A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return
57 I“ll Pay On Her Behalf
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A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return
Author :Xia Wanying
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57 I“ll Pay On Her Behalf

Li Beier felt like she was about to lose her mind. She had to beg this irritating woman?!

Begging Li Lei was fine, after all, he had his Young Master Li status, and even if it was embarrassing to grovel, she could live with it. However, begging this irritating woman was another story. Who was she? Not long ago she had bumped into her and saw her dressed in last season's discount clothes! How did she deserve to receive her begging? She could not accept this!

Li Beier's face was ashen in her anger, and she glared at Xia Ling with much hatred.

Xia Ling continued sipping at her tea, her white fingers holding on to the glass cup and admiring the rose petals that were dancing within her cup. She did not even spare a glance at Li Beier. The one being humiliated wasn't her, she could take her time.

The situation reached a deadlock.

Second Young Master Zhou stepped forward and said, "Li Beier, apologize to Miss Ye now." He had brought Li Beier here today, if the situation was not handled properly, he was afraid that it would affect his relationship with Li Lei or even affect his family's business. Given these considerations, his voice was cold and stern as he commanded Li Beier.

Li Beier quivered even more in her place. Li Lei was not to be messed with, but neither was Second Young Master Zhou. She knew him well, and whenever he used this tone of voice, he was really angry and the consequences could be ugly.

She bit her lips as she struggled and finally spat out at Xia Ling. "Miss Ye, I'm sorry. I beg you, show me mercy and forgive me for what I did today."

Xia Ling slowly sipped her tea again, and then raised her eyes to look at Li Beier. She smiled and asked, "You aren't happy about this, are you?"

"No, no, I'm happy." Li Beier responded with reluctance, the anger within her piling up high. Why isn't this irritating woman accepting her apology?! What is she dragging out the time for?!

A look of confusion entered Xia Ling's eyes as she queried. "Then, why do I think your apology sounds so forced?"

"...Ye Xingling, don't ask for too much!" Li Beier ultimately could not hold in her anger.

"So, you're clearly unhappy then." Xia Ling continued in a light tone.

"Yes, I'm unhappy!" Li Beier was not naturally mild-natured, and she blew up from Xia Ling's little taunting. "Ye Xingling, if not for Young Master Li backing you, you are nothing at all! Stop acting like you're all high and mighty, let's just wait and see how long you can hold onto him!" Young Master Li was known to change female partners as quickly as he changed clothes. Given that Xia Ling was still dressed in cheap clothes, Li Beier guessed that she had only recently gotten the attention of Young Master Li. After a few days, when her novelty wore off on Young Master Li and he had thrown her to the side, Xia Ling would be left in the lurch, crying!

Xia Ling turned her head slightly, the semblance of a smile hanging on the corner of her lips.

Very good, she was just waiting for this statement. Her plan to anger Li Beier was a success.

She was not pleased with the fact that Li Lei had thrown the decision-making power on how to deal with Li Beier to her. She knew that Li Lei was trying to help her get back at Li Beier, but didn't this simply affirm the view that she was his girl and was dependent on him?

She did not want it to be this way.

She did not want to owe Li Lei anything. She wanted to deal with it in her own power, in a way that nobody could question.

"Very good." She slowly put down the glass in her hands. "Li Beier, why don't you decide what you need me to do for you to feel less wronged?" Regardless of what Li Beier suggested, Xia Ling was prepared to accept.

Li Beier did not expect this turn of events, and while initially stunned, she soon was gloating at her fortune.

Great, this irritating woman was dumber than she expected. She did not want to rely on Young Master Li and wanted to go head-to-head with her. How naive and stupid! Since this irritating woman wanted to court death, she did not mind showing her who had the upper hand here!

Li Beier sinisterly narrowed her eyes and laughed. "Would you dare compete with me in a round of horse riding?"

A horse riding competition? Those looking on frowned when they heard this. This lady that Young Master Li had brought along did not join them when they went riding earlier. It was either true that she had her period, or she didn't know how to ride at all. Regardless of which of these reasons were true, there was no way she would be able to compete with Li Beier in horse riding. Li Beier clearly had chosen this shrewdly — she would be able to not only regain her pride but also put Xia Ling down in the process.

That being said...

Everyone's eyes fell on Xia Ling. This lady was really dumb to have dug a hole for herself to jump into.

Second Young Master Zhou gave Li Lei a questioning look. If Li Lei gave the signal, he would prevent the competition from proceeding. Even if this lady that Young Master Li brought was dumb and innocent, he still could not let Li Beier bully her anymore. He would not want to have to deal with Young Master Li's wrath.

Yet, Li Lei's smile simply deepened, his eyes forming a line. The look he gave to Xia Ling had an added tinge of interest and curiosity.

Xia Ling did not back down like how everyone expected her to. Instead, she calmly asked, "Are you sure?"

Her confidence made Li Beier waver. This can't be right, she was about to humiliate her, how could this irritating woman still be so calm? This woman was poor, there was no way she would be able to learn horse riding, which was an expensive and cash-burning exercise. This was the reason Li Beier had dared suggest a horse riding competition. She was sure that Xia Ling would lose.

Yet, she hesitated now.

One of the other ladies to the side said softly, "A horse riding competition isn't that suitable, right? Miss Ye said earlier that she was unwell. She didn't join us earlier for the same reason." This was said with the intent of fanning the flames between Li Beier and Xia Ling. She was too unhappy that someone as mediocre as Xia Ling was able to gain the attention of the prime bachelor, Young Master Li. This irritating woman definitely did not know how to ride a horse, she was simply faking it.

Xia Ling glanced over at the other lady, her expression unreadable.

The lady simply felt that Xia Ling's gaze was like ice, and seemed to be able to see through her in an instant. She felt a sense of terror rise up within her and subconsciously hid further within the group.

On hearing her words, Li Beier's shaken confidence was rekindled. Yes, there was no way this woman could ride a horse, she was simply faking it. She would not fall for it, the horse riding competition was the way to go! She had to humiliate this irritating woman!

"Yes, let's have a horse riding competition." Li Beier said haughtily. "You wouldn't chicken out, would you?"

Unexpectedly, Xia Ling responded with a light smile. "Okay, let's have a horse riding competition."

Li Beier was stunned as she did not expect Xia Ling to agree so readily. Did she really know how to ride?

"However," Xia Ling continued. "the competition will be boring without some incentives. How about we put a wager on it. If you lose, Miss Li, it won't be so simple as rolling away from here. Other than rolling, you would also have to..." She turned her head slightly as she gave Li Beier a once over, and then said with a smile, "This necklace that you are wearing looks really pretty."

A luxurious, colored diamond necklace was hanging on Li Beier's neck, shimmering brightly under the sunlight.

No wonder!

Li Beier's hand automatically went up to feel the necklace she was wearing. Hmph, so this was her plan. This irritating woman thought she would decline the competition for fear she would lose this necklace? This necklace was indeed very expensive, and even she could not afford it. She had borrowed it for today. But so what, she wasn't afraid — this irritating woman did not know how to ride, regardless of what the stakes were, she would still win!

Following her train of thought, the sinister smile on Li Beier's face grew wider. "Sure, I agree to your wager! But, this necklace isn't cheap, are you able to take out an equivalent wager on your end?" She could not resist taunting, seeing that Xia Ling was not wearing anything valuable from top to bottom.

"I'll pay on her behalf." Li Lei interrupted in his same lazy voice.


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