaira while biting her lips at the same time.

Hakaira however a cold tingle was sent towards Hakairas spine as he did not even bother to return the gesture.

He then turned towards Yura who was pouting while looking at him in the face, of course the ancient one who saw this all unfold thought, "I'm getting too old for this, I can't wait for Strange to handle all of this."


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