A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
57 Down the road of fellar stree
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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57 Down the road of fellar stree

General Pov...

After meeting Death and Oblivion Hakaira realized how insignificant he was when he clashed fists with Oblivion and having his strongest attack being blocked halfheartedly blocked by Death.

He realized that he would need to get stronger and gather the infinity stones in order to fight them equally.

Hakaira had already comprehended the law contained within the mind stone as well as, containing it within his infinity glove.

But first he needed to persuade a pouting and jealous Yura who was still silent after what happened between him and Death.

"Hey Yura, listen about what happened." Hakaira said while scratching the top of his head as he tried to apologize.

However, Yura interrupted him by walking up to him and burying her face into his chest, since she was only 5'4 tall whereas Hakaira was nearly six feet.

She then hugged him and looked up to his face and said, "I don't want to you to apologize but I just want you to know that I will always be with you, ok host."

She then once again placed her head onto his chest while looking sideways, Hakaira who was overwhelmed by this only responded by hugging her back.

However, as he did he heard a little squeak coming from the blushing Yura who was overwhelmed as well by Hakairas action.

Hakairas heart at that moment skipped a beat as he resisted the urge to pick Yura up just pinch her or even kiss her for that matter.

Instead he just continued hugging her and enjoyed that warmth he felt from doing so, Yura who had closed her eyes felt the same as she hugged Hakaira even tighter than before.

Sadly, before they could enjoy themselves any further the ancient one who was accompanied by Baron walked into the room and saw the situation.

Hakaira who felt their presence looked towards them and saw that the ancient one was looking annoyed which was an expression that he had barely seen.

Hakaira smiled and then whispered into Yuras ear, "Yura, we have company."

Yura who heard that quickly reacted by moving away from Hakaira and looking towards the ancient one and Baron who were just standing there looking at them.

She then blushed and said, "Umm... ancient one I umm..."

However, before could say anything the ancient one smiled and said, "There is no need it's practically normal for couples to mingle once in awhile."

Yura who heard that looked downwards while blushing, whereas Hakaira was grinning from seeing Yuras cute reaction.

However, his expression changed as he saw the ancient one walking towards him and saying, "Hakaira, we the masters of mystic arts have sworn to protect the time stone with our lives, but now I will hand you the time stone to use in order to protect our world.

Hakaira realizing this responsibility looked towards the ancient one and said, "No need to worry ancient one as I plan to do just that."

The ancient one then performed hand techniques into the amulet that was hanging around her neck.

As she did the eye contained within the amulet opened and revealed a bright green light that showed a green infinity stone.

The ancient one then handed the stone to Hakaira when suddenly a light flashed into Hakairas mind as he held the stone.

Hakaira was surprised as he saw Yura, the ancient one and even Baron fading away as the entire structure of the room changed into a darker and smaller one.

As it did Hakaira saw a small light in the center of the room, he then walked towards it and saw that the light was a lamp sitting upon a desk.

He then saw a man with glasses sitting next to the desk and saying, "Excelsior."

Hakaira was confused as to who the man was, he then walked closer towards the man and asked, "Hello, where are we?"

The man who was sitting upon the desk was frightened by Hakaira that he jumped.

The man then turned towards Hakaira and then asked, "Huh? Who the heck are you?"

Hakaira was even more confused as he saw the man with a mustache and with a strange haircut wearing a sweater looking at him while holding a pen and asking him who he was.

However, before he could ask anything else Hakaira saw that on the desk was a book containing sketches and one that showed a man wearing a suit of armor while standing next to a man with a shield.

Hakaira recognized them as the avengers and was about to ask if the man knew who the avengers were when suddenly the same bright light appeared once again.

Hakaira who was blinded by that light closed his eyes and once he opened it he saw that he was still standing where he was, but with the ancient one and Yura including Baron staring at him.

Yura who was concerned asked, "Are you ok Hakaira?"

Hakaira who was holding the stone looked at Yura and was about to say what he saw when suddenly a sensation came over him, Hakaira then forgot what he saw and could not seem to remember what it was.

However, before he could anything else the ancient one asked, "Hakaira have you returned the mind stone back to the cradle?"

Hakaira realizing that he had not quickly opened a pentagram and ran into it which led him back to Stark Tower where the cradle was.

Seeing how there was no one near the cradle Hakaira quickly placed the mind stone into cradle which for some reason floated unto what looked like the forehead of whatever was inside the cradle.

Hakaira then quickly left just as Tony and Bruce were talking to each other while coming up with a plan for what was inside the cradle.

Meanwhile, Hakaira who made it back to the room saw that the ancient one had already left along with Baron, leaving only Yura.

Yura noticed that Hakaira had made it back smiled and asked, "So did you return the stone back to the cradle before the others realized.

Hakaira smiled and said, "Yeah I did, so yura lets get started on this time stone."

The two then worked on trying to comprehend the law within the time stone, meanwhile back in Stark Tower, the avengers were arguing over the fact of using the mind stone to create an AI.

Tony argued that they should use the mind stone to create a an AI using Jarvis who apparently was not destroyed but merely scattered across the network.

Whereas Captain who was joined by the maximoff twins wanted to Tony to shut the process down as they would only create another Ultron.

However, as they were arguing Pietro who was annoyed used his speed to remove all of the wires connecting to cradle.

After doing so he stood in the middle of the cradle with his back towards Thor who quickly used his hammer to create lightning strike that would attack Pietro.

However, before the lightning could reach Pietro, Pietro quickly moved out of its way to avoid getting hit, but in doing so Thors lightning had hit the cradle instead

Then as the others thought the cradle was destroyed, the cradle itself opened itself up and revealed a human like android that looked confused while staring at the avengers.

Meanwhile, Hakaira who had been working with Yura finally comprehended the law contained within the Time stone.

As they did, Hakaira quickly placed the law into his infinity glove and felt even stronger than he ever was.

In fact he felt almost everything within the universe was nearly at his fingertips in fact he felt immense power.


Authors note:

Well seeing as how most of you have enjoyed this novel, I would just like to add that within the next thirteen or so chapters the Marvel arc will be concluded and Hakaira along with Yura will move onto the next world.

So stay tuned and vote for this novel while you're at it, also can you guys guess who that person was whom Hakaira had met.

If you can then a special tribute will be given to him, along with a bonus chapter or two.
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