A Peaceful Ending
1 A Mathematical Study
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A Peaceful Ending
Author :AgeOfRevolution
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1 A Mathematical Study

A formal world is constrained by math. Math is fundamental to all creation, it defines us as the species we are and the habits we hold. Math is the smallest and yet largest thing in our world; it restrains stars to their orbits, predicts things to come, and explains the reason for actions taken. With math, anything and everything is possible. There is not a single thing in our world that cannot be analyzed or described through the use of numbers of equations. The circumference of the earth can be calculated using shadows and the distance of the earth through the use of triangles. It is amazing the things that math make possible. It is amazing the things that math allows us to do.

As a fundamentalist, I look towards the smaller things. The middle school and high school math and towards the people who make up this group. Emotions are a strange thing, they can be explained through math but they are not defined by math, instead, they are defined by our bodies. So, for a project, I choose to look at the bodies and emotions of said people. What I discovered in my efforts was magnificent. A completely separate world, something so vast that the largest computer could not compute its infinite number. It was truly breathtaking.

Let me tell you the end as it is much more important than the beginning. It is vital to my realization and paramount to my predictions.

The child's name was John Markee. He was an average young man at the age of 17, a friendly personality and a wish to make others laugh, but deep inside hid a demon. This demon was self-created, self-inflicted. John spent much of his time suppressing it, attempting to push it away from the light back inside the dark recesses of his consciousness. This demon was crafty, although John always seemed to control himself there were times when it reared its ugly head and made its voice know. This was a scary time for John as he knew he was losing. He knew, that one day it would appear and he would be unable to control it. HIs thoughts turned darker as time progressed, focusing more on fear and paranoia. It was strange to watch him change, to watch his morals degrade. The first sign was the separation of friends. He seemed to slowly push them away, in such a way that none would notice. This isolation became a catalyst for further degradation ultimately leading him down into a death spiral.

Anyways, that's not what I have come here to speak about. I came to pronounce emotions in the form of math. All of these signals are 0s and 1s. They are nothing more than binary code, a simple set of elongated signals. The more 0s, the closer you are to insanity. The more 1s, the closer you are to happiness and joy. They simply combine to form a coherent set of figures. All it takes it to compare and to assign the digits. So, the question is where did our subject begin? The answer is a 1. He had everything he desired during this time, a happy group of friends and life was treating him well. Now, where is our subject? The answer is contained within this elongated line of 1s and 0s. 1110100100100010010001000000100000010000000010000000 It is clear, the further you progress into insanity the easier it is to continue. So, there is weight to each decision, there is weight to each action. To fall not only means to fall once but to increase the likelihood of falling again and again. Numbers are fascinating, they are all entailing. Within number sets, there are thousands of emotions: happiness, joy, disappointment, loss, depression, surprise, ext...

So, where has my study led me to? The answer is not definite, it is instead another question, another problem that must be solved. So, where did John wind up in the end? Well, the answer to that would be located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, one of the largest and oldest cemeteries in the city.


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