A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
66 Goodbye for now...
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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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66 Goodbye for now...

General Pov...

As Above all revealed the identity of the being that had helped Destoroyahs patron obtain the ability to even overpower him to Hakaira.

All Hakaira felt was curiosity as he had gotten used to the shock by now, \"But who are the beyonders?\" Hakaira asked with a tone full of curiosity.

Above all sighed and replied saying, \"The beyonders are beings who exist outside the multiverse, in fact one might even say that they are gods.\"

Hakaira then asked, \"So if you were to compare yourself to them, who would be stronger?\"

Above all smiled and said, \"Well in my universe which I can consider my domain, I have the upper hand-\"

Hakaira was relieved to hear that, but that relief was only for a few seconds as Above all finished his sentence by saying, \"However, they can easily overpower me if they obtain the main materials that form my domain.\"

Hakaira realizing what Above all meant blurted out, \"The infinity stones.\"

Above all nodded and said, \"The beyonders had used Destoroyah and his patron to have them deceive me and collect the infinity stones on their behalf so that they could use it to enter my universe and simply, kill me.\"

After processing what Above all had just conveyed he then asked, \"But well then why don't you just keep the infinity stone from... ohh... the conditions.\"

Hakaira then realized why Above all was unable to do anything against Destoroyah, Above all with an understanding look nodded and said, \"Yes.\"

\"After losing the match Living Tribunal was killed, however this was no problem as I could recreate Living Tribunal from his destroyed essence or whatever was left of him. But the problem was the conditions that I needed to grant due to the losing the bet.\" Above all then sighed once again as if to signify that recounting all events that had happened took a toll on him.

He then continued saying, \"Because the beyonders had abilities that could enforce a being to submit to them, the duel empowered this ability of theirs as even I was unable to escape it.\"

Hakaira then understood that even after losing Above all had it rough as a god like him had to submit to a lower being in status due to his mistake.

Above all then continued once more as he said, \"Since I couldn't escape the beyonders abilities I had to grant three of their conditions through Destoroyahs patron.\"

\"What was the first condition?\" Hakaira asked with a tone of anticipation.

Above all looked at Hakaira and replied saying, \"It is difficult to explain but all in all, that first condition was that they just wanted to make sure that until the all stones were in their position I could not personally interfere.\"

Hakaira nodded as he understood that the beyonders did want Above all their main adversary to be involved at all.

Hakaira then wanted to ask Above all what was the second condition, however Above all said it anyways knowing what Hakaira was probably thinking it.

\"The second condition was that none of my creations, meaning the celestials would know about the existence of Destoroyah until he had gathered all of the stones.\" After explaining what the second condition was Above all sighed.

Knowing that Above all probably knew what I was thinking he quickly explained what the last condition was.

\"The third and final condition was a vessel, mainly a body that could contain the powers of all the infinity stones as well as the ability to transfer that vessels power to another being.\" Above all then materialized a couch next to him and laid on while finishing his explanation.

\"After granting all three of these conditions, Destoroyah and his patron entered my universe and had searched for the six infinity stones. However, after gathering all five Destoroyah learned the condition of the last infinity stone.\"

At this moment Hakaira had paid full attention to what Above all would say next, as he was curious to whether Destoroyah even had anyone whom he loved.

Above all looked at Hakaira and said, \"As you might want to know, the mountain cliff that contained the soul stone had the power to turn anyone powerless and strip them of their abilities if they were sacrificed by someone that they loved. But it had to be one of the two parties own choice to either sacrifice the other or to be sacrificed without being influenced by another.\"

Hakaira realized what might happen in the near future as he felt that the information that Above all had just said was meant for him.

But he listened as Above all said, \"It was sort of funny as Destoroyahs patron pushed Destoroyah off the cliff to see whether it would work, of course it didn't as Destoroyah was able to use his ability to avoid falling any further.\"

Hakaira chuckled and thought, \"Well they tried.\"

Above all smiled as well, but looked somber the next second as he spoke with a tone full of sadness, \"However, this did not stop Destoroyah from forcing others to sacrifice their own loved ones, however this did not work in the end as hundreds were sacrificed meaninglessly.\"

Hakaira was shocked and was slowly angered as Above all said, \"Hundreds including children, and innocent people had been sacrificed for the last infinity stone but this did not complete the condition required to obtain the soul stone.\"

Hakaira was pissed at that point as he said, \"So you just watched.\"

Above all looked at Hakaira with a saddened expression and nodded, \"However, due the conditions of the mountain cliff this prevented Destoroyah from obtaining the last infinity stone, that is why until now he has been waiting for someone to willingly obtain the infinity stone for him.\"

Hakaira then looked at Above all and asked, \"Is that all there is to it?\"

Above all looked at Hakaira and nodded while saying, \"Thats pretty much all that had happened, and what it will lead to is something that you can already imagine.\"

Hakaira then asked, \"So you're saying is that I should not get the last infinity stone.\"

Above all looked like he was thinking for a second and said, \"Well after going through about twenty million possibilities, the best one that is most beneficial for you to help me out is to acquire the last infinity stone.\"

Hakaira wanted to ask more about what he should do when suddenly everything round him began to fade.

Above all looked around and said, \"Oops looks like its time for you to leave.\"

\"Wait I still have to ask you a few more questions.\" Hakaira quickly added as he looked towards Above all.

Above all smiled and made a small hand gesture, \"I made a small shield on your memories, that way no one will know about this conversation of ours except you. Well since you have questions I'll answer all of them in due time but goodbye for now.\"

Above all then snapped his fingers and waved while Hakaira felt like he was falling backwards and immediately tried to sit up.

As he did he realized that he was now back on the same bed, with Yura looking at with a worried expression.

\"Are you ok host?\" Yura asked with a soft tone in her voice that somehow calmed Hakairas nerves as he smiled and hugged her while saying, \"Everything's fine Yura.\"


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