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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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64 Apologies...

@@For those who thought that this was a chapter I apologize but it isn't, I would just like to state the current mistakes that I have been making concerning the one above all.

Lately I've been getting writer blocks which I never thought that I might have but honestly I do.

And that is what made me underestimate and mess up the personality and characteristics of Above all/Stan lee who is the creator of the MCU.

I literally did not know what I was doing until I reread the latest chapter and noticed, "Oh shit... I F**ked up big time."

Honestly from an audience view I messed up and and the only way I would be able to change that is to completely revise the last two chapters and give a different approach to Above alls personality.

Yes I admit my mistake and I am willing to correct it seeing as how it possibly started with the whole fortnite shit and became even more fucked up along the way.

So I decided to revise the two new chapters and try to fix my mistake, otherwise I might as well go along with my dumbass thoughts at the moment.

So I am afraid that I will be taking down the two latest chapters and I will be writing two new chapters sometime this coming week.

Thats all and once again I apologize, and thank you for not roasting me that much in the comments which honestly should have given me a wake up call sooner.



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