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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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58 Im Faded...

General Pov...

After returning the time stone to the ancient one Hakaira was then notified through an tracking system that Tony gave him, if they needed his help.

Of course when Hakaira used the tracking system with the help of Yura he was able to pin point the location of Tony and the others.

He of course said his goodbyes to the ancient one for now as he opened up a pentagram which led to sokovia where the avengers had their final stand.

Of course when Hakaira and Yura had arrived, they saw the avengers gathered under a torn and broken temple, however behind them was a machine in the center.

Hakaira and Yura then walked towards the others as they tore through dozens of legion bots.

Ultron who saw this said, "So the cavalry has finally arrived, thats alright this will make things more interesting."

Tony who had noticed chunks of legion bots flying across the street saw that Hakaira and Yura and finally arrived.

He was relieved and said, "Thank Thor's beard that your here."

Thor who heard that said, "Umm stark its by Odin's beard."

However, Tony had already given his full attention to Hakaira as he could care less about what Thor had just said.

Hakaira looked towards the others and saw that they were also finishing off a dozen of legion bots which he and Yura finished in no time.

Hakaira who was left unsatisfied was about to insult Ultron by asking him if that was the best he could do.

Sadly before he could say it a blonde idiot beat him to the punch as he shouted while asking it first, "Is that the best you could do?"

Hakaira immediately gave Thor a death stare as he imagined pummeling him again for stealing his punchline, however Yura who saw that smiled as she knew her host was enjoying himself.
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However, Ultron smiled as he waved his hand and then came hundreds of legion bots swarming towards the avengers as they prepared themselves to take on this enemy.

Cap was annoyed seeing the amount of enemies that they would face that he looked at Thor and said, "You had to ask."

He then threw his shield towards the nearest legion bot that was running towards him, he then ran towards another which he bashed with his super soldier strength.

The rest of the avengers then followed his lead by fighting and destroying the other legion bots.

Meanwhile Hulk was also trying to destroy the bots, but at the same time avoiding Hakaira's gaze as he also made sure not to make any sound at all.

Meanwhile Hakaira who was dealing with the legion bots noticed a new member of the the avengers who was staring at him while fighting the legion bots.

Hakaira then saw that this new member had the mind stone placed upon his forehead, and it seemed to be reacting to him.

Hakaira of course did not want to get into that and just focused on destroying the legion bots which was pretty easy for him.

Then as the others fought Ultron quickly flew into action as he took on the new member who most of the avengers had already known him as Vision or so what he calls himself.

But as the fighting progressed the avengers gained the upper hand as they destroyed the majority of the legion bots and leaving Ultron in a misconfigured state.

Hakaira, Yura and Thor along with Rhode who was backup went after the rest of the legion bots knowing that if a single one escaped then Ultron would only come back once again in the future.

"Cough... Cough... Hahaha... So I guess this is probably how you've defeated me, huh?" Ultron said while sitting upon a pile of rubble.

Tony and Vision walked up to him, Vision who was cautious of what Ultron might do placed his hand onto his forehead and made sure to shut him out of the system.

After five minutes or so Vision released his hand and looked towards Tony while nodding, Tony returned the gesture and walked towards Ultron.

He then said, "You know when I created you I did not want to take anything from you, I wanted you to save many."

However, Ultron laughed and said, "No you're you took everything from me before you created me and now Im going to do the same."

Ultron then ripped out what looked like his heart which activated a trigger within his body and made the floating city of Sokovia fall back to earth.

Realizing that the island was now falling towards the earth which would result in the deaths of billions.

Tony then came up with a plan that would destroy the city into pieces, which would then decrease the chances of the earth being destroyed.

However, to do this he would need Cap and the rest of the other Civilians to get off this rock, but just when Tony was about to ask Hakaira if he could make a portal to do so.

A message came from a familiar voice who said, "You need help Stark."

Tony was surprised to hear Fury's voice when suddenly a helicarrier appeared next to the falling city.

Tony smiled and stated, "Good timing!"

From there Cap along with the help of the others including the Maximoff twins safely evacuated the rest of the civilians.

However, Clint who saw one child separated from his family ran to help him but just when he was about to reach the kid.

A legion bot holding a police Ak47, shot bullets towards him but Pietro who saw that ran at his fastest speed to help Clint but as he tried to push them out of the way.

A stray bullet which he did not see coming hit him straight in the heart as this happened Clint who saw this was shocked.

Pietro for a moment stood still and saw the injury where blood poured out from and spread across his chest.

He then looked towards Clint and said the same line which had annoyed the hell out of him.

"What! You did not see that coming." Pietro then fell backwards while smiling.

Wanda who saw this screamed as her powers went rampant as she ran towards Pietro while destroying the legion bot holding the Ak47.

She then sat next to Pietro as she cried while comforting him, Pietro smiled and said, "Proshchay sestra."

He then closed his eyes in her arms, however just when Wanda was in despair a voice said, "Not yet boy."

Wanda then looked up and saw Hakaira standing over them with a glove in his hand and did something which shocked Wanda.

Hakaira had used his time stone law contained within the infinity glove that allowed him to reverse the Pietros wound and extract the bullet from his chest.

Pietro who had almost died sat up gasping for breath as he looked around saw Hakaira smiling while Wanda hugging him and crying at the same time.

However, as as Hakaira saw this Tony sent a message to him if he could help him with the rubble that might occur due to destroying the city in midair.

But for the remnants not to reach the ground Hakaira and Yura would need to create a portal that would suck in the remnants of the falling city somewhere else.

And within ten minutes or so Tonys plan was set in motion as he used his suit to work with the device that was burrowed beneath the city.

He then instructed Thor to send out a bolt of lightning which would react to the device and destroy the city before it could reach the continent below it.

As this happened, all of the civilians along with the avengers including the revived Pietro and relieved Wanda.

Meanwhile Yura who was on the helicarrier paid full attention towards Hakaira who was flying below the city.

The city then exploded into pieces as they fell towards the earth, Hakaira who was flying using his wings knew that this was his cue.

He then opened up a portal big enough to swallow the falling remnants of the city which took about twenty minutes or so .

However, seeing as how there were stray remnants he also used his reality stone to change the atomic structure into water.

Then after another ten minutes or so, the city of Sokovia which was meant to destroy the world was destroyed.

Hakaira smiled and closed his portal, he then opened a different one leading to a smiling Yura who said, "Took you long enough Hakaira."


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