A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return
969 Li Rui“s Future
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A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return
Author :Xia Wanying
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969 Li Rui“s Future

An elderly stood behind him. "Xiao Rui is always playing these kinds of games with Shaohui. It's not good."

Li Lei turned. "Grandpa."

Old Master Li was dressed in a white Chinese tunic shirt and melaleuca cloth shoes. His silver hair was combed meticulously. He took slow steps to stand beside Li Lei and looked out the window at the children. "Shaohui needs more elite playmates, while Xiao Rui need not learn so much." For the heirs of aristocrats, careful cultivation since young was a necessity. Take this game of gun war, for example, it might seem like just a game, but in actuality, it was a form of combat education. The heir needed to learn how to distinguish danger with astuteness, how to combat with a greater sense of bravery and alert, and also how to lead the masses. He would also need a more powerful opponent…

However, all these were unnecessary to a hedonistic son.

Li Lei smiled. "Shaohui is very clever. He has already learned a few advanced firearm and combat skills from Ah Nuo. Xiao Rui cannot catch up to him. They are also separated during class."

Old Master Li said sternly, "That's not enough. You have not noticed Shaohui teaching Xiao Rui all that he has learned. Furthermore, Xiao Rui worships him. He takes him as a role model and has been becoming more hardworking."

Li Lei followed Old Master's gaze.

On the field, Shaohui was focused on correcting Li Rui's gun-holding position. Li Rui's expression was indeed full of admiration. He was bothered by it. He had already discovered this problem the last time. Their relationship was too intimate and Shaohui was too much of a responsible brother.

Li Lei had warned Shaohui not to impart his knowledge to Xiao Rui before.

Shaohui had said unexpectedly, "Father, I am the elder son. I should be helping my brother more. Didn't you say that unity was a strength? He is my kin brother. When we have grown up, he will be my assistant. Furthermore, if something was to happen to me and I'm unable to inherit the family's business, Xiao Rui can replace me."

Li Lei had been so angry that he wanted to hit him.

Li Lei had reprimanded him first and had warned him not to face any mishaps before saying, "Even if you meet with a mishap, it will be your future brother that will inherit the business, not Xiao Rui."

The little Shaohui blinked his eyes innocently. "That's unfair to Xiao Rui."

"There is no absolute fairness in a big family."

"Father, you are not allowing Xiao Rui to grow stronger. He never had the chance to fight equally with me and my other brothers in the first place." Shaohui was clever and had understood the adults' intentions. "Father, you don't love Xiao Rui as much as you love me, right? If Xiao Rui was to find out, he would be extremely upset."

Li Lei said, "So, you won't tell Xiao Rui, right?"

The young child had nodded gravely. "I don't want him to be upset." He then followed by saying something that owed him a beating. "Father, it's not right to do this. What if Mother is unable to give birth, and I'm unable to inherit the family's business due to some circumstances? Then wouldn't there be no successor left?"

Li Lei wanted to cough old blood out. This child, was he really of his bloodline?

Why was he always going against him!

He gritted his teeth and said, "That's why nothing can happen to you. You have a huge responsibility."

Without waiting for the fellow to come up with ten thousand questions pertaining to why, he quickly banished him to his study room to copy down the notes on warring states.

Thinking back about those days, Li Lei felt panic in his heart. This fellow had obviously not taken his teaching to heart. He had even gone behind his back to teach Li Rui the skills!

"We have to separate them." Li Lei decided.

Old Master Li was more calculative. "The extent of this separation must be handled well. These two fellows have only been together for a short while. If they were to be completely separated, their kinship would wane, and disputes might even occur in the future. In my opinion, why not impart Xiao Rui with a different set of skills? Skills such as gardening and painting."

Li Lei was enlightened. This way, it wouldn't be a problem even if these two fellows were to live together. "How do we shift Xiao Rui's interest to things like gardening and painting?" He lowered his head, deep in thought. After a while, he sought his grandpa's opinion. "How about music? Xiao Ling can guide him and become his role model."

Old Master Li frowned. "No!"

Li Lei said, "Grandpa, you have a prejudice against Xiao Ling…"

"You are the one with the prejudice!" Old Master Li glared at his grandson. "You think I'm not allowing your wife to guide Xiao Rui just because I don't like her?"

"Is that not it?"

"What?! Do you think your grandpa is such a narrow-minded person!"

Li Lei wanted to nod, but he managed to hide his true thoughts with great difficulty after seeing his grandpa's flustered expression. He smiled charmingly. "Grandpa is the most open-minded person."

Feeling more comfortable after the flattery, Old Master finally explained himself. "Music is a no. What if he becomes a megastar like your wife and has countless fans all over the world? If he were to have any disputes with our family, imagine how much trouble the thousands of fans would make if they protested against us."

This was also the reason why he did not like his grandson's wife. Old Master had pondered over it before. Even without the Xia family's backing, with his granddaughter-in-law's status in the music scene, Li Lei would have to have second thoughts before touching Xia Ling. It would be difficult to solve any dispute and leave unscathed without firing a shot. Moreover, if she was a little smarter, it would be possible for her to betray them too.

Old Master had already blacklisted the "celebrity" job.

Li Lei thought he made sense.

Old Master continued, "Performing is even worse. Setting aside the problem with fans, putting an enemy highly-skilled in acting beside him would be terrifying. It would be digging your own grave."

Li Lei nodded again. Sure enough, with experience comes wisdom. Grandpa has given all aspects careful consideration.

"Only interests like painting, calligraphy or gardening would allow for him to venture deeper into it for the rest of his life. It harbors no danger nor will it bring the Li family shame. It will also require the family's financial support," Old Master Li said boastfully to Li Lei. "Once Xiao Rui has ventured into these hobbies, he would have to rely on Shaohui for support forever."

The two brothers' relationship would then be even more harmonious. This would also ensure Shaohui's safety.

"I'll listen to you, grandpa." Li Lei decided then and there.

The first step was to pique the child's interest.

The second day, when Shaohui was attending lessons in international trade, Li Lei went to the yard where the two children often played. He set up an easel and pretended to paint.

Xia Ling was incredulous. She went over to take a look. "The flower you've drawn is so ugly."

Li Lei was speechless. He put down his brush and realized with sadness that he had baited the wrong person with his show. "How could you say it's ugly!" He was indignant.

It was safe to say that Li Lei was not gifted in painting. However, the drawing was nowhere near to being ugly. The hydrangea spread widely across the canvas. It was painted in vivid colors and was still considered pleasant to the eye.


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