A King's journey
7 Wolf and the human
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A King's journey
Author :Phantom_DX
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7 Wolf and the human

Arthur stared as both of them stood still.


Secretly using the eye he looked at the crimson wolf's stats, and was stunned

Name : Radolf

Race : Horned Firewolf

Level : 22

HP : 1100 MP : 1400

STR : D- DEF : E+ AGI : E+ INT : E+


Blaze(passive) - Increases the power of all fire attacks by 50%

???????????? - ????????????????

Nirvana Flames - Flames given to those who overcome the trial of fire and reborn.

Extremely high temperature flames that can be used in battle

[ Mana cost - 150 mp to summon 20 mp/sec ]

Howl (active) - Stuns the enemy and gives a short time buff to allies

less effective on higher level beings

[ Mana cost - 100 mp ]

"A named monster!!!!!" He exclaimed in horror.

"And it's much more powerful than normal ones. And even have skills.This is absurd"

He was then woke up by the growl of the wolf


"How dare you humans , even show your filthy face after you have done to all of us"

"Wait a second , i don't know what you are talking about..." Before he finished a fireball , of size of a head was thrown at him.

"Hey that was dangerous, please hear me out."

"I don't care. Tell me where are your accomplices."

"What accomplice, i don't have any. "

"Still lying to me huh, what did i expect from that wretched race of yours"

He said throwing another fireball at Arthur.

"Look i don't know why you despise humans but trust me i don't want to fight you. "

Hearing this the wolf became even more enraged.

"YOU DON'T KNOW... , you humans killed my entire clan for your greed"

"You came like friends befriended us and slaughtered my entire clan for our horns."

the wolf said with emotions brimming out

"See this scar on my forehead it's their failed attempt of killing me. You see in exchange for my horn i killed the one who chased me.

And when I returned home it was in flames . That day I swore my revenge on humans for my family's death."

"Now tell me where are the others."

"Look i mean no harm to you , i was just passing by and I AM ALONE."

"Don't make me laugh human. Someone PASSING BY through the Frontierwood forest ALONE" The wolf said with contempt on its face.

"NO NO It's true i was lost in here. And wanted to find a way out of the forest . That's all"

"Then how did you even get here ."


"See you don't have an answer . Now prepare to DIE."

"NO NO NO It's just that you won't believe me "


"God sent me here"





"You dare mock me with such an obvious lie"

the grunted as it sprang forwards.

"I knew this would happen" Arthur said helplessly as he summoned invisible air to defend the incoming attack.

The wolf which felt something wrong fired a massive fireball at him.

Seeing that Arthur tried to dodge the fireball but as it was already too close he used invisible air to put up a barrier around him .

"Heh not pretty bad for a human. But your life ends today." wolf said as he increased the speed to a new level.

"Damn i can't see him now" Suddenly he felt great danger coming from his back and tried to dodge it. But the sharp claws of the wolf already impaled on his back by then.

"HA HA HA How is it , this is how my people felt when they were butchered."

"Then why are you trying to kill me I'm not the one who killed them "

"I don't care all humans can just go to hell." The wolf replied as it continued to madly swing it's claws at Arthur.

"Damn this isn't going anywhere. I need to finish this fight quickly that strike from before took a quarter of my entire health ."

"Don't you know it's not good to get distracted in a fight human." He heard as he felt the air heat up around him

"FIRE STORM" The wolf yelled as a tornado of fire formed around Arthur

The fire was getting stronger by seconds and it closing towards him

"HOT HIT HOT " Arthur couldn't take the heat from the tornado

He once again used the Invisible air to form a barrier around him

"My mana is already on the low side , if he attacks like this I might ran out of mana

What to do What to do....


That's IT" he exclaimed in happiness

Soon the the spiral of flame around Arthur began to dissipate as the wolf watched it"

As soon as it ended it lunged towards the prey right in front of him.

But as soon as it reached Arthur , it saw incredible amounts of air gathering around the invisible sword he was holding

Seeing that the time is right Arthur thrust forward yelling


All the compressed air fired towards the wolf like a bullet and knocking him down.

The bullet had made a hole near the throat of the wolf and blood was gushing out.

"Phew.....Glad that it worked" Arthur said while swiping the seat off his forehead.


{HIDDEN TASK} - Completed

Objective : There is only one king in an area.

Defeat the King of the territory.

Reward : [King Beast Hunting] (A), exp

Penalty : None




"Hooh , a big level up after such a long time sure feels good" He said as walking towards the corpse of the beast."

"Came to enjoy seeing me die human" said the wolf in a weak voice.

"Huh you're still alive....?"

"Like the ones like you could kill me" the wolf said as he coughed up a mouthful of blood

"Woah you shouldn't be talking right now"

"Silence. I don't need a human's pity."

"Wow, because your clan was killed by humans that doesn't mean all of us are bad you know"

"Then what should have i done , worship you...!!!"

"I saw my siblings die in front of me with my own eyes. I saw my village burn to dust in front of me

Tell me human what would you do if you were in my place..?"

"Well you do have a point. But someone innocent should not be punished for other's sin

If you want revenge then get stronger and get it"




. . . . . .

"Maybe you do have point , I was wrong all this time.

but it's too late now"



Objective : Every king has their own loyal followers. Find your's

Convince the king of territory to become your follower.

Reward : [Command seal] skill

Penalty : Unable to obtain the skill ever again
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    《A King's journey》