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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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63 Going to Vormir

Carols Pov...

As I had traveled through the galaxy finding ways to reverse the damage that the Kree empire had done.

But as I had saved a planet from the control of Kree soldiers I suddenly received a distress signal from a neutron star far from any solar system that I have ever been to.

I immediately flew there at top speed, thankfully the location of that area was near and I could make it there within an hour or so.

However, as I arrived I was shocked to discover that the structure of this planet was unlike any I had ever seen before.

But as I flew across I saw activity coming from corner of the structure, as I landed on the ground I saw a man standing next to what looked giants.

The man then asked, "Who the hell are you?"

I was surprised as this man was speaking english, I then realized that he must be a human from earth.

I then answered him saying, "My name is Carol."

The man looked at me strangely and said, "Well, this is interesting."

General Pov...

As Hakaira looked at the woman named Carol he could tell that she was a human but for some reason his infinity space law was reacting to her.

He then realized that this was the same vague feeling that he felt when his mind law reacted to that young redheaded girl back on earth when they fought against Ultron.

Hakaira then slowly walked towards the woman and asked, "What are you?"

The woman was taken back by Hakairas question, but she replied saying, "I am protector of those who have faced the cruelty of the kree empire."

Hakaira was surpirsed as he did not understand what Carol said, but before he could ask Carol cut him off by asking, "The more important question is, who are you? And what happened here?"

Hakaira looked at King Eitri and said, "You wanna explain to her what happened here."

King Eitri who saw that Hakaira looked exhausted quickly got up and explained to Carol who listened attentively to every detail that had happened.

Meanwhile Hakaira walked towards Yura and sat next to her, he then asked, "Do you think that maybe, we'll find the last infinity stone?"

Yura smiled and replied saying, "I believe that if anyone can find the last infinity stone then I think that it can only be you."

Hakaira was happy that Yura supported him, at that moment Hakaira had wanted to kiss Yura but before he could King Eitri interrupted them by apologizing with a sincere tone.

"I am sorry for interrupting Hakaira but the woman would like to discuss something with you."

Hakaira was a bit upset and wanted to decline when Yura smiled while saying, "Its ok! Just go."

Hakaira smiled but pulled Yura to follow him, "You're not getting away that easily." Yura blushed but smiled while clenching Hakaira's hand even tighter.

Hakaira then walked towards Carol who looked slightly disappointed by their interaction, but quickly hid it as she asked, "So what is your name?"

Hakaira was surprised that King Eitri forgot to mention his name, but he answered saying, "Hakaira is my name."

Carol nodded and then asked yura, "And umm... what's your name?"

Yura responded while smiling, "Yura is my name."

Carol smiled seeing Yuras smile and said, "Thats a beautiful name."

Yura in return smiled even more brightly than before as she said, "Thank you, I really love that name as well."

She then looked at Hakaira and asked, "Don't you think Hakaira?"

Hakaira smiled and blushed while thinking, "I think so too."

He then looked back at Carol and could see a sense of envy from her, he then tried to change the subject as he asked, "So what do you plan on doing now?"

Carol woke from her stupor and replied saying, "Well now I plan on checking for other ways of looking around the universe for soldiers of an tyrannical empire that threatens the universe, however now I've got to look our for Thanos."

However, as Carol was talking a chitauri soldier had made its way across the workshop and found the infinity gauntlet that Corvus had thrown away due to battling Hakaira.

But as the soldier grabbed the gauntlet and tried to run off with it,Hakaira who had been talking to Carol and standing next to Yura had appeared in front of the chitauri soldier and formed runes on his body.

After two minutes or so Hakaira disappeared and let the chitauri soldier escape with the infinity gauntlet back to Thanos.

As this was going on, Yura was still standing next to Hakaira felt a slight change in Hakaira as she sensed the same energy as him coming from somewhere within the workshop.

Then as Hakaira and Carols conversation ended, Yura whispered into Hakairas ears asking him, "So what did you do?"

Hakaira replied saying, "A surprise for Thanos when he finds out later on."

After telling Yura about that he had done to the chitauri soldier that had managed to escape.

Then as Hakaira walked towards King Eitri to ask if he could get the coordinates of where planet Vormir was, King Eitri interrupted him by saying, "Hakaira, I would like to thank you for saving us from Thanos, please it would be an honor if you joined us for a celebration."

Hakaira did not know what to say as he asked, "What happens during a celebration?"

Kkng Eitri and said, "We will drink beer and eat to celebrate the deeds that you have done for us."

As King Eitri said eat Hakairas hunger triggered as his stomach growled in response, Hakaira was surprised and said, "Sure!! We might as well."

He then turned to look at Yura if she was happy with that decision, Yura smiled while saying, "Sure its been awhile since we've eaten anything new."

Hakaira and Yura along with Carol who had also been asked to say to enjoy the festivity, enjoyed themselves as they tasted ale perfected by the dwarves themselves.

Ale that had been aged for nearly a thousand years, even Odin himself would order fleets of this ale as it would make even the gods cheery and lift their spirits in their darkest times.

Hakaira who was curious asked as to what the ale was, the dwarves proudly explained to them that the ale was something that made even the gods drunk.

So they poured a drink for Hakaira in a cup that was half his size, the dwarves were worried that Hakaira might not be able to handle it.

But were surprised to see Hakaira practically inhaling the contents of his cup as he asked for another, after awhile no one knew who started it but the dwarves had a drinking competition with Hakaira but lost in the end.

Even King Eitri who was known to finish ten barrels of ale stood no chance against Hakaira, even though the dwarves were bigger than his current human form.

The dwarves did not have an abyss of a stomach that could devour kaiju flesh whole, of course Hakaira knew that even if they did, he still wouldn't lose.

The dwarves were astonished but accepted it as another great aspect about him, of course Yura also knew that the barrels were probably not enough to fill Hakaira up if he tried his best.

Meanwhile Carol who had about a few glasses was already drunk since the ale that the dwarves made was stronger than any beverages back on earth.

Yura however only indulged herself in the foods which were cooked by the dwarves themselves.
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Yura learned three things that day, one was that the dwarves could create destructive on a universal scale weapons and how to make really good barbecue along with really strong ale.

Then after winning the drinking competition between himself and the dwarves, Hakaira walked towards Yura as he noticed her finishing her third plate of Gigantic wild boar ribs.

Hakaira joined her as they ordered four more plates and finished it together, Hakaira felt stuffed as he quietly sat next to Yura with his arms wrapped around her and enjoying the festivity slowly dying down.

For nearly ten hours of partying the dwarves had a break for the next hour or so and would continue the party after.

However, Hakaira felt Yura hugging him as she fell asleep in his arms, Hakaira smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

Hakaira then asked a drunk King Eitri who had fallen asleep on the table itself, "King Eitri?"

However, King Eitri did not reply as he had already fallen asleep, Hakaira then saw the nearest dwarf who was sitting next to the King.

"Hey Ingrain!" Hakaira said as he called out Ingrains name, the dwarf was barely holding it together as he sat up and looked at Hakaira while asking, "Yessir what would you like me to help you with?"

Hakaira then asked him as to where a room where both he and Yura could sleep in, Ingrain pointed to a small section of the workshop where he said that there was a room for both him and Yura to rest in.

Ingrain then led them to the room and said, "Well goodnight." Ingrain then walked back to the party but failed to do so as he tripped and landed on his face knocking him out.

Hakaira laughed and shook his head at Ingrains behavior but opened the door of the room he was in while holding onto Yura.

As he went in the rooms lights turned on and a cooling air went through the entire room, Hakaira did not have time to pay attention to the details of the room as he quickly walked towards the bed and laid Yura down.

As he did he was about to look around the room for a bathroom wash his face in, but as he was about to do so Yura gripped the side of his pants and prevented him from going.

Hakaira smiled and said, "So you were faking it."

Yura who had been pretending to sleep smiled and sat up, she then suggested, "Won't you lay down with me host."

Hakaira was surprised at Yuras suggestion but saw nothing wrong with it, so he complied by laying next to Yura when she suddenly kissed him.

Hakaira was taken by surprise but did not reject her, Hakaira then aggressively pulled Yura closer to him.

As he did, Yura sat on his laps and hugged him from his neck she then slowly asked Hakaira by whispering into his ear, "Hakaira, do you want to perhaps do it."

Hakaira was confused and asked her, "Do what?"

Yura looked Hakaira while blushing, Hakaira noticed that Yura was too embarrassed to say what she wanted to, so he smiled and quietly whispered into her hear, "Just tell me through your mind."

Yura realizing her mistake lowered her and nodded, she then transferred what she had wanted to do with Hakaira which was even harder for her to do the more she thought about it.

But as she transferred thoughts to Hakairas, Hakaira realized what Yura had wanted to do which resulted in him blushing as well.

He then said, "I don't know much about that."

Yura smiled and said, "We'll learn I guess."

The two then smiled and chuckled, Yura then slowly caressed Hakairas lower area which sent a shock throughout his body.

Hakaira at that moment felt another new emotion as he watched Yura taking his clothes off, revealing his well toned muscles in the process.

Yura then proceeded to take off her clothes showing her well developed chest which Hakaira could not take his eyes off.

The two then removed the last layer of clothing off their body, Yura who saw Hakairas size gulped as she thought of how her body would take that.

Hakaira who was clueless asked, "Whats wrong?"

Yura smiled and replied, "Nothing."

The two then removed the last layer of clothing on their body the two then moved onto the bed where Yura took Hakairas hand and placed next to her crotch which made her moan.

Hakaira felt a sudden passion in his actions as he kissed Yura by her neck, Yura was caught off guard as she kissed him as well.

She then hugged Hakaira and told him, "I want you put become one with me, Hakaira."

Hakaira who vaguely understood nodded and let Yura guide him inside her, Yura winced in pain as Hakaira slowly went inside her.

Hakaira was worried and asked, "Are you ok Yura?", as he saw that there was a trace of blood flowing down Yuras thigh.

Yura replied with tears falling from her eyes, "Yes, Hakaira please keep going."

The two the continued as their bodies finally became one, Yura then told Hakaira to start moving, although Yura felt pain she slowly felt pleasure as Hakaira kept moving.

Although the two were inexperienced they were able to feel pleasure unlike anything that they had ever felt before.

Then after half an hour or so Yura continued moaning and was unable to finish her sentence as she moaned out in pleasure, "Ha.. Hakai... Hakaira I'm... Aahhh."

Hakaira did not know what to say but felt like he was about to release something within him as well.

The two then climaxed together as they laid there on their bed, Yura in the process fainted and laid on Hakairas chest.

Whereas Hakaira who had never felt that sort of pleasure in his life was unable to comprehend it as he laid there with Yura placing her head upon his chest.

Hakaira then smiled and said, "I love you, Yura."

Yura who had fainted unconsciously smiled and continued to sleep, Hakaira however hugged her and finally went to sleep as well.

However, as he slept he had a dream with nothing but darkness until a light once again appeared in the center.

Hakaira remembered this happen before when he had held the time stone, he then walked towards the light and saw the same man who was sitting next to the light.

Hakaira then asked, "Who are you?"

The man responded saying, "I guess you can call me, the one above or the creator of the world you're in."

Hakaira was shocked and stood there as he saw the man in front of him change into a much more grandeur form.

"Hello Hakaira, You're creator had told me much about you."


(Author's note: Thanks for the name Arunavazael worked perfectly.)


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