A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
65 The Beyonders and The One above all.
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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65 The Beyonders and The One above all.

Hakairas Pov...

As I walked towards the light, I saw the same lamp that was standing upon the table and a notebook next to it containing sketches of the avengers, but then as I walked closer to the book I saw something shocking.

Within the book was a drawing of woman that strangely looked exactly like Yura who was standing next to the avengers and facing creature that similarly looked much like a Kaiju.

I was confused as I extended my arms to grab the book and observe its contents, but before I could, a hand appeared from the darkness and grabbed the book.

I was taken by surprise and nearly stumbled backwards, however as I did, I saw that a man had walked out from the shadows and revealed himself as the same man whom I had met before when I touched the time stone.

I was cautious as I asked the man who he was, \"Who are you?\"

Unlike the last time where the man panicked and answered me by shouting in fear of me hurting him, this time he looked calm and smiled.

I then remembered a sensation that I had once felt when I first met god, but this man displayed a much grandeur and intimidating appearance.

The man found my reaction slightly amusing as he walked closer to me and made a chair appear next to him.

He then sat on the chair and looked at me and then snapped his fingers which suddenly sent a shock throughout my brain and revealed who he was.

I was surprised to learn that this man was none other that the creator of this universe including all the entities that reside within it, and that his name is Above all.

Above all then smiled and said, \"Hello Hakaira, You're creator has told me much about you.\"

I was surprised to learn that I was now standing in front of a being such as Above all and that the fact that he knew my name made it all the more overwhelming.

Suddenly as I blinked, the darkness that had surrounded me began to clear away and revealed a light that illuminated everything around me.

I then looked back at above all and saw him not only growing taller but was brightly shining, as I gazed at his appearance I felt that I could go blind if I kept on doing so.

In fact, I was having a hard time trying to look at him while at the same time covering my eyes, I then anxiously asked, \"Hey can you umm... tone the brightness down?\"

Above all with an apologetic tone while looking at his appearance replied saying, \"Oh! I'm sorry about that, it's been awhile since I've ever had to change into my true form and well it's kind of overwhelming.\"

I then thought to myself, \"Yeah no kidding.\"

Then as he toned down the brightness of his body, Above all revealed a golden form of himself that had defined muscles covered in gold.

His eyes which were previously closed opened and revealing a light that seemed to be able pierce through anything.

Sadly for some reason he was bald and practically had no hair, Above all then created a robe the covered his covered his entire body.

He then materialized another chair behind him and sat on it, \"Well here's the deal, you wish to get stronger do you not?\" Above all asked while waiting for my reply.

I stopped to think for a moment and after a minute or so I replied saying, \"Yes I do.\"

Above all smiled and said, \"Good, well I am just going to be blunt about it, Yura the system whom you are in love with will sacrifice herself for you when you try to receive the last infinity stone.\"

I was at first quiet and thought about what above all meant and tried to calmly process what he was trying to say.

\"What do you mean by that?' I asked as I sat on the ground seeing as how above all was going to explain something that I was probably not aware of.

Above all looked surprised and asked, \"You do not look so concerned.\"

I was impatient as I replied asking, \"No, I'm not if Yura was going to sacrifice herself it would only to help me in a way, but like hell I'm going to let that happen.\"

Above all was a bit intrigued by my attitude as I could see it in his eyes as he replied saying, \"Well, as you might want to know, the condition of obtaining the last infinity stone is the sacrifice of a loved one.\"

I then chuckled to myself as I said, \"So this was what she was hiding from me.\"

Above all looked confused and asked, \"You knew about this?\"

I looked at him and replied, \"I did not, but I really do love her for thinking that she would sacrifice herself for me.\"

Above all looked at me in pity and nodded as he asked, \"So what do you plan to do?\"

I looked at Above all and replied while smiling, \"Well there is one thing I am certain of.\"

Above all was slightly curious as he asked, \"Oh! And what would that be?\"

\"It is that Yura will be the one to obtain the last infinity stone, not me.\" I said as I tilted my head upwards and just wondered what would Yura do at that time.

Above all looked slightly shocked but seemed to accept it as he got off his chair and sat next to me.

He then looked at me and said, \"I have a favor to ask of you if I help you become stronger.\"

I was curious and asked, \"Oh what would that favor be if I might ask?\"

Above all then replied, \"Can you save my universe.\"

I was confused but what he meant so I asked, \"What do you mean by saving your universe?\"

Above all replied while looking elsewhere, \"My universe is at risk of being destroyed due to a minor pest, you might know him as Destoroyah.\"

I was surprised to hear All for one say the name of the exact Kaiju whom I had killed, \"What do you mean by Destoroyah, are you talking about the kaiju that I had previously killed.\"

Above all smiled and said, \"Yes I am talking about that Destoroyah, however he is still very much alive.\"

At the moment all I felt was utter shock due to discovering that the same pest whom I had tried to kill previously was still alive.

\"How is he still alive?\" I asked while looking at Above all.

Above all looked at me and said, \"Unfortunately, he cannot be killed not yet at least.\"

Above all looked a bit disappointed as he said, \"It was due to the result of a duel that was between Destoroyah and this one.\"

He then snapped his fingers and out of nowhere a figure with three heads appeared in front of us while bowing towards Above all.

I was caught off guard as I jumped backwards and asked, \"Who the hell is that?\"

Above all chuckled as he seemed to find my reaction amusing, \"He is one of my creations, Hakaira I would like you to meet the Living Tribunal.\"

I was slightly intimidated this humanoids appearance as he stood up and looked at me with three different heads placed upon his shoulders.

The humanoid which I could only call living tribunal with its middle head looked at me and spoke in a kind and thoughtful tone saying, \"I must say it is truly amazing to see another being beyond of a universe which I am created to oversee.\"

I was about to say the same when the living tribunal suddenly spoke in a questioning tone, I then looked closer and saw that the other side of its head which was fully covered, spoke.

\"However, is it truly necessary for this being to be involved with our universes affair?\" The fully covered head of the Living Tribunal said as he seemed to be making a decision.

I felt slightly offended as I wanted to ask what he meant by that when the Living tribunal spoke in a tone full of anger.

\"We must destroy it, then find that damned creature that gave us this shame, we must seek our vengeance.\"

I was honestly confused and got a little pissed about the humanoids last statement, in fact I was just waiting to see what he would do next.

Above all looked exhausted as he said, \"Tribunal stay back for now.\"

As if it was a command the Living Tribunal spoke in the same different tones at the same time saying, \"Yes creator.\"

It then bowed and stayed that way, I then looked at Above all to clarify what the hell just happened, Above all then sighed and explained.

\"It all started when the one whom you call Destoroyah and his so called patron appeared in my domain and challenged me to a bet. The bet was mainly a battle to the death between my champion and Destoroyah. I of course rejected them then and there, as I saw it as a waste of time and effort.\"

I then wanted to ask Above all why did he accept the bet anyways, however he seemed to understand what I wanted to say as he continued by saying, \"It could not be helped as Living Tribunal accepted the bet on my behalf due to Destoroyahs patron insulting me as a coward for not accepting his bet.\"

Above all then looked towards Living Tribunal and said, \"It was honestly my fault as I had thought that Living Tribunal would easily defeat Destoroyah, but as the duel began in a pocket dimension created by Destoroyahs patron, he then mentioned that throughout this duel our champions would fight to the death while having their connections to us cut off.\"

I was confused and asked him, \"But why would that affect Living Tribunal.\"

\"The reason why this would hinder Living Tribunal was because all of his powers that made him basically omnipotent was only available through his connection with me this was the same for him and all of my other creations.\" Above all said as he recalled all that had happened concerning the duel.

Above all then said, \"Therefore after remembering that if I were to lose the bet then I would need to grant Destoroyah and his Patron, three conditions which I obviously did not want to as I immediately tried to force the duel from continuing by destroying the pocket dimension.\"

I expected that from Above all as he probably did not want to be taken advantage of by Destoroyah and his patron.

\"But it was then I realized that it was too late as Destoroyahs patron countered my abilities and canceled my powers from destoroying the pocket dimension.\"

As above all said that I was left with utter surprise and basically shock as I never expected Destoroyahs patron to have that kind of power that could override Above alls own.

\"But how?\" I asked wondering how could Destoroyahs patron possibly have that much power.

He then sat down and said, \"Destoroyahs patron had a backing from beings that have opposed my creation for a long time.\"

\"Who?\" I asked seeing as how there were other actual beings that could oppose the creator of a universe such as Above all.

\"The beyonders...\"


Authors note:

I would like to thank everyone for reading this chapter, and I would like to express my concern for the virus known as Covid-19. If you are reading this then I would like to just remind everyone to stay safe and healthy as there is no cure for the virus as of yet. Therefore I would like everyone who has read this novel to keep in mind the dangers of Corona Virus and to stay safe.

That is all and thanks for reading...


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