A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return
773 Vindictive Pei Ziheng
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A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return
Author :Xia Wanying
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773 Vindictive Pei Ziheng

Xia Ling walked towards Pei Ziheng step by step and stopped in front of him.

Separated by his desk, she stared at him coldly, like this was the first time they were meeting. She looked very distant from him. Pei Ziheng did not notice it. He got up and walked around the desk in her direction. "Xiao Ling, what's wrong?"

Suddenly, she raised her hand and slapped him harshly.

The crisp sound echoed in the study. Nanny Zhou, who was at the door, was shocked. Oh god! She had never seen anyone dare to treat Mister like that before! Nanny Zhou was worried and wanted to move forward to stop the fight, but after looking at the two people again, she retracted her footsteps. Mister did not like people interfering in his business with Miss Ye.

Nanny Zhou hesitated. She did not dare to look at the clear fingerprints on Mister's face, so she left.

In the study, Pei Ziheng touched his face and stared at Xia Ling with abyss-like eyes. His voice was low and hoarse. "Why are you so angry? This slap is really painful."

Until now, he was still pretending to be learned and refined.

Xia Ling remembered how he had lied to her countless times in the two lifetimes she had lived. That was why Shaohui was kidnapped to such a dangerous place. She could forgive many things, but she was calculative when her child was involved. She wanted her child to grow up happily and peacefully. Any small amount of harm was not tolerated.

"We are done." She spat out these three words and left.

Pei Ziheng grabbed hold of her fiercely and pulled into his arms. "What happened to you this time?" With teeth gritted, his voice was terrifying. "You rushed in to slap me and now you're leaving? What exactly have I done wrong?"

She lifted her head and glared at the man who was much taller than her. Her eyes looked like they could spit out fire. "How dare you treat my child like that! Pei Ziheng, I will never forgive you!"

He finally realized that he was exposed.

After colluding with Old Master Li for so long, he never imagined that he would be sold out so thoroughly. Yes, he was the one who came up with the idea of kidnapping Shaohui to the Slave and Master cruise ship. He knew what had to be done to make Xia Ling collapse, so he could threaten her and force her to break up with Li Lei completely.

However, he still failed.

It was fine that he failed because he could think of other plans as long as Xia Ling did not find out that he was involved. At once, Pei Ziheng thought of another plan. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"You aren't going to admit it?" Xia Ling was like a lioness. "It's fine, I never hoped for you to admit it. I'm just here to tell you—we're done!"

She said those words again, she viciously shook his hand off and made to leave again.

Seeing the unprecedented resoluteness in her smoldering eyes, he almost went crazy looking at the indifference he saw in them. He had a hunch that this time, he would really lose her. Pei Ziheng grabbed her and pressed her on the table with the thick kraft paper envelopes on the desk. Ignoring her resistance, he viciously kissed her and almost violently stripped her clothes off.

She widened her eyes in shock and fought back even more ferociously. She kicked around wildly but was unable to hurt the man in front of her at all. Pei Ziheng forced her to lie on the table, toppling the stack of papers to the ground and scattering them everywhere on the carpet.

As she was pressed down in the cramped space, the purple bruises that appeared on her snow white skin from resisting were shocking. Her hair was messy, her clothes were almost torn, and the man's tall figure entrapped her. She could already feel his body heat above her thin clothes.


This man is insane…

Xia Ling panicked and finally realized that she was too impulsive to have stormed into this demon-like man's study. Perhaps he did not hurt her body too much because she forgot how scary he was when he was angry. She kicked him helplessly. "Let go of me!"

With an iron grip, he held her jaw. "I initially wanted to talk to you slowly. You forced me to do this." Since he was unable to make her willingly go back to his side, he would make her suffer and be unable to escape forever.

Pei Ziheng's eyes turned red and he looked ferocious.

Xia Ling was really frightened. Seeing that he was about to tear her thin clothes, she suddenly racked her brains and yelled. "Don't forget that my brother is The Preceptor! He will never let you off!"

This made Pei Ziheng stop.

The Preceptor.

Pei Ziheng's eyes darkened. This time, he had a murderous look that made people shiver. In addition to Li Lei, the person he hated the most was Preceptor Xia Moyan. If it weren't for Xia Moyan, Xiao Ling would be trapped by him forever after that paragliding incident. How could so much have happened after that?

Unfortunately, Xia Moyan gambled with the survival of his entire family and forced him to give up Xiao Ling.

Now, was he going to do that again?

Pei Ziheng wished he could immediately look for Preceptor Xia and use the world's most cruel punishment to tear him to pieces. Alas, he could not. No family in the world could compete with the supreme Xia Family. No matter how many grievances he had, he could only endure them. Slowly, he let go of Xia Ling.

After regaining her freedom, Xia Ling covered her almost torn clothes and ran out.

She swore to never return to this pervert's house again. It was too dangerous. Without looking back, she down the corridor. However, before she could get far, her arm was grabbed again forcefully.

Before she could react, Pei Ziheng already pressed her firmly against the wall and kissed her ferociously again. This was a long and aggressive kiss. He did not hold back and was as violent as a beast. He hit her tongue and lips as if he was going to swallow her alive.

"Xia Ling." After a long time, when she was almost out of breath, he finally let her go. "You are mine. In this life, in your next life, and in the next. I will never let you go."

She trembled. She had no time to care about what he said and stumbled out of his villa.

The villa door was wide open behind her like a bottomless black hole.

She ran back into her villa and ignored the servants' strange looks. She ran to the second-floor bedroom, closed the door and hugged herself. Pei Ziheng was crazy… Even her brother's name could not scare him. She really did not know what else he would do next.

No, she had to quickly announce Shaohui's identity to protect her child from harm.

Shaking, she dialed a number on her phone. "Li Lei, how is the preparation for the banquet for Shaohui? Invite all the celebrities and media representatives. I must let everyone know how much we value him so that everyone will think twice before hurting him!"


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