A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
61 Meeting the minions of Thanos...
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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61 Meeting the minions of Thanos...

General Pov...

As Gamora heard what Hakaira had said she drew her sword out and immediately tried to pierce Hakairas shoulder with it that way he could get information from him of how he knew about the infinity stone.

But as her sword reached Hakairas shoulder the tip of blade broke into pieces and did not even manage to pierce his shoulder at all.

Gamora who saw this backed off and asked Hakaira in shock, "Who are you really? And what type of armor are you wearing?"

Hakaira sighed and tried to stand up so that he could explain himself, however as he stood up, Quil and Drax drew their weapons.

Quil then said, "Whoa easy dude."

However, Drax interrupted him by saying, "That is not a dude, that is a handsome man who we are about to kill."

Quil looked like he was insulted and said, "Oh come on, he is not that good looking."

But Drax ignored him and paid attention to Hakaira and what he might do, but Quil became annoyed as he knew that Drax was ignoring him intentionally.

Quil then called Rocket by saying, "Hey Rocket!!"

Rocket shouted in reply saying, "What!"

Quil then said, "We need your help!"

Rocket then came as fast he could wearing what looked like an advanced form of a machine gun.

He then said, "Who needs my help... Whoa... whose the good looking guy and broad..."

Quil then looked at Rocket and said, "Great you too, come on he is not that good looking but the woman is yeap..."

Rocket rolled his eyes and said, "Alright, wait where the hell is Groot..."

The others then called Groot by his name, but as he did not answer the others looked at the two stowaways and saw that the girl who was behind Hakaira, quietly talking to Groot.

Rocket who was worried said, "Groot what are you doing, get over here right now!!"

Groot then looked at Rocket and said, "I am Groot."

Rocket looked confused and asked, "What do you mean she understands you?"

Groot only replied saying, "I am Groot."

Rocket then became annoyed and said, "Fine but you had better be right about this."

Rocket then lowered his weapon, which made Quil wonder why would Rocket put his weapon down even if Groot told him so.

"Hey Rocket!! Hello why are you lowering your weapon?" Quil asked as he pointed Rockets blaster.

Rocket replied saying, "Groot says that these two are not with Thanos and that they are only here to know where the infinity stone is."

But as he said that Gamora did care as she said, "They are lying! We cannot trust them she then tried to attack Hakaira once again.

But before she could Hakaira knocked her out cold, Quil and Drax then moved in by trying to attack Hakaira as well.

Sadly Hakaira only used his reality stone to knock them out cold, Hakaira then saw Rocket looking at him with wide eyes as he said, "Well there goes the greatest team in the entire universe."

Hakaira then sat next to Rocket and said, "Thanks, but like what Groot said, we are bot here to kill you nor are we with Thanos or whoever that guy is."

Rocket was even more shocked as he asked, "You guys don't know who Thanos is?"

Hakaira shook his head and said, "No we don't, but don't worry we can handle ourselves if we ever do meet him."

Hakaira then walked towards Gamora and extracted her memories of where the stone was, but as he did he noticed that he struggled to do so.

"Hmm... she has a very strong will power sadly she was up against me." Hakaira the formed pentagrams on top Gamoras head and extracted her memories without any pain.

As he finished doing so Hakaira copied her memory and saw the location of the planet which contained the last infinity stone.

Hakaira then placed the memory back into Gamoras consciousness and said, "Whew done... that was even harder than it looked."

Rocket then asked, "What did you do?"

Hakaira who looked tired said, "I just extracted her memory of the infinity stone to pin point its location, since she is probably the only one who knows where it is."

Hakaira then got up and dusted his pants off, he then was about to ask Yura if she was ready to leave when Rocket asked him a question.

"Hey... could you umm perhaps take away that memory of hers." Rocket said while looking away from Hakaira.

Hakaira became interested and asked, "Why would you want me to do that?"

Rocket was silent for moment and the replied saying, "If you were take away that memories ot the infinity stone then maybe Thanos won't know where it is as well."

Hakaira smiled and said, "You're trying to protect them, aren't you."

Rocket stood still and said, "Maybe... But I also don't want Thanos to find out about the stone and come after us."

Hakaira smiled as he knew the little guy was just looking out for friends, but Hakaira said, "Don't think about it, in the future everything will work out."

Hakaira then opened a portal which would take him to Nidavellir where the dwarves would guide him to the location of the infinity stone.
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He and Yura quickly went through it before Rocket could ask any other questions, but before they left Yura gave a goodbye kiss to Groot who smiled and shouted, "I am Groot."

Meanwhile Rocket stood there looking over his team and wondering what will he do now.

However, as Hakaira and Yura went through the portal, the realm of Nidavellir was in chaos as the soldiers of Thanos led by Corvus Glaive killed their people to force King Eitri to create a glove for Thanos.

The soldiers succeeded in doing so as King Eitri created a Gauntlet that would help contain the powers of the infinity stone.

King Eitri then finished the final piece of the Gauntlet and gave it to Corvus who in reply said, "Good you have done well."

King Eitri then said, "Then release my people, I have done what you have asked."

Corvus smiled and said, "I never said that I would spare your people, I only said that I would kill them if the Gauntlet for my Lord is not yet completed. But now that it has..."

Corvus then pointed to four Giant soldiers to hold hold down King Eitri who fought back seeing how he had been betrayed.

"No, No... You cannot do this!!!" King Eitri said as he was subdued and forced to watch his peoples execution.

Corvus smiled and said, "Watch, for this is your retribution to my Lord... Thanos."

Corvus then gave the signal for the soldiers to execute the dwarves, King Eitri shouted as he saw the soldiers pointing their guns and ready to fire.

And as the first soldier pulled his trigger, a sudden explosion took out the soldiers who were about to execute the dwarves, a voice then spoke out saying, "Well what do we have here?"


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