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A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim
Author :Noreason12
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68 I Love you...

General Pov...

As Hakaira and Yura walked through the portal and arrived on planet Vormir, Hakaira saw the mountain in the distance.

Surprisingly enough Hakaira felt a tug from the Infinity laws contained within his infinity glove on left hand that seemed attracted to the mountain.

Hakaira then looked towards Yura who was quiet and said, \"let's go\", Yura responded with a nod instead saying anything like she normally would.

Hakaira knew but decided not to say anything as he then used the space law to teleport both him and Yura closer to the mountain.

But as they teleported, Hakaira noticed that they were now only a few hundreds of meters away from the mountain.

He tried once more to let the space law teleport them closer, but it could not as it seemed to no longer work.

Hakaira wanted to know why, when he suddenly saw Yura walking on ahead towards the mountain.

Hakaira knew that what her purpose was as he quickly followed without letting her get ahead of him, he then quickly grabbed her hand and said, \"Yura wait for me.\"

Yura who had been quiet, slowly grasped Hakaira's hand slowly and said, \" Ok but we better hurry up host.\"

She then looked at Hakaira with a smile on her face that made Hakaira's heart ache as he knew that Yura's smile was one that drastically different than before.

He knew that Yura was only smiling because she was trying to hide her pain, but Hakaira smiled and held her hand while walking towards the mountain at a faster pace.

The two were silent as they reached the foot of the mountain and saw that there were stair cases the two began climbing them to reach the top.

However, even then both Hakaira and Yura were silent as they did not even mutter a single word and kept walking without even looking at each other at this point.

But then as Hakaira saw that they were getting nearly 50 meters above the ground, Yura who had been silent asked him, \"Umm... Hakaira.\"

Hakaira was surprised as he thought that Yura would be silent throughout the entire time, but he replied anyways knowing what she was probably going to ask, \"What is it Yura?\"

Yura looked into his dark eyes for a second and averted her gaze the next as she then asked, \"Would you miss if I was gone?\"

Hakaira then stopped walking and stood in silence, Yura who saw this was worried that Hakaira might've caught onto her intentions.

She then quickly tried to say something in order to switch the subject, but Hakaira cut her off by saying, \"No...\"

As Yura heard what Hakaira said, something inside her died as tears started forming in her eyes as she asked in a melancholic tone, \"Wh... why... why wouldn't you miss me host?\"

Hakaira then turned towards Yura and said, \"Because I would rather die, than to live alone without you.\"

Yura who had cried from fear that Hakaira did not love her, cried even more as she realized that Hakaira did not want to lose her or even live without her.

She then hugged Hakaira and said nothing else as tears continued to fall from her eyes, and after a moment silence between the two Hakaira and Yura continued onto the top of the mountain.

After reaching the top Hakaira felt a presence coming from in front of him, he quickly prepared himself as he saw a dark phantom floating towards them.

Hakaira at first thought that it was Death or Oblivion the entities that he hated and did not want to meet at all.

But as he looked closer at the dark which slowly descended towards them, Hakaira noticed that the phantom's aura was different from what he felt when first met Death and Oblivion.

Then as the phantom slowly descended, it retracted the upper part of its silhouette covering its face, Hakaira was truly surprised that the phantom looked more like that of human skull covered with only a single layer of red skin.

Hakaira was slightly disturbed but then remembered that he has seen worse and that the phantoms face was not that bad.

The phantom then spoke saying, \"Hmm... Interesting I have no indication as to what you two are.\"

Hakaira then replied asking, \"Who are you, if I might ask?\"

The red skulled phantom who was curiously observing both Yura and Hakaira then responded saying, \"I was once a mortal that sought the powers of the infinity stones and was cursed to purgatory for it, now I am only a guide to those who seek what lies within this the soul stone.\"

Hakaira was slightly suspicious of the red skulled phantom but chose to believe him as he asked the red skulled phantom, \"So where is the soul stone?\"

Red skull (A.N: I'm just going to call him that...) then slowly nodded and replied while turning his back to Hakaira and Yura saying, \"Follow me.\"

Hakaira and Yura did not say anything to each other as they followed the red skulled phantom onto a rough rocky platform with two pillars on both sides which only seemed to pierce the clouds.

Near the edge of the platform, a cliff was where Hakaira felt a sense of dread going off in his head, he then looked towards Yura and saw that she still could not look at him in the eyes.

Red skull then turned towards both Hakaira and Yura and said, \"There on the edge is how you will obtain the final infinity stone, the soul stone.\"

Hakaira then walked towards the edge and saw nothing he then tried to look back towards Red skull but then Yura had came up to him and stood between him and Red skull.

Hakaira then looked at Yura and asked, \"What's wrong Yura?\"

Yura then looked at Hakaira with tears in her eyes and kissed Hakaira without warning, Hakaira did not expect her to do that but did not reject her advance as he pulled her even tighter than before.

He then implanted a message along with a memory of his that Yura would not be able to unlock unless a certain condition was fulfilled.

As Yura parted her lips from Hakaira's without saying another word she quickly ran to Hakaira's left in hopes of leaping off the edge of the cliff.

But as she was about to jump Hakaira grabbed her left arm and pulled her back into his embrace, Yura was filled countless emotions as she tried to push Hakaira away from her.

No matter how hard she tried, to no avail was she able to push Hakaira away from her.

Hakaira then walked slowly towards the edge of the cliff and then said, \"Yura...\"

Yura realizing what Hakaira was trying to do tried to pull him back from the edge while crying, Hakaira smiled as he continued, \"I can't seem to remember a time without being with you that I wasn't happy.\"

Yura then sobbed as she looked into Hakaira's eyes with tears streaming down her cheek as she said, \"Host please don't do this...\"

Hakaira felt guilt and pain from watching the woman whom he loved crying and in pain as well, but no matter how hard he wanted to tell her the reason of why he needed to do this, the seal which Above all made restricted him from doing so.

Therefore, the only thing he could do was try to make her smile, but no matter how hard he tried he was unable to as he felt no joy in doing this.

So he continued to slowly walk towards the edge as he felt the cold wind embrace his back, as it seemed to pierce his thick skin made of magic, in fact as he stood there with only a single step to plummet down into the bottom of the mountain Hakaira felt powerless, he felt vulnerable.

He then did one last thing as he looked back at Yura who was screaming to Hakaira of how much she did not want him to do this, but Hakaira merely smiled and said, \"I won't be gone for too long.\"

He then made a seal to trap both Yura's legs as he leaned backwards and released both Yura's arms which held him tightly.

He then saw Yura desperately trying to reach his left hand only to pull the infinity glove off, but Hakaira smiled and slowly whispered, which Yura saw by reading his lips , \"Wait... for... me.\"

Yura shouted Hakaira's name as she tried to jump in after him but was unable to due to Hakaira's seal.

Meanwhile Hakaira who had been falling, felt his abilities stripping away as he felt exposed for the first time in his life.

However, this time he knew that this would have never happened unless Yura loved and so he smiled as he fell towards his death.

Yura cried out his name once more as light pierced the sky and illuminated the entire planet as it pierced through the clouds.

Without caring about what was happening around her Yura cried out Hakaira's name and received no response.

She then fainted as she sat where she was and hoping that this was all just a dream, but then as she did something opened within her mind.

Yura looked around and saw that she was in the same dimension that both her and Hakaira would go to in order to unlock the secrets of the infinity stones.

However, she saw that there was no one there until a voice from behind her spoke, calling out her name, \"Yura.\"

Yura recognized the voice as Hakaira's as she quickly turned to see a fading version of him standing in front of her and looking at her with a smile.

Yura slowly walked towards the faded version of Hakaira as she said, \"Host...\"

The faded version of Hakaira looked at her and smiled, he then responded saying, \"Yura, I am sorry for what I had to do but this was the only way for you to live on without having to sacrifice yourself for my sake.\"

Yura then shouted towards the faded message, \"But that was what I was created for to only help you become stronger that was my only purpose, nothing else.\"

Expecting to be no response the faded message then said, \"You may think that, but if you had not once been there with me, then I would never have been able to overcome hurdles that even my previous body could.\"

Yura was surprised by faded messages response as she saw the message walking closer to her as it continued by saying, \"My lonely life as a kaiju was pointless as in the end I was betrayed by the creatures that I protected, in fact as I reincarnated all I wanted to do was kill every human that existed. However, after meeting you I found a way to take my mind off those things as you made me feel emotions that I have not once felt.\"

Yura then saw the faded message crouching in front of her as it finished it's said this, \"So even though I won't be able to say this to you in person or make up for my action, I just wanted to say-\"

The faded message then hugged Yura as she at first was shocked but then felt warmth as it finished it lasts words, \"I love you and I hope you will wait for me.\"

More tears fell from Yura's face as she nodded and buried her head into the faded messages arms, but unbeknownst to her the message smiled as it faded into particles leaving Yura alone.

Yura then closed her eyes and saw that she was still on planet Vormir but was apparently in a pond of water, she then looked at her right hand and within her palm was the infinity glove.

But as she tried to stand she felt an object within her left, so she took a moment to look and saw a reddish-yellow gem that reacted to the infinity glove in her right palm.

Yura smiled as she looked into the sky while saying, \"I'll be waiting host.\"


Author's note: Yes our MC dies again but this is only the final and last time that he will ever die, and for those that wondered why I did this, well here is why.

At first I wanted Yura to be sacrificed but then decided against it, so then I thought that sacrificing Hakaira will allow Yura to develop as a character, but don't worry Hakaira will join the battle soon enough.

That's for now and don't be too harsh on me in the comments, also thank you for reading...


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