A King's journey
6 Despair and Hope
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A King's journey
Author :Phantom_DX
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6 Despair and Hope

Arthur was really excited. It's been months since he arrived in this world and he had yet to see a human yet.

Without waiting anymore time he jumped down from the tree he was currently at.

And strode down the hill in the direction where he saw the town.

In the sudden hurry he run without a care to his surroundings.

But as soon as he reached the clearing at the foot of the mountain six orcs revealed them to him.

"Oh come on not now" He dodged all the incoming attacks form the orcs and summoned his invisible air slashing through all of them quickly finishing the fight.

Without waiting anymore time he rushed in the direction once again.

Seeing this a grey colored wolf which was following him all the time also took off in the direction Arthur vent.

After going some distance it turned into the direction where trees are excessive in a hurry to relay the message to his leader.

Inside the deep forest lied a pack of wolfs with grey colored fur , when the wolf enter the den all their attention turned to him.

{"My lord the human you asked me watch seems to have found a way to their settlement."}

{"WHAT , did you stop him then...?"}

{"No my lord , rushed here soon as i could so that i could tell you about this"}

{"YOU FOOL....What would you do if he escapes"} The crimson wolf growled in anger as flames began spilling out of his mouth

All the other wolfs began withdrawing fearing him.

{"YOU take some more members and go hunt that human, i want his head today"} The leader wolf commanded the other.

Hearing this , 4 wolfs sprints out of the den to catch their prey immediately.

{"Those damn humans, How dare they enter my territory even after all that they have done. I will teach them a lesson"}

Meanwhile with Arthur

"Hooooh i think i ran enough for today.If i go in this pace i should be able to reach the town in two days." He thought as drinking water from a nearby river.

"Now that i see it no other big monsters other than those orcs have attacked me till now . Must be because that i'm closer to the outskirts of the forest now"


He was suddenly woke up from his thoughts because of the howl from the wolfs

Arthur was confused.Since he had fought quite a bit before in the forest he knew what those were" Greywolfs...? what are they doing here. I thought i already crossed their territory....Unless..."

"They were chasing after me.....?

but why i don't remember doing anything to them."

Sure he had killed quite a few before but why would they chase him because of that.

"Well no time to think...." he said as summoning Invisible air

"Okay bring it on." Arthur said taunting them.

Hearing the response one of the wolfs in the front rushed towards him.

Brandishing it's razor sharp claws the wolf swept down on Arthur's head

Blocking it with I.A he side stepped causing the wolf to fall down.Without wasting a second

he thrusted the sword into the wolf's head ending it's life.

"Don't underestimate me okay " he said in a cold tone.

All the wolfs frowned seeing how Arthur killed their comrade and couldn't stand there and also blast forward towards arthur.

"Let's see if this could work" Arthur called out with a slight smile on his face


Then the air around the sword sheath expanded forming a wind barrier around him effectively blocking all the incoming attacks.

"Ha HA I knew it would work.This skill awesome." Arthur stated happily as he swings the sword towards one of the wolfs head.

Seeing another one of them fall one of the wolfs retreated silently into the woods

Now it was only arthur and the wolf. Staring at each other for a long time both of them moved at the same time and attacked.




After a moment the remaining wolf also fell down and died.

"Phew .... that was close. One wrong move and i would have lost" he thought .

Taking a breath he sat on a rock nearby to regain his lost stamina.

After a few minutes of rest he stood up and got ready to leave

That's when he heard a voice oozing of bloodlust coming from the bushes behind him.

"Hmph these idiots, can't even take care of a single puny human

Fine then I'll do it my self then" the voice said as it stepped on to the light

Arthur turned around and saw a big crimson wolf spewing flames from it's mouth and a crazed look in his eyes.
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    《A King's journey》