A King's journey
5 Survival and Training
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A King's journey
Author :Phantom_DX
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5 Survival and Training

After a few hours Arthur woke up. His back was sore sleeping on bare ground.

Then stretching a little he went towards the nearby water source for some water but this time he was cautious so that he wouldn't attract anymore attention. Washing his face and drinking some of it he collected some water to bring with him in a small wooden bottle he had found.

Reaching the cave he took the remaining corpse of the rabbit to bleed it out and collected some dried twigs to make a fire.

As the meat was being cooked the aroma of roasted meat filled the atmosphere

"Hmmm even though i didn't add any spices or salt it already smells delicious."

After finishing the meal he then proceeded to check out all the new skill he got.

The one he really wanted to try out was the imperial eye.

He decided to check it out on the bone of the rabbit he had eaten.


Bone of Horned rabbit (Normal)

Description : Bone of a lvl 5 horned rabbit.

Mana in the bones have already dissipated

Can be used to craft some items.


"Hmm so it is called a horned rabbit. Pretty obvious. So if i use this skill i might be able to know the stats of other people."

"I'll have to confirm that later.But lets do that tomorrow.Going out in the dark could prove dangerous."

He thought as he once again went to sleep.

Tomorrow morning.

Arthur can be seen standing behind a bush with his imperial eyes activated

Name :______

Race : Horned rabbit

Level : 5

HP : 130 MP : 120

STR : F DEF : F- AGI : F+ INT : F-

"So that's a normal horned rabbit stats hmm it's agility is certainly higher since i could not see it properly. What i can exploit is it's low defense and pitiful intelligence. "

Sneaking at the back of the horned rabbit which was busy eating, arthur raised his invisible air cut a clean slash.

The rabbit's head was cut through by the sword like butter and blood started spraying

"Ohhh i need to get used to this blood shed soon."He said looking at the blood that was all over the ground.

"Well that was surprisingly easy guess i am strong after all.....

NO Bad arthur concentrate, never let your guard down." He said shaking his head.

"Well anyway i got the food for today

Let's keep this momentum for now" Arthur strolled through the clearing thinking.

After a week

A blonde haired youth could be seen fighting a bunch horned rabbits

"Hmph , hunting these guys have become really boring. One swing from invisible air is enough to kill them. Now that i have reached level 7 even the exp are not worth it i need to find something stronger for me."

Arthur thought while holding 3 rabbits he killed and waling towards his cave.

Inside the cave where arthur lived

"Sigh...It's been over a week since i came to this world. And still haven't met a single human being yet."

"I need to move on from here... or else i will never grow."

What he didn't noticed was a pair of eyes looking at the cave where he stayed, from the top of the hill in front of it.

Next morning Arthur left the cave and continued his journey towards civilization.

Days passed by and slowly he was changing due to the constant battles and life and death situations he no longer shuddered upon seeing blood.And he felt closer to himself.

He felt that he becoming himself.

During the past month Arthur was constantly polishing all of his skills and leveling fighting different monsters.

The biggest change was the appearance of a new parameter at lvl 10 in his status called authority level which was currently at lvl 1

And a new option to a skill you most needed at time . It depended on authority control and whenever it leveled up you could get a new skill from akasha.


Right now in the deep forest a young man could be seen fighting humanoid pig like creature with huge fangs carrying a wooden club.

This man was Arthur and the creature he was fighting was called an orc.

They tend to lean towards brute so arthur evading it's attacks and attacking the creatures in its's blind spots.

The orc was already very worn out by now, at last arthur finished it off by cutting of its head in a clean slice using his invisible air.




"Finally, i really missed that sound" he said blissfully.


NAME : Arthur Pendragon

TITLES : King of Knights

RACE : Human (????? spirit)

AGE :15

LEVEL : 12


HP : 280/420 (5 hp/min) MP : 310/690 (40 mp/min)

STR : E-

DEF : F+

AGI : F+


LUC : F-


God's blessings (passive) - Able to get 10x experience after defeating an opponent.

Domain(locked) - Unlock your domain to know more.

Invisible air (innate skill) - A sheath made up of multiple layers of wind compressed into super-high pressure air with a massive amount of magical energy, which distorts the refraction of light and renders what is inside completely invisible. Even being a sheath it's incredibly sharp and be used in combat

[ Mana cost - 50 mp to summon 5 mp/sec ]

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

Imperial Eyes(Special skill) [A+] - Gives user the ability to grasp the akashic records of anything

??????????????????? ???????? ???????????

Swordsmanship (passive) [D] - increases your focus and attack by 60% while using a sword.

Mana Sense (passive) - Gives the ability to perceive mana

Doubles mana regeneration

Mana Manipulation(passive) [F+] - Makes controlling mana easier.

Decreases the mana required for spells by 40%

Mana Burst(active)[A] - Increases your magic attack by 50%


"Hmm i've made much progress overall.

Even though i need to work on my defense and agility."

"Well , now for this big boy what to do,

he knew that he needs to abandon the corpse soon due to its strong odor that can attract a lot of dangerous beasts within the forest."

"Too bad it would make a good pork roast very well" , then he took IA and cut off some of the meat from the beast and continued to walk forward.

After two months

During these two months he had not seen any beasts stronger than the orc just a few more of them.

And all others were too weak.

Biting onto a wild fruit he picked up during the walk he started climbing the highest tree on the top of the hill he currently was.

Looking around from the top of the tree his eyes widened .


In the north of where he was currently at he could see a small town with walls all around them.
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    《A King's journey》