A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return
298 Truth Mixed with Falsehood
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A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return
Author :Xia Wanying
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298 Truth Mixed with Falsehood

"What are you thinking?" Xia Ling did not know whether to laugh or cry and knocked her head. "After such a long time, you only came up with this rotten idea?"

"What rotten idea?" Luo Luo was upset. "I'm seriously and sincerely giving you ideas."

"Please go somewhere else to have fun." Xia Ling dismissed her like she was talking to her pet. However, what Luo Luo said lingered in her heart. Give herself to him? Naturally, she thought about how violent he was in the Li family headquarters. It was not pleasant at all. In fact, it was painful and scary…

She did not know why she still continued to be with Li Lei.

He was not perfect. When he was angry, he never saw her as a person. Although that was uncommon, his actions left a deep impression in her heart.

She felt that she had gone crazy because she could not bear to leave him and even wanted to reconcile with him.

She tossed and turned the entire night as she was filled with conflicted feelings.

The next day when she went to record with Wei Shaoyin, she felt weary and was scolded after recording less than two songs. Ah Wei looked like a fire breathing dragon as he glared at her.

"Go to the lounge and freshen up!" Ah Wei finally could not tolerate it anymore. "Sleep for a while and look for me after you have woken up!"

Xia Ling did not dare to rebuke and obediently went to the lounge.

Once she entered, she realized that someone else was also there.

In the cozy white room, there was a plush carpet and a sofa set. There was a faint woody scent in the air. Li Lei was sleeping in this quietness. His beautiful eyes were tightly shut, and his slender legs were hanging from the sofa. He was casually dressed as he lay on the sofa in a very relaxed position.

Ah Wei did not tell her that he was here.

These days, it was difficult for them to meet. The recording studio was a place they could meet justifiably. Thus, Li Lei liked waiting for her here. Every time he came, he would count the seconds until she was done recording so he could have tea with her or eat some of the small snacks that he had personally prepared for her and have a conversation.

Xia Ling looked at his sleeping position.

She realized that during this period of time, he had always accommodated her.

What about his own business? He should be busier than her, and his work was more important than hers, but in front of her, he never mentioned anything about it.

Xia Ling's gaze fell on the journal and laptop near his hand. It was a very light and portable model, and the screen was slightly lit. Without looking at it, she closed the laptop for him. She turned around, pulled a blanket from the locker, and gently covered him with it.

He moved a little and then woke up.

As he just woke up, his eyes were sharp. After realizing who the person in front of him was, he relaxed lazily. "Xiao Ling?" There was a charming smile on his face as he called her with a magnetic voice.

Xia Ling was a little annoyed because she disrupted his rest.

"Continue to sleep," she said. "Ignore me."

"You ended really early today," he said. In the past when she was recording with Wei Shaoyin, she would end really late. After checking the time, Li Lei realized that today's situation was different.

"My state of mind is not good today." Xia Ling did not hide this fact. "Ah Wei let me rest for a while before continuing."

"Do you need a nap?"


"Come here." His voice was more magnetic and charming.

Xia Ling was not sure why she walked to him. He reached out and pulled her into his arms. Caught off guard, she yelped but felt that she was in a warm and strong embrace. His nose lingered above her hair, and when he breathed, she could feel his chest against her back.

Her body was tense for a moment, and the things that troubled her last night surfaced in her mind again…

Those horrible memories at the Li family headquarters.

"Let's sleep together." He did not notice her strange behavior and continued to speak in a lazy voice.

The sofa was very wide. He leaned sideways and pulled her in. After that, he took the blanket and covered her petite body with it.

She did not move.

On the one hand, his arms were like strong iron bars, and she could not escape them. On the other hand, there was an internal struggle in her heart.

Xia Ling liked him and wanted to be with him.

However, she was afraid of his ruthless, tyrannical behavior.

"What's wrong?" Very quickly, Li Lei realized that her body was stiff.

Xia Ling bit her lip and did not say a thing.

Li Lei turned her over and looked at her deeply and quietly. "Xiao Ling, there's something on your mind."

She avoided his gaze. What should she say? She could not possibly tell him about her concerns and worries. She did not even know how to start talking about those topics. Besides that one time, he was too good for her. However, that one incident was like a sharp thorn that she initially thought would not hurt, but now, even if she accidentally touched it, it was as painful as heartbreak.

"What exactly is wrong?" Looking at her expression, Li Lei sounded more concerned. "Xiao Ling, what is on your mind?"

As she really could not avoid it any longer, she randomly said something. "It's nothing. It's just… you know, soon, I will be filming for Extraordinary Risks. I have never shot something like that before and am a little nervous."

"Just this?" Li Lei smiled. "It's just acting. Don't take it to heart."

"You…" She carefully looked at him. "You don't mind?"

"Why would I mind?"

"A few days ago, Luo Luo suggested that I give you some more confidence. She said that filming this sort of show can easily lead to misunderstandings." Xia Ling lightly shut her eyes and took a deep breath before continuing. "You don't mind that I have scandals with other people? Some time ago, Pei…"

"It's related to Pei Ziheng?"

She realized that she had said too much and stopped talking.

Yes, it was related to Pei Ziheng. Although he had just gotten wind of some information, he was so jealous that he violated her. Until now, it was still a glaring issue to him, and he was afraid that he would blow up in anger.

"That's different." Li Lei's voice was slightly deeper. He initially thought that she would never bring up that person's name ever again. "The way you treat Pei Ziheng is different from the other three male stars."


"Do you dare to say that there is nothing between you and Pei Ziheng and it's just my mindless speculation?" Li Lei stared at her.

Xia Ling could not say it.

He was right. It was different. Since it was related to Pei Ziheng, it was a scar that would forever be on her heart. She took notice of that man, and everyone knew about that. Thus, Li Lei cared about what she took notice of.

"I'm not that senseless to be jealous of Rong Ping." Li Lei said slowly. "However, Xiao Ling, I can't say the same for Pei Ziheng."

She lightly tilted her head and stopped talking.

His attitude made her heart sink. "You're hiding something from me." He remembered that some time ago, she lied about how she managed to hire Lin Yunan. "Xiao Ling, why won't you tell me the truth? You can trust me. No matter what happens, I will always stand by your side. You and Pei Ziheng… What exactly is going on?"


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