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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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59 Tears...

General Pov...

As Hakaira stood next to Yura he smiled as he saw how happy she was after holding his hands.

Meanwhile the avengers were busy calculating the damage caused to the areas outside of or near Sokovia.

But so far there was no casualties, however there were nearly four hundred people that were injured during the fight.

Tony wanted to use a few of suits to help the injured but seeing how his suits would be confused with the legion bots Tony decided against it.

However, Fury who had been waiting for the battle to conclude called in a team of medics that took care of the hundreds of people who were injured.

Tony who saw that, thanked Fury as he knew that Shield was probably the only organization that they could rely on.

Hakaira then looked towards Yura and asked, "Well since we are done here, where do you want to go next?"

Yura only leaned on Hakairas shoulder and replied saying, "Anywhere you go I'll follow you."

Hakaira smiled and lifted her chin and said, "Close your eyes."

Yura was surprised but blushed at the same time as she closed her eyes and awaited the soft sensation that touched her lips.

As it did a shock went through her entire body as she opened her eyes and saw Hakaira kissing her lips.

Hakaira then moved his lips away from Yuras and said, "Thats payback for last time."

Yura smiled and said, "Of course host."

But as they were busy enjoying each others company, a portal opened in front of them and out of it came Baron who was apparently looking for something, which was probably them.

As Baron saw them sitting in front of him, he noticed yet again how much of an awkward atmosphere he had created as he walked in on another Hakaira and Yura moment.

He began wondering to himself if this was a curse for being lonely since he devoted himself to the mystic arts.

Of course he found satisfaction in his status as the right hand disciple of the ancient one herself, but honestly seeing these two having moments whenever he's around just makes him feel lonely as f**k.

However, the oblivious Hakaira looked towards Baron and asked, "Hey there Baron did you need something from us?"

Baron thought to himself, "Yeah, a date with a normal woman." However he replied saying "The ancient one has a message for you."

Without another word Baron then opened a different portal back to the temple and thought to himself, "Screw it, to be lonely is a job itself."

Hakaira looked at Yura and asked, "What's his problem?"
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Yura raised her shoulders and said, "I don't know, but I guess we need to finish up here."

Meanwhile two miles outside of Sokovia a legion bot containing the last of Ultrons essence and knowledge was cornered by Vision himself.

"There is no longer any need for this." Vision said as he walked towards Ultron, but Ultron laughed.

He then replied saying, "For what my death, why don't we just say that the avengers are heroes but murderers at the same time."

Vision did not look despise Ultron but instead pitied him as he said, "One of them is also our creator."

The legion bot that contained Ultrons essence then sat down and said, "I guess so, but even so this leaves me with no other choice."

Ultron then did something that vision never thought he could do, he had sent a final message using the last of his essence through the web.

Vision who was surprised did not get the time to access the location of that message or who had received it.

He then asked Ultron, "What was that?"

Ultron looked towards Vision and said, "The plan that will destroy that monster."

Vision then asked him, "Who did you send it to?"

Ultron smiled and said, "You wouldn't understand, after all you're just a child."

Vision took a moment and then replied, "Well I was born Yesterday."

He then saw the legion bot die out as he sat there next to the willow tree he was sitting next to.

Meanwhile, somewhere across the world, "So you've gathered the last of the stones now have you, this will be fun Hakaira."

Then as Hakaira and Yura finished helping out the avengers Hakaira said his goodbyes to Tony and left with Yura, the two then opened a portal back to the ancient ones temple.

As they arrived the two saw the ancient one with Baron standing beside her she then smiled and congratulated them by saying, "Job well done, Hakaira and Yura it seems that you have finally gathered all five of the laws contained within the five infinity stones."

The smiled and replied saying, "Thank you ancient one."

The ancient then said, "Now it is time for you two to find the last infinity stone."

Hakaira nodded and said, "Yes, just point us in the right direction ancient one."

The ancient one smiled and looked towards Baron as he said, "You may go ahead now Baron."

Baron was reluctant but he did so as he wanted to obey the ancient ones wish, as he left the room went silent.

For a moment the ancient one looked somber but then smiled as she said, "You two have been one of the most incredible individuals whom I have met throughout my lifetime."

She then did something she had never done before, the ancient one hugged the two as she said, "My time draws near, so you two will have to carry on without me."

Hakaira was shocked and as the ancient one released them from her embrace he asked, "What do you mean?"

The ancient one smiled and said, "It is my fate, the role which I have been given is coming to an end now the rest will be up to you."

Hakaira who heard this asked, "Can't we help you avoid it?"

The ancient one laughed and said, "Hahaha... I know that you have lived longer than I have Hakaira but it still amazes me how young you can be sometimes."

She then patted Hakairas head and said, "Don't worry, this was all meant to happen when I first met you years ago."

Hakaira then for the first time felt an emotion that he had never felt in both of his life, he felt pain... but unlike physical ones this one affected him mentally.

It was different from the pain he felt from being betrayed by humans, this pain was something new all together.

The ancient one smiled as she said, "You must be experiencing sadness."

Hakaira looked towards the ancient one and asked, "Why am I feeling this?"

The ancient one smiled and said, "I am glad but at the same time saddened, that I am the reason for you to be feeling this emotion for the first time."

Hakaira the grabbed his chest but as he did he realized that water droplets had fallen towards the ground, he then looked at Yura and saw her wiping his eyes.

He then saw that the same was happening to her as water permitted through her eyes as well, "What are these called?"

Yura smiled while wiping Hakairas eyes, she then replied saying, "They are called tears host."

Hakaira then once again looked towards the ancient one but she only said, "The power that you will obtain is something that will save my universe even at the cost of my life, I know that this is a selfish request of mine, but please save my universe Hakaira."

Remembering his promise that he made with the ancient one Hakaira reluctantly smiled and wiped his tears, he then bowed and said, "I will keep my promise Ancient one."

The ancient one smiled and opened a portal that took Hakaira and Yura to their next destination she then pointed towards it and said, "This will take you to a person that knows the location of the last infinity stone."

Hakaira and Yura then walked towards the portal without saying anything before they went through it Hakaira looked towards the ancient one and said, "I will find a way."

The two then walked through it, as they did the ancient one closed the portal and said, "Goodbye my dear disciples."


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