A King's journey
2 Reincarnation and awakening
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A King's journey
Author :Phantom_DX
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2 Reincarnation and awakening

"Uuhhh that sure felt weird" said the boy cluching his stomach tightly.

After a while he started looking around right where he was transferred to.

"Hmm the old man did say that he would sent me to a relatively safer place for starters."


"Before you go i have to tell you about the world you are going to, it's called zenith"

"Oh cool , so it's a world where magic exist"

"yeah they still have the connection with akasha so mana flows there. and .."

"Ok and the world is not as technically advanced as my previous world" he said completing the sentence.

"Exactly. How did you know about all of this. Don't tell me you have already made connection with akasha." the god said surprised.

"Oh come on its the most cliche set up in almost all the transmigration novels. It's so obvious that it's a place like medieval europe."

he said shrugging his head

"Well you do have some points correct it's certainly have a resemblance with your old europe but I can't say that they are not that backwards in technology too"

" What does that means. ?? Usually when people have magic or something they rely on them too much"

"yes you are correct but they learned to incorporate magic into technologies to make advanceed ones. So they are quite advanced than medeavel europe."

"Okay I think I'm getting the hang of it . A world of sword and magic with magic technology right."

"Bingo ..."the old man said taking a thumbs up sign out of nowhere.

"mmhm enough of that . Now let's get into the real thing.

When you get there you will link up with akasha and it will give you all of the other basic info.For that you have to say status. got it "


"Okay here goes nothing"

STATUS .....






"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY HEADDDDDDD..." he started screeming and clutching his head with extreme pain

( Meanwhile with god )

"Oh it seems like the transfer was successful he seems to be safely landed....




Aaah i forgot to tell him that connection of akasha will be paimful.

Hope he doesn't mind it"

"That damn geezer..... i will RIP you apart.

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he growled while in pain .

After a whole 10 minutes which felt like eternity the pain it came to a stop for his relief.

"Ding...A new user was connected to akasha

commencing full body scan.....




scan complete

Displaying status"


RACE : Human (????? spirit)

AGE :15



HP : 100 MP : 100

STR : -F

DEF : -F

AGI : -F

INT : -E

LUC : -F


God's blessings (passive) - Able to get 10x experience after defeating an opponent.

Domain(locked) - Unlock your domain to know more.

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

Swordsmanship (passive) [+E] - increases your focus and attack by 60% while using a sword.

"Hmm so that's my stats according to god average level of a villager is 8 and stat is F

woah all except intelligence is -F maybe it's because of the whole strengthening the soul thing. And then there is my name....."


"OK then noe to the next important thing since your body and soul got divinity you are no longer the person you were once ."

" So that means what..." he said anxiously.

"It means that when you connect with akasha it will recognize you as a new person so you won't have anything belonged to your former self..." he paused for a second

"Which includes..."

"Your memories of previous self...." god said quietly , and there was a silence ...




"WHAT.... What do mean my memories if I don't have them how will I return to my former world" said the boy who was now getting frustrated.

"No no there's no need to panic you know. When you find your domain and gain more authority level as a god you can do something like that easily.But for now this is for the good the memories of your past will limit you I'm your growth.

So it's better that you gain them after you become strong .

Simple right.."

"Like hell it is simple . And don't forget that it's your fault that all this happened."

"I know I know thats why I will leave you a compensation , so be happy okay."

"Hmph like i got another choice anything else I need to know old man.." he asked once more to be sure.

"Hmm no I think that's it.....

Oh wait there's one more thing I couldn't get all your exploded particles since some went poof so the body i made would be little more younger than your original one.."

"I don't even know what to say now ..... just let me go." he said dejectedly.

"oww don't be sad I'm sure you will have fun"

"You know , its creepy when you say that to a grown adult man you know."....

"Well not anymore.....see you soon" He finished as he tapped the boys head and a magic formation covered him


"Hmm so well that's it for now, I should consider leveling up and getting to higher authorities.But for now let's see what this new world has in store for me."

The boy stood at the top of the hill as will rustled through his short blond hair and the sun was rising at the eastern Creek.


" HA HA HA that's right show us what you have in store for us , surpass all your predecessors. Bring forth the utopia they were so close to even as humans . Now that you have access to the power of gods what miracles will you perform ...


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    《A King's journey》