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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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67 Sacrifice...

General Pov...

As Hakaira woke up and saw that Yura was next to him he immediately hugged her and caressed her hair.

Yura started to blush but felt calm as she found comfort in Hakairas embrace, meanwhile Hakaira was still thinking about his dream and what above all had told him.

Hakaira then released a reluctant Yura from his embrace as he looked into her eyes and smiled.

Seeing Hakaira smile at her Yura smiled back and felt happiness surging throughout her chest, but was taken by surprise as Hakaira kissed her without warning while embracing her once more.

Yura did not reject Hakaira as she gave him the same amount of passion and hugged him even tighter than before and finding comfort in his arms.

That night became even more restless as the two kept going for next three to four hours.

Meanwhile all the dwarves at the party were enjoying themselves, getting drunk and chatting amongst each other for hours.

King Eitri was glad to see his people enjoying themselves, in fact he felt eternally grateful to Hakaira for helping them in their time of need.

But while he was enjoying the festivities he saw one short blonde headed woman sitting at a metallic table drinking by herself.

King Eitri was curious and so he walked towards her and asked, \"Why do you look so down, protector Carol?\"

Carol was surprised by King Eitris sudden appearance, but smiled as she saw that King Eitri was merely concerned for her.

Carol then replied saying, \"Well it's because I have this uncomfortable feeling that something is going to happen and we might not be prepared for it.\"

King Eitri who was happily gulping his ale stopped and asked, \"Do you mean Thanos, Protector?\"

Carol looked towards King Eitri and shook her head, as she then replied saying, \"I'm not really sure, but for some reason I don't think that's the case.\"

King Eitri looked disturbed and wanted to ask Carol as to what she mean't by that, in fact most of the other dwarfs heard what Carol said and wanted to know what she mean't by that.

Carol realizing that the dwarfs were on edge due to what she said, and probably perhaps due to their post traumatic experience with Thanos's army that nearly massacred their people if not for Hakaira and Yura's intervention.

Noticing the awkward situation, she immediately tried to change the subject as she asked, \"King Eitri do you have any other locations or method that might help you and your people escape from Thanos's army?\"

Realizing that Carol wanted to change the subject, after seeing as how his people were on edge King Eitri shouted saying, \"Oh yes thank you for reminding me Protector Carol, my fellow dwarves I know that it has been hard on all of us for the past event that has befallen upon us but we will persevere!!\"

King Eitri and his fellow dwarves then made a plan that had never been done before, they planned to make the star nidavellir their home planet into a moving vessel.

At first this would have not been approved by any of their brethren as they had a treaty with odin the king of Asgard, this treaty ensured that the dwarfs would be under their protection as long as they provided weapons to them.

Therefore, if they had made their home planet into moving vessel, it would be hard for the Asgardians to find them.

However, as they never received any messages from Asgard when they were under siege from Thanos's army they assumed the worst.

But now that they survived they would make sure that the same event would not happen again in the future.

Meanwhile Carol who had been watching the dwarfs coming up with a plan for their survival she smiled and walked up to King Eitri who had a proud expression on his face.

Seeing how Carol was walking up to him, King Eitri stopped what he was doing and looked towards her direction to see what she wanted to talk about.

\"It seems that you have a lot on your plate, so I will take my leave, please inform Hakaira and Yura that I will be heading out first.\" Carol then formed a golden aura around her as she began floating into the air.

Seeing how she had somewhere to go, King Eitri did not say anything else but nodded and said, \"Good luck Protector Carol.\"

Carol smiled and nodded, a helmet then covered her head as she allowed the golden aura to envelop her completely, she then faced a certain direction and flew at an alarming speed.

The dwarfs who saw her floating in front of them at first, now only saw a stream of light disappearing into the cosmos.

King Eitri nodded and shouted, \"Alright!! Dwarfs let us pave a way for our survival!!!\"

The Dwarfs then went to work as they tried to completely reform their home planet into a moving vessel, one that could escape even the Titan Thanos himself.

Then as hours passed by Hakaira and Yura had now both awoken and were fully dressed after their late night activity which was an experience that both of them would never forget.

The two were silent but held hands at first, but Hakaira broke the silence as he said, \"Yura I love you with all of my heart.\"

Yura was filled an immense amount of happiness as she hugged Hakaira and said, \"I love you two Hakaira.\"

The two then shared a kiss of passion as they then made their way out of their room and saw none other than Ingrain waiting on the other side of the workshop.

Hakaira realizing that the dwarf must have been waiting for them smiled and called out his name, \"Oy Ingrain!!\"

Hearing his name Ingrain looked towards Hakaira and Yura and smiled while shouting, \"Hey Hakaira King Eitri wants to talk to you guys.\"

Hakaira was surprised as he looked towards Yura and lifted both of his shoulders as he saw that even Yura was surprised.

The two then followed Ingrain who took them directly to King Eitri who seemed to be waiting for them.

As King Eitri saw the two of them arrive he immediately walked up to Hakaira and bowed before him.

Hakaira was even more surprised as King Eitri then said, \"Hakaira I would once again like to express my gratitude to you for saving my people, from now on I King Eitri swear to all the gods that I will always come to your aid and in your time of need. This is my Oath, the oath of King Eitri!!\"

Hakaira felt King Eitri's sincerity in each of his words as he walked up to the king and helped him stand, he then smiled and said, \"Thank you King Eitri I will always remember what you have done for me.\"

King Eitri smiled and nodded, Hakaira then looked towards Yura and then back at King Eitri, he then whispered into his ear saying, \"King Eitri, about your offer I feel that one day Yura will need it more than me, so if you can I hope that you will help her.\"

King Eitri was confused as why was it only Yura that would need his help, but King Eitri nodded and said, \"I will assist the both of you, if you should ever require my help.\"

Hakaira nodded and stepped back, he then looked around and saw that each dwarf was busy working as they tried to reform everything around them.

Hakaira wanted to ask what they were doing but instead said, \"Well I guess this is goodbye for now King Eitri.\"

The King nodded and said, \"Yes for now my friend.\"

Hakaira returned the gesture as he nodded and walked back next to Yura who held his hand and leaned on his left shoulder.

Hakaira felt happy from Yura's gesture as he patted her head with his right hand, he then was about to create a portal using the space law to transport them to the planet Vormir, when Ingrain abruptly shouted towards the two, \"Wait!!\"

Hakaira looked back and saw Ingrain throwing a device that had a red button on it, Hakaira was confused but as he looked back at Ingrain he saw the dwarf making a call me gesture as if to say that the device he had just given them was something that will allow them to call him.

Hakaira shook his head while chuckling as he said, \"Thanks Ingrain.\"

Hakaira then handed Yura the device and while drawing a pentagram which in turn became a portal that transported the two to their location.

King Eitri then looked towards the stars and said, \"Good luck my friends!\"

Meanwhile at the center of celestial existence, Hakaira and Yura were met with a barren land along with an endless dessert that seemed to stretch for 1000 miles even with Hakaira's sight.

Hakaira then looked towards the dark amethyst sky with an eclipsed sun that shed very little light unto the planet.

Hakaira then around and saw a lonely mountain in the distance that seemed to almost pierce the sky, at that moment Hakaira felt a compulsion coming from the mountain as it seemed to interact with the space laws contained within his glove.

Hakaira then looked at Yura and saw that she had a gloomy expression upon her face, she then tried to smile as she looked at Hakaira and said, \"Let's go Host.\"

She then ran towards the mountain at full speed with Hakaira following her every step of the way and saying, \"Okay Yura.\"


Author's note:

Well it seems that I am not dead yet I guess, but someone might, anyways stay home stay safe you guys.

Good bye for now....


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