A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
62 Meeting Captain Marvel...
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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62 Meeting Captain Marvel...

General Pov...

As Hakaira and Yura came through the portal both saw the kind dwarves who had assisted them in the past being slaughtered and held captive.

Hakaira who saw this was angered and killed any of the soldiers who were holding weapons to kill the dwarves.

He then saw one familiar dwarf whom he had met before, "Ingrain!"
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The dwarf who had been forced to kneel was surprised to see Hakaira as he asked, "Hakaira, What are you doing here?"

Hakaira was about to answer him when Ingrain interrupted him saying, "Wait I am sorry but there is not time, the king is being forced by the leader of this group to create a weapon for their master."

Hakaira was curious and asked, "Who is their master?"

Ingrain stood up as Hakaira released his arms from the bondage that tied his arms, he then said, "Thanos!"

Hakaira was shocked to hear that name so soon as he remembered that little guy named Rocket mentioning his name.

Hakaira then asked, "Where is King Eitri?"

Ingrain pointed towards the workshop of the King, as he did Hakaira told Ingrain, "Don't worry we will help King Eitri as much as we can."

Hakaira and Yura then jumped at full speed to where the Kings workshop was, as they flew across the sky Hakaira saw the soldiers subduing the dwarves.

He also saw King Eitri being held down as he shouted, "No, No..."

Hakaira then saw the soldiers preparing to shoot the dwarves as they aimed their weapons towards their heads.

After seeing that Hakaira quickly used his Power stone law to cause an explosion that took out the soldiers.

As he did both him and Yura landed onto the ground causing gravel and metal to fly across the workshop.

Hakaira then faced the soldiers and said, "Well, What do we have here?"

The soldiers who had fallen to the ground tried to get up as they reached for their weapons but as they did Yura stopped them as she collected them and killed the soldiers one by one.

Corvus who saw this shouted saying, "YOU DARE!!!"

Hakaira looked at Corvus and asked, "Who the hell are you?"

Corvus felt insulted but he smiled and said, "So you dare to attack my men and not know who we are you-."

But before Corvus could finish what he wanted to say, Hakaira who was confused interrupted him by asking, "Yeah but what's wrong with that?"

Corvus could no longer contain his anger as he jumped at Hakaira with his spear at hand, thinking, "This man will know why I am the chosen of my lords army."

In the past when Corvus was a young mercenary, Thanos defeated him when he was sent to kill him.

However, instead of killing him Thanos gave him a chance to become one of his children and serve under him.

From there Corvus had surpassed his previous limits and was unbeatable in hand to hand combat with any who would dare to cross his path.

Then just as Corvus proceeded to stab Hakairas head he used his fastest speed to appear behind Hakairas back so that he could kill him from behind without knowing what had hit him.

Corvus then thrusted with all his strength, however as the tip of his spear pierced through Hakairas shirt and grazed his skin, it broke into pieces.

Corvus was shocked as stared with his mouth wide open, the reason for this was because the metal which had been used for his weapon consisted of some of the strongest metal in the universe.

Throughout his years of serving Thanos Corvus had killed numerous enemies with his spear, but this man had broken his most deadliest weapon.

At first Corvus thought that Hakaira was wearing armor that could destroy his weapon, but as he looked past Hakairas shirt he only saw his skin not even fazed by his weapon.

Hakaira then turned to look his shirt and saw that it had been ripped open, he then looked at Corvus and said, "You're dead!"

Hakaira then grabbed Corvus by his ankle and started fling him around like how Hulk did to both Thor and Loki.

Hakaira then threw him towards a pile of metal that apparently had sharp objects in them, Corvus who had broken bones was unable to react fast enough as the objects pierced his back.

Hakaira then appeared in front of Corvus and said, "It's ironic isn't it, how you tried to attack me from behind, but now it's you who gets pierced in the back instead."

Corvus who was exhausted and bleeding from his mouth looked up while smiling and said, "You fell for it..."

Hakaira did not understand but as he looked backwards he saw two enemy ships readying themselves to fire at the dwarves.

Corvus who saw Hakairas shocked expression shouted, "NOW!!!"

Corvus knew that the weapons that were installed into chitauri warships had enough fire power to destroy an entire continent.

He knew that even though this mysterious man who had defeated him was stronger than any opponent that he had ever faced.

Possibly even stronger than Thanos himself, as never before in his life had corvus ever been beaten to an inch of his life like that, not even by Thanos himself.

But even though he was stronger than him, there was no way for him to save the dwarves while at that same time killing him.

But as Corvus closed his eyes due to the brightness of the chitauri weapons, but as he opened them he saw that Hakaira was still in front of him.

Corvus was shocked as he thought that Hakaira had abandoned the dwarves to kill him instead.

Corvus then noticed that the two chitauri warships had been damaged and fell towards the ground.

However, in the process the two ships had exploded but Corvus who was going through various emotions saw that in the center of the explosion was a woman who was working with this mysterious man.

Corvus then looked at Hakaira and asked, "Who are you?"

Hakaira looked back at Corvus who had been skewered from his back and said, "I'm the monster who was passing by when you suddenly pissed me off."

Corvus chuckled as he thought to himself, "That makes sense as my lord is a God, but I wonder how he will feel when facing a monster."

Corvus then closed his eyes as he laid there with his head now hanging, Hakaira who saw this said, "He's dead!"

Hakaira then used his time stone law that he had yet to be accustomed to as he formed runes upon the body of Corvus so that the time stone law would affect only him.

Hakaira then activated those runes to quicken the process of decomposition, which took only a minute or two.

However, through the process Hakaira saw the flesh rot until finally his bones turned into dust.

Seeing as how he had yet to fully master the time stone, Hakaira looked back at Yura who had already released the dwarves from their bondage and said, "It seems that are our work here is done."

King Eitri who heard that walked towards Hakaira and bowed, Hakaira was confused and asked, "King Eitri!! what are you doing?"

King Eitri responded saying, "Thank you... You have saved my people I am forever in your debt."

Hakaira was put in a difficult position as he had never experienced this form of flattery from anyone whom he had never met.

However, Hakaira quickly helped King Eitri stand as he said, "Well, if you really want to help me then can you tell me where the location of planet-"

But before Hakaira could finish asking King Eitri his question a spark of light zoomed across the sky and landed within the grounds of the workshop.

The blinding light looked like that of a star but as the light faded it revealed a woman who wearing strange leather clothing with a star in the middle of her chest.

Hakaira was confused and asked, "Who hell are you?"

The woman looked at Hakaira and said, "My name is..."


Authors note:

Within the next two to three chapters I am going to take a break....

My name is slim shady....

Nah... Just kidding.


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