A King's journey
3 New world and discoveries
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A King's journey
Author :Phantom_DX
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3 New world and discoveries

Arthur decided to walk east since it was the only route that seemed leading to the hill top.

"Wait a minute, didn't the old man said something about compensating me for his blunder"

He asked himself.

Right now he was wearing a normal cotton medieval style clothing.He looked at his pockets and even inside the cloths but no avail.

"Nothing! so no cheat item or something huh.Did he scam me?"

A thought cross his mind

"Maybe its a skill or something like that let check the status again."


NAME : Arthur Pendragon

TITLES : King of Knights

RACE : Human (????? spirit)

AGE :15



HP : 100 MP : 100

STR : -F

DEF : -F

AGI : -F

INT : -E

LUC : -F


God's blessings (passive) - Able to get 10x experience after defeating an opponent.

Domain(locked) - Unlock your domain to know more.

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

Swordsmanship (passive) [+E] - increases your focus and attack by 60% while using a sword.

"What the heck, what's with that name and title"

King of Knights - Increased exp gain and bonus boost when doing chivalrous deeds

Chance of finding loyal subordinates increase.

"Well that's a useful title. But the name, i think i heard it somewhere before. And now i have another innate skill to unlock." He sighed dejectedly.

"Well no time brooding. Better find a civilization by the end of the day. Or else i would become monster food."

Looking at his surroundings, he was trying to find some weapon, or a tree branch for protection.

Once he found a nice branch which would make a makeshift weapon he continued strolling forward.

Luckily he found some edible plant around the corner,and took enough of them,for him to carry for the rest of the journey.

After reaching the base of the hill he headed toward the clearing in north and found a lake. After satisfying the thirst he continued walking and wished that there aren't any dangerous beasts lurking around.

"I better get out of this forest or find a safe shelter before it's too late." He thought.

Traveling for a couple of hours... Arthur was now starting to feel the exhaustion and fatigue on his body.

"haaaah haaaaah This is getting too tiresome. And the fact that right now my body is weaker than the world standard makes it worse." He berated.

However, since there was nothing he could do. He grit his teeth and thought "Don't give up! This is just the start."

If he stayed on this place, then he would only start to rust after a couple of months, wasting his transmigration, so he forced his body to move and continued to travel.

He continued to travel and three days passed.

During these three days he was trying to do something god recommended for starters.

It was a task God established through akasha the second day,



Objective : It's the first step to becoming strong. Sense the mana which powers you.

Reward : [Mana Sense] skill

Penalty : None

Since he already had mana inside him he thought it would be easy.

But boy he was wrong.

Sure it was pretty simple to sense atmospheric mana. But sensing inside him proved to be a difficult task.

"Why in the hell is it so hard even to sense mana...? And what is this forest i've been moving for three days and didn't reach the end yet. " he said frustrated.

Another day passed,he still hasn't seen end of the forest nor any progress in mana sense.

But then he heard a tree branch snapped, looking through the shrub to the opposite side he saw something that blew his mind.

He saw a rabbit standing on top of an almost broken branch.

It was large as it almost reaching his waist. And with a sharp looking horn sticking out of its forehead.

When it saw him, it jumped from the branch and rushed towards him in a speed that shocked him crossing 20 meters in a couple of seconds.

Looking at the rabbit which was getting closer arthur decided to run for now discarding all the fatigue he felt until now.

But no matter how fast he ran, he realized there's no way he can outran the rabbit, especially with this kind of rabbit that seems like a wild beast.

While the beast is shortening the distance, closer and closer he clenched his fist thinking about what's going to happen to him.

He suddenly turned around face to face with the incoming beast and said with newfound courage,

"So be it , if i'm gonna die here then might as well go putting up a fight."

Seeing it's prey stop in it's trails the wild rabbit rushed towards him faster and appeared right in front of Arthur.

Confronting death for the first time ever in his life, he put his hand infront of him for a final struggle

and closed his eyes waiting for the pain to come.

But soon he woke up feeling something splash on his face.

The rabbit was nowhere to be seen

Looking both sideways he saw the rabbit cleaved into two pieces on both of his sides with crimson blood all over the place.

And in his hand he was holding an invisible sword which seemed to be made out of wind.


The task has been completed.
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    《A King's journey》