A King's journey
1 Prologue
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A King's journey
Author :Phantom_DX
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1 Prologue

He woke up,and was a little confused.Right now he was in place that was full of white.Nothing but white no sky no ground or anything.Suddenly a bright light covered the whole area.And you could see a man with long white beard sitting on a tatami mat sipping tea.

It felt odd,but very soothing presence flew by and he was brought back to reality by a voice.

"Now now are you going to stand there lookin at me or join me"

Again he didn't feel tense or anything around him but he felt compelled to obey him.So he sat down.And the bearded man started pouring tea to a cup in front of him.,and said

"well I guess you have something to ask me of i'm correct."

"well yeah who are you?"

The man was taken aback by him carefree response

"well you could call me god or the one who above all or the creator etc"

"God huh,so that I'm here it means I died correct" he said with a slightly disappointed tone.

"Well yeah,all things short you died.And as a matter of fact please let me apologize to you"

The old man god said bowing down.

"Oh no no no please raise your head.What do you mean by apologising?" The boy asked curiously.

"I was actually mending the world field and found there were some holes around the planet you lived called earth. So when I tried to fix them my power got leaked into your body and overloaded it causing to explode"

The old took a deep breath after saying all that in a single breadth.And looked at the boy to see his reaction.

And saw that he was really struggling to hold his laughter.

"what happened ? why are you laughing ??. He asked confused .

"Oh nothing , actually I had bet with my friend that I would die by exploding or getting crushed , seemes like I won."

This time after hearing the reply the god also loosed up and thought with a gentle smile

- 'He really got that sense of humor from him did n't he'

The boy also noticed the look on gods face and said

"Looks like you've calmed down. So what im i gonna do now ? stay with you here , go to heaven or hell ? "

"Oh I forgot about that actually most of the mortals after diying are added into the cycle of samsara and reborn into new bodies ."

"Hmm interesting, it's like that huh. So Im gonna reincarnate? " he asked.

"Actually no.I can't really reincarnate you.You see after you got overloaded with my power your body and soul got a bit of divinity.So it's inseparable now "

"Divinity... so I'm a god now ..??"

"No actually you are a human and a god at the same time so I could say maybe a demigod"

"Oh that's cool. So what are you gonna do now"

"I have collected all the parts of your exploded body and put together a new one for you"

"Okey so I'm going with a body, then it's transmigration"

"Basically yes, but the problem is that you won't be able to go to your original world"

"Huuih but why ...." he asked raising a little voice

"its a bit complicated , you see no one in yoir world have any powers because it's connection with akasha got severed"

"Akasha you mean the akashic record" he asked with a amazed look.

"Yes the akashic record they contain the information of every existence and it's what power gods.We get the information about our domains form it and use it to control whatever it is."

"So since it doesn't reach in my world i can't go there."

"Well you could go there but will not be able to exist there without refiling your mana reserves"

"So I can go there huh" he said in relief.

"yeah but not like this if you want to go you'll need to get stronger."

"Okey as long as can see my family again " he said in a determined tone.and turned to the old god who was sipping his tea.

"Okay I'm ready to go.When do I get to go "

The god stopped sipping his tee seeing the boy getting fired up and said

"Right away ,but before you go...."
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    《A King's journey》