A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
60 Gamora, almost sounds like my name...
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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60 Gamora, almost sounds like my name...

General Pov...

As Hakaira and Yura went through the portal which the ancient one had opened, they saw that they were now currently on a planet that looked more advanced than earth.

"Yura... What planet is this?" Hakaira asked as he saw floating vehicles fly across the sky, Yura replied saying, "This is supposedly Xandar Hakaira."

Hakaira was fascinated by the different species of creatures who interacting with one another, but mostly he was fascinated by the technology on this planet.
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Its true that Hakaira has visited Asgard and Nidavellir, but exploring a new planet can be interesting even for someone like Hakaira.

But for the moment they needed to find the woman whom the ancient one had told them about, as she would know the location of the last infinity stone.

However, before they could a strange and small raccoon wearing clothes bumped into then while trying to run away from someone.

"Hey watch it, Im running away while stealing something here." The raccoon said as he scurried away while bumping into others.

Hakaira and Yura were surprised since it was their first time seeing a creature like that, talk like a human.

However, a few seconds later three individuals wearing uniforms ran after the small creature while shouting, "Stop!!! Under the Nova core jurisdiction we are placing you under arrest Rocket."

The small creature named rocket only looked at them and said, "Screw you!"

Hakaira laughed as he found it quite funny seeing a creature that small having a sense of humor.

But Yura who was interested said, "I think we should follow him."

Hakaira was taken by Surprise and asked, "Huh... Why?"

Yura smiled and said, "I just have a feeling..."

She then ran ahead following rocket who seemed excited about the stuff that he had just stolen.

Hakaira smiled and said, "Well... since I've nothing better to do I might as well follow Yuras lead."

He then ran after her as he tried to find comfort in himself after hearing that no matter what they did the ancient one would only die.

Even though he had almost all of the powers in this universe, the ancient one said that using its power to aid herself would cause even more damage in the future.

He of course did not wish to accept that which was why he told himself that once he obtains the last infinity stone he would change the ancient ones fate.

But as he was planning Hakaira failed to notice that Yura had stopped and was quietly staring at something in front of her.

Hakaira slowly walked behind her and asked, "What's wrong Yura?"

However, Yura was still silent as she continued to stare at what was in front of her, Hakaira then looked at what she saw and realized that she was looking at a couple playing with a small child.

Hakaira realized that the child was the young couples as she said, "Mommy... Daddy."

Hakaira smiled and felt a hand slowly wrapping clutching his, he then looked downwards and saw that it was Yuras hand.

Yura then leaned on Hakairas shoulder and asked, "Do you ever think that we could ever be like that Hakaira?"

Hakaira was taken by surprise by Yuras sudden question that he took a moment to reply.

Sadly he was unable to do so as he realized that he never thought of such a life with Yura that he only realized that maybe he could have a simple and quiet life with her if he wanted.

Hakaira of course wanted to say that it was possible but he then realized that Yura was sleeping on his shoulder.

Hakaira smiled and let her be, but as minutes went by Hakira realized that it had been an hour since Yura had slept on his shoulder.

Then just as he was about to wake her up, Yura softly yawned and sat up, she then looked at Hakaira and said, "Hello host."

Hakaira smiled and said, "Hey Yura."


After getting away from the Novacore losers Rocket got back to the ship where Quil, Root, Bald baby and Gamora were looking at him with anger.

He only responded saying, "What!??"

Gamora sighed and said, "Don't tell me where you got that thing or why, just put it back."

Rocket looked at Gamora and said, "Oh come on, you never know when we're gonna need this thing."

Groot who had been shrunk down to half of Rockets size said, "I am Groot."

Rocket sighed and said, "Yes, this thing is gonna save our lives or kill us."

Baby Groot shook his head and said, "I am Groot."

Quil looking upset asked, "We already have that Golden chick coming after us because you stole her batteries, and now you're stealing from the Novacore do you want everyone after us."

Rocket yawned and said, "Listen here, Co-Pilot you need to know that what I do is best for the team."

Quil looked insulted and said, "Best for the team, you stole a mineral that has the potential to blow up an entire Planet."

But Rocket had already fallen asleep, but Drax who been watching the whole thing happening said, "He is right Quil."

Quil looked at Drax and asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Drax made a serious expression and said, "It is disrespectful for the Co-Pilot to insult his captain, that is mustardny..."

"You mean Mutiny." Quil said as he looked at Drax to clarify if that was what he meant.

Drax looked at him said, "Of course thats what I said."

Quil then shook his head and said, "Great these are the guys whom I had saved the universe with."

Then as Quil stood there looking disappointed Gamora shouted saying, "Quil get over here!"

Drax and Quil immediately ran to where Gamora was and saw two strangers sitting there and apparently enjoying themselves as they ate all the snacks in the fridge.

Quil then asked, "Umm... excuse me but uh, oh what was I about to ask... Who the hell are you guys."

The man who was looking at the plate in front of him replied saying, "Oh no one just a monster passing by."

Quil was annoyed since what the man said made no sense, so Quil added, "Ok and I'm the son of an intergalactic being."

But as Quil looked towards the woman sitting next to the man he noticed how beautiful she was, she had flawless light toned skin along with Gray hair that seemed to make her even more enchanting.

But Gamora who was standing next to him folded her arms and said, "So you going to ask them anything else."

Quil then smiled and said, "Oh yeah umm... You're welcome to eat anything you like."

Gamora shook her head with disappointment and said, "Idiot always thinking with whats between your legs instead of whats between your ears."

Gamora then asked, "Who are you really and what are you doing on our ship."

The man who been looking at his food looked towards Gamora and said, "Oh I'm Hakaira and this is Yura."

Gamora at that moment realized that this man was good looking as he wore a muscle shirt covering his muscular body which it failed to do as she could see the definition of those muscles.

She then looked at the mans face and saw that he had a strong jawline with Jet black hair that seemed to make him devilishly handsome.

She then said, "Umm... Uh wow my name is Gamora."

Hakaira smiled and said, "Gamora... almost like my name."

Gamora was surprised and asked Hakaira, "Wait you have almost the same name as me."

Quil then stopped staring at Yura and said, "Well, I guess I'm not the only one thats staring now am I."

Gamora did not reply to Quils words as she then asked, "Listen you are good looking and all, but why are you here?"

Hakaira smiled and looked down in embarrassment as this was the first time that someone other than Yura had told him he was good looking.

But then he stood up with a serious expression on his face and said, "Well, I would like to know about the whereabouts of the infinity stone."


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